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april 20, 2008 (0081us) 
mark boyle and the dalai lama

Lately, Englishman Mark Boyle thought that he could walk from Britain to India without having a penny on him, only relying on men's bounty. He got only as far as Calais, France, from which he had to return to England. He stated, "I was pretty much out of food, hadn't slept for days and was really cold. I had to reasses the whole plan."
dalaï lamaIs there any connection between Mark Boyle and the Dalai Lama then, apart from the fact that India where the Dalai Lama lives as a refugee was Mark Boyle's aim and they both belong to the human race?
There is a connection
. Buddhist bikkhus or bhikshus can live on charity throughout their lives, but a Westerner cannot do more than thirty Miles and not be left starving and freezing to death by his own kind. This story bluntly shows the conflicting perspectives of spiritual humanity and materialistic humanity.

Billions of believers have been poised between the two humanities and in anguish still unable to decide on either. It will take more than four generation to decide (Rev of Arès 24/2), but The Revelation of Arès makes us more aware of the right decision. Man has to regain spiritual life.
mark boyleI can just imagine my fellow-countrymen saying : "Yes, but be carefull...Be careful!.. What did Mark Boyle try to do? Just make the most of men's stupidity so that he could take a trip for free, while the Dalai Lama is the natural head of Tibet who was forced to flee by the Chinese, followed by his monks, who have been pursuing very high ideals."
Very good! By the way, what about Mark Boyle's ideals? Did anybody ask him about them in Calais? I have my doubts. As there is an English look about him (just see the picture), he has no right to ideals other than the ideals of Descarte (or of Francis Bacon) and of public subsidies. No right to the charity copper coin (Rev of Arès 34/4) given to the unexpected one, the man of the time to come (30/13). If only he was a bum, his cap glued by 2-year grime on his mop of hair, his breath winy, but no, he wasn't! Mark Boyle had new clean clothes and gears on, his head was well-shaved, he had a nice face approved by the Department of Health (see the picture again). But the Dalai Lama also has a well-shaved head, clean clothes... Come on, come on! Let's not complicate things! The categories have been set. Mark Boyle has no right to anything, particularly no right to have non-homologated ideas.

Without the slightest hesitation I say, I like the Dalai Lama very much. He could be a good Arès Pilgrim and I could be a good Buddhist, if it weren't for the reincarnation point—but the point will be solved by the spiritual intelligence (Rev of Arès 32/5) once man retrieves it—. In any case, there are in the Buddhist ideals and the Aresian ideals a lot of concepts in common, notably the concept, which is essential, that "doing" is more significant than "believing", and that kindness, forgiveness, peace, freedom, are the beacons on the route to Good. Jesus and Buddha have more values in common than differences, even though the former used to mention God and the latter did not or, at least, did not mention him in the same way. Their differences were particularly due to their cultural environments, a Jewish one for Jesus, a Brahmanic one for Buddha. Which just shows that culture hampers evolution, is definitely an obstacle on the road to Truth.
I like Mark Boyle just as much, although he is probably not an Arès Pilgrim, because his surge of freedom and the faith he put in men, even frustrated in Calais, France, are close to ours, unquestionably.
The idols of the mind (Rev of Arès 23/8) have been striving to divide and blind all of men that set new targets for themselves, but we are perfectly conscious which people are our kind in the global expectation that the world will be changing (Rev of Arès 28/7).


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April 11, 2008 (0080us) 
a general website put on-line today

The general website "Révélation d'Arès et Pèlerins d'Arès" (only in French for the time being) has been put on-line today, as forecast.
The page home is still under construction (intended for a video).
Such as it is, however, the website provides anyone in want of information with all they may know about the origin and meaning of The Revelation of Ares and the personal way the Ares Pilgrims live up to it and take up their apostolate.

I have put this unfinished website on-line to meet people's need of a website at last made as a comprehensive synopsis, that is, something more than a summary or résumé or calling card , but at the same time something not obscure or too much detailed or too dull in reading. Some late problems with civil servants and/or with newspeople have been indicative of the need they have been of a website both comprehensive and accessible.

Brother Michel, a 2006 pictureFor years I have suggested, and hoped, that some others far more competent and talented than me and having the right tools to do a good job of on-line (internet) information could make a complete general website before I had to do it myself, but they have been lacking the time for it. The Truth on which this website is based has been the full knowledge of all of the Ares Pilgrims for decades. I have therefore done nothing more than a work that any Ares Pilgrim could have done and done much better than me.
As you can realize just by taking a look at the plan of the site, what I have put on-line today is the basic platform of a digital monograph, a personal job, which I am going to follow up and improve gradually.

If the website address is michelpotay.info, it is only because it mirrors the personal feeling about The Revelation of Ares and penitence and the task of spiritual harvest, that it inspires in me, which is not necessarily everybody's feeling in an assembly of free believers or idealists.

This general website has been designed for secular people, for whom I have tried hard to make as clear as possible spiritual issues, points and questions, which few of them are used to going about the right way.


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march 18, 2008 (0079us)
Ingrid bétancourt's passion

On the present day, 2008, when the church begins meditating on the passion of Christ, I do not make Ingrid Betancourt the equal of Jesus. I mention them together only because we have lately been aware that, if Mrs Betancourt was released and could regain her political position, she would devote herself to relieving of their hardships all of the crucified on earth, whose sample, the FARC who have detained her as a hostage, she has mixed with under duress for six years.

Ingrid B. in captivityFor years I have stated that the more impressive are protests rallying and marching to clamor loud for Ingrid Betancourt's release, the more pricey the hostage and the less willing the Colombian guerilleros to part from the human shield she has been so far against the army busy hunting them down.
But there's something else:
Luis Eladio Perez, a former parliament member lately released by the FARC, has disclosed that he had talked with Ingrid Betancourt a lot. She has pondered deeply and changed her mind, he said. Notably, she has ended up realizing that the FARC's rebellion and violence have not resulted from a personal ambition of a few leaders of men, but from human causes much deeper and widely shared. Deep in her prison jungle, Ingrid Betancourt, although the FARC keep submitting her to want and humiliation, warns that this rebellion can't be resolved by the military and that negociation alone on a humanity basis is the way out.
Mr Perez claims to have seen Ingrid Betancourt recording her thoughts in notepads that the FARC have never taken away from her. She knows that there are deux Colombias: a wealthy urban Colombia and a destitute Colombia (a pattern of society also in existence in a lot of countries on earth) and that nothing conflicting between them can be resolved by traditional political plans.
It seems that Ingrid Betancourt has worked out a plan of peace a lot closer to love and wisdom than law. Would she had understood what The Revelation of Ares says from beginning to end, that is, politics like its mater religion does more evil than good, despite good intentions, because it is based on a system which holds on with law and suppression of the intractable?
Could the painful passion Ingrid Betancourt has gone through lead to a happy end of the problem that the FARC have raised in confrontation with Colombia's central powers and, by extension, to happy measures towards all the crucified on earth, notably in other parts of Latin American?
Nicolas Sarkozy, given information on Mrs Betancourt's expectations by Luis Eladio Perez, may have suggested that France could welcome the guerilleros from the Colombian jungle in case their country would not reintegrate them into society after they lay down their arms.


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february 26, 2008 (0078us)
possible beneficial effects of bickering

The Arès Pilgrims do not trust in politics and are aware that it's no good letting themselves be crucified by it (Rev of Arès 29/5), so that they want to vote. Freely. They vote rightist, centrist, leftist, according to which party they each weigh up is less detrimental to the ideas revived by The Revelation of Arès.
sarkozy-au-creneauBut all of a sudden something new erupts in politics. I don't take sides, only I observe that Nicolas Sarkozy is trying, ineptly for the time being but it may get better, to unhook France from the barbed wires of its own innumerable, paralyzing, contradictory law and outmoded concepts, so that it may run freely again, creative and thriving. Without creativity together with prosperity, the left, or the center, or the right can't by no means be successful. The very men that accuse the president of "wanting to be a king," of "posing a threat to civil peace," of "selling off citizens' rights," may be some day the first benefitting whatever he opens the way to.
At the 2008 Farming Fair Mr Sarkozy allegedly hurled at an objurgator that declined to shake hands with him, "Hotfoot it, you stupid poor jerk!" Hmm, is it really shocking? My feelings aren't hurt, as I have always been mumbling to myself, all day, "You stupid poor jerk!" What sounds promising to me is the unbridled exchange of words and ideas in France where anything really dynamic hasn't been seen for long. Heraclites said, "Polemos (fight) is the father or king of all things (in the system)." For millennia Adam's system has been developping through arguments in religion and politics — The "sects" or "cults" business in France is just the umpteenth fear, the umpteenth dispute therefore, about a fundamental question, "What hurts the powers and what do they benefit? That's just demagogs' cookery.
The changed world (Rev of Arès 28/7) will not be disputatious, but harmonious. Meanwhile, let's hope for some good from the controversies about Mr Sarkozy, as we will long have to put up with the system while we keep busy making it weaker and weaker through penitence, which sets us free, and which will unable us to gain Mastery (18/3) of the world by free good men, who will sooner or later replace the current masters (18/2) of the law of the rats (XIX/24). The protests, abuses, mockeries given rise to by Mr Sarkozy's postures, give parties and all citizens opportunities of rekindling their own thinking on a lot of main points and even, although quite unexpected, on The Revelation of Arès, don't they?
On February 22, "Sud-Ouest" ("Southwest"), a paper, joined the bickering on "sects" or "cults" rekindled by an interview of Emmanuelle Mignon, a presidential adviser, and issued a big baloney about L'Œuvre du Pèlerinage d'Arès (The non-profit association that manages the Arès Pilgrimage). Nothing but one more baloney? Yes, but it gave me one more opportunity to send the newspaper manager a correcting mail, which may, when added to all the corrections I've sent "Sud-Ouest" since 1978, help the press and its political emulsifiers better to understand a question, not the least, among all of the questions which are no doubt for a long time bound to stay smudged by clichés and prejudices, because "blackening" is a job that gives high living, or thrills, to a lot of people, whether they blacken the President or blacken unassuming penitents like us.


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february 10, 2008 (0077us)
love, love and love

Soon Valentine's Day! Romantic lovers celebrate it by reaffirming their sentiments toward each other and desires for each other, by giving each other presents and hope of a happy future. They are not unaware that love like a river or a well in the volatile eathly climate comes up, or ebbs, or even dries up, and that in any case no life is ever possible without any water. Love like water gives you hope of getting somewhere, love is faith. Without hope or faith you can't embark on anything, or have anything evolving, you are unable, really unable, to conquer evil.
What's more, you lovers don't forget that romantic love does not substitute for parental love, or its reverse side: filial love which will appear along with offspring, or love of the neighbor, the expansion of which is going to change the world for the better (Rev of Arès 28/7).
coeurWhen will
romantic love,
parental/filial love,
love of the neighbor,
come into simultaneous existence and get much more spread on earth than their opposites, hatred, contempt, selfishness and indifference?
Particularly the love of the neighbor, the key to the gateway most heavy, but most wide, to the future, featured by The Revelation of Arès.
We Sister Christiane and I have celebrated Valentine's Day only once in 40 years. Because we don't celebrate the saints' days. Because romantic love happens to us every day. That Valentine's Day was a chance celebration, therefore, in 2003. I was 73 years old, Christiane 58. We were out one day from Bordeaux.
At dinner time we walked into a restaurant supposed to be empty and dull  in February and found the main room filled and buzzing with joyous diners. "Is this a wedding party?" we asked. "No, this is Valentine's Day," the waitress answered while seating the two of us in the billiard room, because there was no available table elsewhere. So we realized that in a hole in the middle of nowhere couples any age used to celebrate their loves!
As romantic love is chronic sentimental disease with us, we Christiane and I raised our flutes, filled with good champagne on the house, to
romantic love, the sufficient, though necessary condition for the nuptials (Rev of Arès 33/21),
parental love (Rev of Arès 36/20) and fifial love which children reciprocate,
love of the neighbor, which on earth mirrors the far too loving Father's love for all his creatures (Rev of Arès 12/7).
Love of the neighbor is not sentimental. It is love with a sense of duty, which you have to give all of men, even the man whose lips are purulent or conceal a worm or a hook (Rev of Arès XXII/8), but it is the tremendous wisdom that will make all hatreds and evils and even death and even time subside and disappear some day.


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january 20, 2008 (0076us)
attali: 314 freedom proposals

The Attali committee's 41 important persons and experts do not  plan to change France as The Revelation of Ares plans to change the world (28/7), but their 314 proposals will help toward it, if Mr Sarkozy can have them implemented.
The economic rescue plan by Jacques Attali — his intelligence and courage I salute — involves restoring some freedom to set up and run enterprises and to have possessions, which certainly sounds merely materialistic, but whatever sets man materially free helps set him spiritually free, because life is a great whole,  because there is only one global, absolute freedom, all sides of which are linked to each other, the Maker's Word implies
(Rev of Arès 10/10).
I as an Ares Pilgrim can't help but be in favor of a France — The Revelation of Ares speaks French, doesn't it? — which would some day realize that security and happiness do not lie in a life off grants, subsidies and benefits, but they lie in a life of free development and creativity, because only freedom can revitalize real, natural kindness. Now, only natural kindness will do better than social laws, which cannot be improved on.
Jacques AttaliThis the Ares Pilgrims have understood for 34 years, from the spiritual angle, in the Light of The Revelation of Ares. This is why they have acted spiritual at the risk of putting themselves on the fringe of society ideologically and metaphysically by making themselves penitents and penitent harvesters, as prompting people to change their lives into good (30/11) amounts to leading them to global happiness and even, in the end, to the disappearance of death, but let's not go beyond the scope of this entry...
For the time being, measures have to be taken to pull France out of disguised communism, terribly ossifying. Measures have to be taken so that the French can work freely, set up businesses freely, and gradually drawing near to the ideals LIBERTY, EQUALITY, FRATERNITY, which have been derived from the Father's Word, whatever rationalistic French republicans may say about it.
The Attali committee's 314 proposals are bound to arouse vehement rows between policians, ideologists and unions.  However, the politicians and unionists, that have for decades with sincere feeling demanded laws to shackle and milk dry management and all sorts of creators and sustain workers and those intitled to state benefits, have to admit with sincere feeling alike that their demands have paralysed economy. The French manufacturers, who are not "saints", have been moving away and craftsmen becoming rare. France will be gradually deindustrialized, so that within 20 or 30 years it is to fall into wretchedness.
I am not detailing the 314 proposals. I only lay stress on the fact that Jacques Attali and the committee he has been chairing have realized that, in addition to the necessary restoration of freedom to run businesses and have possessions without being overtaxed, the restoration of benevolence as prevalent mentality, too long vanished, is likewise necessary.
Says Attali, "I dream of a France where the scandal of poverty would substitute for the current scandal of wealth. I dream of a France where jealousy would no longer prevail against noble feelings, and where everybody would be aware that, like in any fotball team, it's in everybody's interest to see others be successful! I dream of a France that could change its culture of the annuity into the culture of risk."
Just as taking economic risks pays off, taking spiritual risks pays off, the risks of love, of forgiveness, of peace, of intelligent kindness and of total freedom. There is no other way for spiritual life to come into existence, the only key to Good and global happiness. When is real Christianity to start?


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january 13, 2008 (0075us)
father of the universe

I'm going through an ordeal (see 0074us), so my piety is increasing.
I have continually prayed, much, but in days when injustice is hemming me in (28/15), I need even more Light.

I have to grow more and more perceptive in order to achieve (Rev. of Arès 35/6) my mission and better to stand up for myself, which amounts to standing up for The Revelation of Arès.
In the heat of my fervor the prayer, together with Schema Israel (Deuteronomy 6/4+) and Al-Fathiha (The Quran 1),
Father of the Universe (Rev. of Arès 12/4)
is obviously a mainstay.
This prayer was revealed throughout by the Father in person, who had it conveyed to me by its Messenger Jesus.
Here's how I feel it:

What I utter (Rev. of d'Arès 12/4):

What I feel:

Father of the universe


You are the only Saint

I hold you up as a unique model!
The spiritual man creates his own soul, which saves him from darkness, by referring to you and recovering your image (Genesis 1/27)

Let your Sanctity prevail over us

Let's act penitent!
Let's us be molded (Rév d'Arès 1/11) to your image (Genesis 1/27)
of love (Rev. of Arès 12/7),
of forgiveness and the strength forgiveness transmits (Rev. of Arès 8/2),
of peacenot the unstable peace man cannot hold in its hand (Rev. of Arès XIX/6), but absolute peace, that you have pledged (Rev. of Arès 28/22),
of intelligence, not only intellectual intelligence, but also and especially spiritual intelligence, and
of absolute freedom (Rev. of Arès 10/10), because as long as man can't be free from any sort of prejudice he can't regain love and its power of creativity

So that we may do Your Will

so that it may be our will that everything is thought over and achieved just as it's Your Will to think over and achieve them

So that we may get our food

the spiritual food that faith gives us together with peace (Rev. of Arès 28/22)

So that we can forgive and be forgiven

so that we, men, may stop reproaching each other for our reciprocal sins and start helping each other to overcome them

So that we may resist temptation and and bring down  the devil

so that man may stop being his own tempter and devil

So that we may be ruled by

so that we may unfailingly act according to 3 perpetual principles:

Your Sanctity

gradually regaining your image (Genesis 1/27)

Your Power and

restoring your Power deep within us through penitence
to change the world into good (Rev. of Arès 28/7) by acting penitent and harvesting more and more penitents

Your Light

drawing on your Truth (Rev. of Arès 28/7) and spreading it continually, because it is the key to global happiness that will extend over the world on your Day (Rev of Arès 31/8) like a magnificient flower in the Light of an eternal morning.

copyright 2008

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december 28, 2007 (0074us)
victory of death

In the East, an apostle of a merciful and humanistic Islam, the lady defender of freedom of conscience and progress in Pakistan, is shot down by the system.
In the West, at pretty much the same time, the apostle of depoliticized, liberated christianity, one completely free and completey good and going back to all of its brotherly roots (Rév. of Arès 35/11), is attacked by the system, which tries to rob him of the means, weak enough as it is, to carry on his mission. 
Benazir BhuttoOne, Benazir Bhutto, has long been made the focus of media attention. The other one, Brother Michel, it's me, has not. This doesn't matter. The free greatnesses that we she and I have preached, and that others will be preaching on in the future, are similar.
The good reasons for some people to reduce us to silence are similar.
The system's princes and their satraps (Rev. of Arès 22/8) are scared whenever the liberating Shout flies across the mountains (23/2), echoed by the prophets — Hadn't Benazir been a prophet, would she be slain? — As they do not believe in the creative and liberating strength of Good, they defend their gains and assets, their reason (26/3) and their law (XIX/24). They may not arm the hand that will kill or despoil the troublemaker, but they permanently sit on the eggs of violence which are to hatch by themselves when necessary.
Unlike the system Good preaches to man a quite different reason: happiness (26/23), supreme freedom (10/10) failing which supreme goodness and beauty cannot reappear. Good is continuously trying to regain footing wherever the system, generated by sin, drives it out or hunts it down. Its frailty for the time being, is its gentleness (25/9, 27/4), its respect for enemies, its absence of any criminality. This is why supreme Good's Victory (10/7, 26/8, 29/4, etc) will not be perceptible and stabilized until the end of a long struggle — four generations will not be enough (24/2).
But the Day of Victory over evil  will come and of this you sister Benazir are aware. For you I'm starting a mortification just as it is recommended in The Revelation of Arès (33/34). Let you rapidly go into the place lighted by the angel with luminaries (33/32), that we all by turns will come down from, just as Jesus came down to me in 1974, to help the men that will be continuously struggling after we die, so that love, forgiveness, peace, happiness, spiritual freedom and intelligence will prevail on earth.
You Benazir did not live or die without avail. In your death, Benazir, the is something of a Victory.
Likewise, in the disappearing of the few things I possess, if the threat that has just been posed to me cannot be stopped, and if, this time, they succeed in robbing me of everything, there will also be something of a Victory. 
A good man or good woman never suffers in vain. Justice will result from accumulation of injustices and Life from accumulation of murders, when the world's conscience discovers the horror of them. This is what early Christians understood in pondering the crucifixion, that the church later on would needlessly and absent-mindedly interpret as a Divine plan  (like God had to die in order to save the man whom he has made a God, 2/13). Seen from a sacred angle, there are a lot of murders which the executioners, poor men who think they act as benefactors, would not carry out, if they understood that any great idea that they think they kill will always rise from the dead.


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december 9, 2007 (0073us)
the rowdy suburban doldrums...a sign? no, it's not!

Whenever a local subsociety, weak and dominated, shakes and scares the ruling society, they say nothing. They don't speak, don't even  make signs. They suddenly go from the dull doldrums to the rowdy doldrums, and that's it. They do so naturally with no concerted strategy or tactics. Just as the sea gets rough whenever the wind blows hard. Which the captains forget about as soon as the wind drops and they trample it under their ships again.
nightriotatVilliers-le-BelI have read the oracles in the news, "The riot at Villiers-le-Bel is a sign of this...a sign of that..." No, it's no sign. For millennia, in fits and starts, those who eat sour apples on the arid mountains rise up against the mighty of the fat valley who rule and loan gold (Rev of Arès 26/5-6). No one needs any sign to be aware that a young subsociety 40% of them unemployed and nonintegrated is continually bound to be  tempestuous.  In The Revelation of Arès the word Sign has a quite different meaning.
When it says that the Sign has not been given yet (XLIV/5), it means that love, the share-out, peace, freedom, spiritual intelligence have not yet crossed the class & race divide and is not even about to cross itFour generations will not suffice (Rev. of Arès 24/2)
In Villiers-le-Bel a "rioter", a kid who had pinched a hunting double-barrel from his father, wounded two police, which is appalling, even though...when I think of the murder movies wholeheartedly allowed on TV, I find it all credit to the "rioters" that only one imitator of the art of all types of killing turned up.  But the police have a Ministry of the Interior and trade unions to inform the nation, the news and public opinion about anything happens to them and even to present themselves as victims and absolve themseves from any mistake. The "scum" and the "organized gangs" as for them do not have any union and press agency to give information on their own bashed up people and their completely different version of the event. It is well-known, besides, that they are "habitual offenders" very likely to be liars, and to be kept quiet, therefore. But the neighborhood with their elbows on their windowsills quite agree with the "scum", it seems...Why? We could infer from their attitude that even the retirees around here are "habitual offenders." When I was a kid in my suburbs and similar clashes took place between us and the police, they used a different word, "hardened criminals",  which was obiously false, but the news used to keep silent about such clashes in those days, anyway. Everybody used to find it normal that young people exploded from time to time in the midst of a system that, as for it, had already (and for a long time) acted as a real "organized gang'."
All this happens depending on the side you are on. If Mrs Alliot-Marie (the Interior Minister) was born and had lived in Villiers-le-Bel Arabo-African ghetto, she would speak with different words and style, and that's for sure. Which does not mean that she is a contemptible bourgeoise. We love her from evangelical love just as we love all of the police that she manages and all of the rioters that she cracks down on, but the abyss that separates those humans shows that a lot has to be done, so that all of them undiscriminatingly enjoy the use of warm houses, food, beauty, pleasures and joys, fountains and springs, iron and fire, all that the Maker has already given  (Rev. of Arès 26/8-10).
The Revelation of Arès
has a beautiful message for those suburbs to assure their people that the Maker does not forget about them, as he came down to speak to them in 1974 and 1977, and that if they become patient enough, they will conquer the bad fate long imposed on them , but not through vengeance or revenge, but by gaining good. Our Paris mission may have already thought of it, but I admit that reflection on and preparation for that tricky campaign might take some time.


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november 7, 2007 (0072us)
the Maker's infinite wisdom, the man's patience

To Me knowledge belongs...to you patience belongs, the Maker told me (Rev. of Arès 39/3). Ever since 1974 I have checked and double-checked that Wisdom. But its Infinity I realized a rather short while ago.  I, a poor cockroach of a man which imagines it is dashing towards its destiny, though a hopeful cockroach, realize that Wisdom separates my earth, where I crawl around, from Heaven (Rev. of Arès 32/3) where the Maker is running and forever creating a thousand new suns (Rev. of Arès XXII/12).
SunsetIn the Maker's Eye the stars and their light keep revolving (Rev. of Arès XXXI/9), but what is revolving in my poor eye, which however is not a little runt's, says the Father (23/1)? Would there be any runt littler than me? Within my poor eye the shadows of my culture's illusions are spinning. Every day since 1974 I have found out that the Truth and the Way are so essentially simple and so much distant from the laws of the system that I cannot bring them to mind but incorrectly or just in fits and starts. All the same, the Arès Pilgrim along with me have eventually discovered that The Revelation of Arès is perfectly right. Ever since earliest antiquity the (relatively) greater life expectancy and technology have not significantly changed the system. The system is sort of efficient and slightly succesful in a little slow progress only at the cost of difficulties and complications, about which men after the Day when the world changes (Rev of Arès 31/8) will gape in incredulity — For incredulity will have change its meaning, as people will no longer be incredulous about the Design or the Good once put forward by the Maker, but about whoever and whatever will have disowned them.
Since 1974 I have attempted to start plans prophetically reasonable, but still unworkable in a spirit of love, of free spirituality, of peace, of all that is fit to develop man's soul. I've given up carrying them on so that I would not relapse into the Adamic system of constraint, punishment or argument, archaic but still in force in a world which calls for even more leaders, administration and law. These spare citizens the trouble of thinking, which is both absurd and disastrous, just as if birds were spared the trouble of flying. What would they grow into? Stupid atrophied ostriches and dodoes? Man has to restore his thinking power.
I will keep on looking for the Way. Later on, a lot of men (24/3) will keep on looking for it likewise, through various experiments for the generations (24/2) needed to restore its Trace (XXXVI/7). So, for several months, I have experienced a new scheme. A think tank or thinking party (on a website). I have invited 80 brothers and sisters to it, so that they might get their minds to work together like hoes over our shared garden (Rev. of Arès XVI/17, XXXVII/12), bound to grow into the world's garden later, which is the Core or Fundamentals once brought in by The Revelation of Arès. But that think tank has barely enough worked. Only 10 to 15 work out of 80. Because man would set out to think only of the Fundamentals issues that he is personally interested in?  Because he would automatically retract like a snail, if he has not personally chosen his partners? Because men would be created not to think of their common destiny together, but to leave themselves to a few ideologists' care, whether religious or political? But this is just old Adam's culture, that the Father asks us to leave! Through penitence. The think tank does not work, because inadequate are our penitence and/or the trust we put in our individual penitences as levers for turning the world over. We have not enough prepared for synthesizing the glints of our thoughts (Rev. of Arès 27/6) into one and the same discernment (27/7). This will come some day.
Why have I created the think tank too early? Out of concern and impatience, which concern happens to bring about. I've been forever concerned about the awfully low standard of spiritual dynamics on earth, the acute need for spirituality. The dream of intellectual intelligence is coming to an end. The few philosophers and thinkers, that the mass media still feature from time to time to look highbrow while their only concern is the news sales, bring nothing ever apt to change the irreversible obtuseness of the system. Let alone the spirituel intelligence (Rev. of Arès 32/5), which has long accounted for nothing! I have created the think tank, because the Arès Pilgrims, though sinful, are not cut out to spread doom and gloom, but they are hope launchers. Should they be getting people down just as newspapers, or newagencies, trade unions and opposition parties are continually doing? No, they shouldn't! Something good sooner or later happens to anybody hopeful. Sooner or later the seed comes carried by the Wind over the desert, life is restored (Rev. of Arès 2/19, II/5). But the Wind, we have to blow it! 
We are being held spellbound with stories of climatic warming, of GMO, of renewable energies to set up immediately. But the climatic warming has not stopped ever since the end of glaciation, no one has ever proved that GMO's are poisons, and as petroleum and uranium go scarce, be sure that new energies appear, as they go along. This is as plain as "half a loaf is better than no bread."  Sufficient unto the day is the hardship thereof, Jesus said 2,000 years ago. One has to be careful, Jesus meant, not to set up a new religion, whatever, even an environmental one, which might conceal a much more worrying problem: the heavy-handed rationalism that enslaves men like harnesses enslave colts (Rev. of Arès 10/10). As we are the first and for the time being the only people that prescribe and prefigure it through penitence, we have to make gradually the world ready either to change their hearts and create their souls or kill their bodies and minds. But we have to think over whatever we will tell the world. What's more, as any essential change activity does, spiritual or spiritualizing activity will bring about side-problems, which we have to ponder upstream so as to fend them off later, downstream.
Disparaged by the religious, politicians, conservatives, rationalists and, of course, the wicked, we are and will be more and more. We have to think of the ways of entering into talks with them and, beyond them, we will have to redeploy thinking in all fields. Which is much of a job for the birds wheeling and screeching (Rev. of Arès 13/1) which we still are. There cannot really be such thing as a think tank as long as we have not correctly prepared for it. We have to suspend the experience now and take up our preparation through patient (Rev. of Arès 39/3) penitence (30/11), therefore. God expects us to grow clearly aware of all the issues that are to determine the spiritual future of the planet. This can't be determined by religion or politics, which are irreparably cut off from the world by their doctrines and the the mummification (Rev. of Arès XLIX/7) of their leaders forced to keep predetermined postures. This can't be determined by any revolution, either, because it only moves checkers over the checkerboard. We, God and we, don't want any checkerboard anymore.
Sooner or later the world will need the central concept of The Revelation of Arès, that is, giving up the system and standing by the Good. For the time being the world does not believe in that, does not want that, cannot do that, either. The kingdom of the princes and the law of the rats (Rev. of Arès XIX/24) can't be effaced overnight. Which gives us time to look for (Rev. of Arès I/15) and harvest as many penitents as possible among the men who have been sown (Rev. of Arès 5/1, 6/2). We will resume the think tank later. We will succed in everything by loathing haste (Rev. of Arès 39/3, 24/2).


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october 25, 2007 (0071us)
a pressing need for spiritual men

Today the world, political as well as religious, is managed like a huge factory flanked by a film studio. Whether that industry is thriving over there (Asia) or jousting against hard economic problems around here (Europe, singularly France), the fundamental controversies and crises of conscience are no more, nowhere having much influence on it, on its white kings, blacks kings, laws, lookouts and even its rebels, or on its magic lantern, its TVs, CDs, DVDs, commercials, technology and fashion feats, news, etc. The intellectuals are no more uninfluential, to say nothing of the spiritual!
Besides, are there any spiritual men left?
This is definitely the tragic question that, in 1974 and 1977, makes the Maker, continually consumed with love for his creature, come down to Earth, in Arès, to call on the spiritual men, the souls (Rev of Arès 17/1-7, XXXIX/5-11) therefore, to come back to life.
For a spiritual man is not specifically a man that believes, in view of the fact that a man can believe in just about anything. A spiritual man is specifically a man with a soul.
Brother Michel 2006How can a man give himself a soul? Through penitence, that is, goodness, love, forgiveness, peace, freedom, intelligence of the heart. Read or reread The Revelation of Arès!
The world has a pressing need for spiritual people not only capable of resisting the cold calculations of rationalists and dull materialists, which goes without saying, but of resisting general relativism, because good as well as evil is by no means relative but in the heart of the disillusioned citizen, who is dangerously wrong. Good is good and evil is evil. The world requires men and women who will work hard gaining both good without compromise with evil (Rev od Arès 15/6) and an ethical stature to influence society much more extensively than outsiders can do.
As people's trust put in religious dogmas as well as political ideologies is disappearing, which a magma of opinion—in which the "democracy of opinion" belongs—is replacing, a magma liquid by nature, conditions for a small remnant of spiritual men to develop are slowly being fulfilled. Only, the small remnant cannot come into existence, if they let themselves be consumed by the magma of opinion. A real spiritual man is necessarily a penitent, whether he is or is not aware to be so, who knows that Good never draws on the generally accepted ideas, because they at best would make him remain in a state of opposition, while he has to be in a state of proposition, construction, civilisation. This is why I replaced violent, retrospective French words like "révolution, rebellion or opposition" with "insurgeance", because the former mean nothing but substitution of a system for another system, while in fact the world has to change, that is, Eden has to be re-created (Rev of Ares 28/7).
The spiritual man, whether he is or is not an Arès Pilgrim, follows the absolute liberating concept of The Revelation of Arès.
A major mission of the spiritual men consists in making mankind absolutely free (Rev of Arès 10/10), making it sober from people subjected to the imperious cultural ideas, like the idea that reason calls for the system, into people aware that society, whatever, can thrive without it. What is true for man a long time before Adam, the thinking animal (Rev of Arès VII/1), is false for man once turned into the Creator's image and likeness (Genesis 1/27). God states unambiguously through The Revelation of Arès that once the white king (all of religious powers) and black king (all of non-religious powers) disappear, a new balance settles naturally, freely: the changed world, if a small remnant of penitents has gathered to counterbalance the risk of chaos. Another major mission of the spiritual person consists in awakening man's spirit of responsability or, stated with the peculiar words of The Revelation of Arès, replacing the vassals (the ruling institutions and co-opted authorities, 3/5) with the bans of moderation and gentleness, the Assemblie's great council of penitents (25/9)—great spirit of responsability, natural but not institutional—to make sure that the Beast (Rev of Arès 22/14), the empire of the rulers, princes, political parties, privileges and their mandarins and experts, will never get back on its feet.
Its is definitely by recreating himself that the spiritual man reappears in the world so as to help it recreate itself.


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october 23, 2007 (0070us)
death and honor of a kid

A lot of people talk about Guy Môquet's letter to his family, that President Sarkozy had asked teachers to read to pupils with no obligation to do so. Few people have full knowledge of it. Here it is, very simple:

Guy MôquetBeloved Mommy,
My little brother I treasure,
My Daddy I love,
I'm going to die. All I ask you, particularly to my Mommy, is: Just be brave and strong! I'm so, and I want to stand so just as those who went through it before me have been. I'd rather live, indeed. But I wish with all my heart that my death will serve a good purpose. I didn't have time to kiss Jean. I kissed both my brothers Roger and Rino. But the real one I couldn't, unfortunately! I hope that my belongings will be sent to you. They may be useful to Serge, who I insist will be proud to have them on some day.
You my daddy, if I have hurt you as well as Mommy, at all, I greet you both for the last time. Just be aware that I've done my best to follow the way you've shown me.
I say my farewells to my friends, to my brother I love a lot. Let him be a good student so he may be a man later.
I'm 17 and a healf years old, my lifetime's short, but all I regret is that I have to leave you all. I'm going to die along with Tintin, Michels. Mommy, I bid you, I want you to promise me that you will be strong and brave and overcome your grief.
I can't add anything. I leave you all, Mommy, Serge, Daddy, I kiss you all with all my kid's heart. Be strong!
Your Guy who loves you.

A deeply moving letter by a kid, whom a firing squad is waiting for. In those tragic days no more distinction was drawn between communists and conservatives, workers and bourgeois, when any dignified human, conscious that he or she couldn't grovel to one of the worst systems ever contrived by politicians: Nazism, was having no preoccupation but to resist, fight or die!
On October 22d, some teachers (about 5%) have refused to read Guy Môquet's letter to their pupils. A few of them considered the sentiments in the letter as indecent. Some others thought that reading the letter amounted to serving Mr Sarkozy's political interests. Which is a certainty, but is there anybody on earth who fail to defend his ideals? I personally never miss an opportunity to highlight my own ideals. That did not in any way take away from the grandeur and bravery of a very young man, who commands admiration, a by no means unsound admiration. I don't think, either, that Mr Sarkozy intended making the teachers train their pupils as real tough nuts baring their chests to bullets out of warlike stupidity. I think that he only intended showing young people, unconscious that they live a happy, peaceful life sheltered from fierce coercions, that terrifying hardships might reemerge tomorrow and they would have to face them with the dignity, bravery and even love peculiar to man compared to animals. For the last minutes of his short life the kid, raised in an unbelieving family, finds the honorable, moving emotion of Jesus on the cross, who does not curse his executioners and who does weigh up his sacrifice's value.
For thirty years our mission likewise has reminded the French people that grandeur, bravery...in short heroism (Rev of Arès XXXY/4-12) happen to be constructive values not to be put aside as if they were "pompous" or "behind the time" (two words I've freshly heard), because men will not happily escape from hardships in store, if they do not regain Guy Môquet's letter's sweet plain majesty, which also belongs among the many element of penitence.


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october 19, 2007 (0069us)
doris lessing, an "insurger"

From a whiny distant radio I catch this, "...Nobel of literature 2007...Mrs Doris Lessing." I don't believe it! That "nice skinner," as I've long called her? I prick up my ears, "...in 1976 was given the Medicis prize for The Golden Notebook." I did not even know that she had been translated into French. I only knew—out of sense—that whoever had read books by her in English couldn't help but regard her as one of the great flags of opposition to the system as well as opposition to the classic social pipedreams that have kept men, timorously hiding behind politics, government and law, from facing up their real destiny. An Arès Pilgrim she is probably not, but an "insurger" she is—only with something more, provocative and terrible, for which I can't see any necessity—with the meaning I "minted" the word "insurgence" into as "the Aresian soul's coin" (Many writings of mine on that theme).
Doris LessingI've not read all of Doris Lessing's books, far from it, but I know two ot three things about her, which make us closer to each other.
She was a Communist and I used to be so in the days when I discovered her from a book left on a seat on the Paris-Lyon express by some British tourist.
She set to work writing not to be a writer, but to tell men about her experience of life and cry in substance, "You're all nasty pieces of work!" I set to work writing not to be a writer, but to tell men about a quite different experience, the Creator's, and add to the cries of Doris Lessing and all the denouncers of human evil, "Yes, you are, but you can change."
She is not interested in pretty congratulations. I am not.
She doesn't waste time worrying about nasty things and malice. I don't, either, because life is too short, is not worth dwelling on slanderous viciousness, while the most urgent thing is to show men that, even whenever they are not really mean, insignificant or repulsive, they are by no means up to their real metaphysical capability of love and eternity.
I think that congratulators and carpers are just like roses and moquitoes. Today the former are fragrant and the latter biting, but tomorrow they will be no more. They never inspire the clear-headed world anything to help it create something new or simply evolve. She thinks so, only with different words. Although my own real-life experience and the real-life experience of Doris Lessing, ten years my senior, aren't like each other, they have poured down through the same human flesh like torrents. In their eddies the clear-headed man can mirror his own face, distorted, disappointing, but out of disappointment can decide to re-create himself different and have great expectations rising.
Would Doris Lessing be just "the emancipated woman," as the Nobel Academy says? To me she is much more than that, she is the emancipated human.
When she was 65 years old and already an established writer, Doris Lessing did an interesting experiment. She sent a manuscript under a false name to her publisher, who sent it back as mediocre and/or unpublishable. She was awfully amused once more seeing the very great relativity of the world's values. Accordingly, I feel amused at the idea that I might have got an inverse result, if in 1974-1975 I had sent to the 47 publishers, that were all going to turn down the manuscrit of The Gospel Given in Arès (The Revelation of Arès's first part), in a false presentation, like a book having been cynically written by me instead of supernaturally received from Heaven. Some publishers could have responded positively.


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october 2, 2007 (0068us)
The Book 30 years ago... should I pass it on, but not think it out?

30 years ago the theophanies were beginning. From October 2d to November 22, 1977, The Book spoken by the Creator himself would come and step up The Gospel Given in Arès, that I had got from a messenger, Jesus, 44 months earlier. It was to win The Revelation of Arès its plenitude. Since then what have I most been reproached for? Publishing that great Message? No. I have been reproached for adding my thinking to my prophethood.
Campanile (Août 2007)I've always received suggestions that I should publish The Revelation of Arès only bare, bare without any foreword, or comment, or footnotes, but around the theophanies' 30th anniversary those suggestions are growing insistent.
Among the intimaters there are those who usually think that believing is worthier than understanding. But, had the Father ever thought that faith was enough, we wouldn't have had that determinative Revelation of Arès, whose none of the concepts or words is relative or superfluous. The Revelation of Arès doesn't address passive people. It honors man's intellect and creativity. Why wouldn't it honor the intellect and creativity of its witness, whom it calls a prophet?
Determinative The Revelation of Arès has to be, if it's going to remind people of a cardinal life-saver: Doing (good) is above believing.
The real nature of the problem, I think, is that The Revelation of Arès's derogators are realizing that they will never have it disappear, so that they forsake the argument, "That so-called revelation is just a fraud or an act of folly," and begin using the argument, "As this book exists, it is nothing but mankind's asset. Each man has a right to read and understand it freely and not be swayed." But nobody's been swayed by me. I've just performed my love and clarity mission. I've not founded any religion or philosophy. I've never menaced the many people who "don't agree with my pinchbeck book," and who will be more justified than me, a sinner, if they are good people.
Why ban me from thinking on the pretext that a man who is given a Word by the Creator would be unable to spell it out? All I do is cut short the reader's pursuit of truth, because culture has put dark glasses on his nose. I give him the Light in minutes. Here it is, summarized,
"Man, have a good look! No religion, no politics, no law, no honorable institution, whatever, has ever triumphed over evil, so that they all have declared it ineluctable and set it up as their business and moneymaker. At best, they have made it acceptable, and, at worst, they have made it even crueller than the old barbarians had. Now, evil and even death are not invincible. They can disappear when people sufficient in number, a small remnant, but not only sparse exceptions, will grow good, love their neighbor, forgive the offenses, make peace, put in absolute freedom and regain spiritual intelligence so as to restabilize intellectual intelligence." Detractors retort, "That's not news!" I nod in agreement, "That's not news, indeed. That's the immemorial Word, the Gospel, that has never been achieved."
Why never achieved? Because only what is wanted can be achieved, but the dominators have seen to it that grassroot mankind would never want it. This would sound mysterious, if we failed to get it pretty clear that the true of the Word, the Word once well rid of the religious additions, especially The Revelation of Arès therefore, is existentialist to the core. Existentialism stipulates that man is absolutely free to build his existence, which does not do nicely for the dominators.domination, even if it is bound to cut their lives short, just as gamblers would rather die at the card table than drag themselves away from it. The Revelation of Arès harshly disputes the validity of all that makes man believe that evil, suffering and death be unavoidable and the dominators be appointed to permit the peoples to enjoy a certain amount of animal, blind delights in life. Quite the contrary, it says, Truth is that the world has to change.
The Revelation of Arès is quite the opposite to renunciation of the effort to change. It urges man to set himself free and start to climb the sublime Heights. For all that, it does not deny anybody the right to make the most of the joys and delights of life, which some prim persons see as inconciliable with spiritual Life. The Revelation of Arès praises both life and Life. It reminds that the man with too much intellect, but inadequate kindheatedness, has forgotten about the outstanding capabilities of conscience, notably the freedom of the intentional, the transcendent and the existential. It reminds us that penitence is not remorse or sadness, at all, but it is self-re-creation and self-exaltation, and that a different way of living happy, joyous, is possible.


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september 10, 2007 (0067us)
protecting the Word

editioninthemakingIn July, 2007, a unauthorized digitalized version of The Revelation of Arès, based on the 1995 bilingual print (French & English), was published on the Internet.
The occurrence of that on-line Revelation of Arès was brought to my attention in early August by a professor in a college by the Loire, an unobtrusive brother never united with our missions, but alertly watching over the purity of the Fire. The Father makes for himself such quiet modest watchmen (Rev of Ares XXVIII/27)The Revelation of Arès heedless of the copyright—The site was marked "free of any copyright", which was both a fallacy and a way open for all possible abuses, all of them certainly opposable, but at the cost of legal procedures that a man of God'd rather do without.

As everybody knows or guesses, it is a great concern to me that permanent protection against world's hostily and perversity is given the Word that God revealed to me and left in my care in 1974 and 1977. The watchman brother—thanks be to him!—enabled me, right from the beginning of August, to make judicial arrangements and have that Revelation of Arès deleted from the hardware and mirror-sites that hosted it. The computerist who digitalized The Revelation of Arès and installed it on the web, for the world to have free disposal of it, might think that a Word given gratuitously should be circulated gratuitously. This is a just principle. As the first of all of the apostles and defenders of the Arès Word I have forever wished that this principle was applied. Unfortunately, as of today this has not been possible for several reasons, though carefully and long  thought over, which my blog cannot elaborate on.

Just as everyone guesses, publishing and spreading The Revelation of Arès has always been much more costly than profit-making. Therefore, using the easy free Internet highway towards the world has been a greater temptation to me than has ever been to the computerist, arguably carried away by his ideals, that put The Revelation of Arès on the net without thinking or asking me. I can't venture to be naive. I am advised to be prudent. I resist taking the easy way out by giving up The Revelation of Arès to the Internet before a few safety precautions can be taken.

All over the world evil and blindness are rife. Some evil and blind people have continuously been in wait for The Revelation of Arès for three decades seeking to ruin it, or overpowering it, or neutralizing it, stopping at nothing, using distortion, misinterpretation and readjustment. There has already been such tainted and perverting versions, ready for publication. They have never grown significant thanks to a law of the rats (Rev of Arès XIX/24) that without knowing protects God's Word: The copyright law. This is why I have been holding and defending the copyright for the Word that the Maker had given me and left in my care in Arès.
I will publish The Revelation of Arès on the Internet, but in a less intricate form fitting better in that type of mass-media, and well shielded by its copyright and an appropriate technology against distorters, reinterpretors and plagiarists.

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september 7, 2007 (0066us)
Doubts or discovery of the Truth?

I do not think that Agnes Bojaxhiu, mother Teresa, highlight of devotion to human misery, highlight of solace, used to have doubts. I do not think that she entertained doubts about the Light, ever.
A woman that does not believe in the Creator, and that does not believe in the great hopes the Creator cherished, and has not ceased to cherish, that his creature would eventually agree to live happy some day, that woman could not, not out of patience specifically divine, devote her love and life to the creature whom only freedom and delight to sin make suffer and be wretched and mortal  (Rev of Arès 2/1-5).
mother teresaA woman that believes in man believes in God's image (Genesis 1/27), believes in God in some way or other, whether expressly or silently. That woman moreover has a spiritual life very special in beauty (Rev of Arès 12/3).
Therefore, why the letters that the news are currently commenting on, through which mother Teresa told her doubts, her "emptiness"?
Plain is the answer. Whoever finds out the Truth—Truth is that the world has to change (28/7)—just as I found it out, albeit under quite different circumstances, reaches the same dilemma, and then the same emptiness.
Anybody, even a grande dame of charity in Calcutta (India) or an undeserving petty fellow made a prophet in Arès (France), dismisses the religious, theological God and Christ, when he or she discovers the teleological Father and Jesus, the real Father and Jesus of the true ends (Rev of Arès XXXIV/1-4), of the real relationship between the means and the ends, the means to conquer evil and the ends of the Good, the Victory of which the men of the time to come (Rev of Arès 30/13) will have to carry out.
It was as a woman that mother Teresa discovered Truth. It was as a woman that for decades she was confiding in her religious friends about  her "emptiness"—just a cultural "emptiness"—that the discovery had dug deep within her. It was as a woman, that is, in a modest, limited way, because as a nun fully dependent upon the catholic church socially and financially, that she from instinct felt that she should cautiously hide the Core of her thought. She "just shut up," as people say. She alluded to her doubt without her scratching its surface, for fear (rightly or wrongly) that she might find herself in some social and financial death, just as I would find myself twenty years later. But as a man, a man in his prime, I was able to overcome the isolation complete and financially helpless, into which the Truth I had been given by Jesus had thrown me and my family.
Yes, I did experience Teresa's "emptiness." But such an emptiness holds more Truth than all of the ideas quirky or dishonest, though very spick-and-span, which mankind through religion and politics, all of their vainglories, has thought she had to garrison it.
Some ask me: Why will the catholic church canonize mother Teresa? Wasn't she obviously having doubts about the church?
Canonizing is building the invisible mausoleum on top of a dead person that people are strongly urged to pray to. A piety that I am in charge of banning (Rév d'Arès 33/35), it's true, but I have issued the ban, it is The Revelation of Ares. The church agrees or turns it down, freely in control of itself (Rev of Ares 8/1) just as any assembly on earth.
I figure that, in the tough world, it may not be improper to show the image of a woman who quenched motherless babies' thirsts, and who clothed poor guys, and who tried to be equal in devotion with the angels as well as she could (Rév d'Arès 11/1-3).

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