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october 23, 2007 (0070us)
death and honor of a kid

A lot of people talk about Guy Môquet's letter to his family, that President Sarkozy had asked teachers to read to pupils with no obligation to do so. Few people have full knowledge of it. Here it is, very simple:

Guy MôquetBeloved Mommy,
My little brother I treasure,
My Daddy I love,
I'm going to die. All I ask you, particularly to my Mommy, is: Just be brave and strong! I'm so, and I want to stand so just as those who went through it before me have been. I'd rather live, indeed. But I wish with all my heart that my death will serve a good purpose. I didn't have time to kiss Jean. I kissed both my brothers Roger and Rino. But the real one I couldn't, unfortunately! I hope that my belongings will be sent to you. They may be useful to Serge, who I insist will be proud to have them on some day.
You my daddy, if I have hurt you as well as Mommy, at all, I greet you both for the last time. Just be aware that I've done my best to follow the way you've shown me.
I say my farewells to my friends, to my brother I love a lot. Let him be a good student so he may be a man later.
I'm 17 and a healf years old, my lifetime's short, but all I regret is that I have to leave you all. I'm going to die along with Tintin, Michels. Mommy, I bid you, I want you to promise me that you will be strong and brave and overcome your grief.
I can't add anything. I leave you all, Mommy, Serge, Daddy, I kiss you all with all my kid's heart. Be strong!
Your Guy who loves you.

A deeply moving letter by a kid, whom a firing squad is waiting for. In those tragic days no more distinction was drawn between communists and conservatives, workers and bourgeois, when any dignified human, conscious that he or she couldn't grovel to one of the worst systems ever contrived by politicians: Nazism, was having no preoccupation but to resist, fight or die!
On October 22d, some teachers (about 5%) have refused to read Guy Môquet's letter to their pupils. A few of them considered the sentiments in the letter as indecent. Some others thought that reading the letter amounted to serving Mr Sarkozy's political interests. Which is a certainty, but is there anybody on earth who fail to defend his ideals? I personally never miss an opportunity to highlight my own ideals. That did not in any way take away from the grandeur and bravery of a very young man, who commands admiration, a by no means unsound admiration. I don't think, either, that Mr Sarkozy intended making the teachers train their pupils as real tough nuts baring their chests to bullets out of warlike stupidity. I think that he only intended showing young people, unconscious that they live a happy, peaceful life sheltered from fierce coercions, that terrifying hardships might reemerge tomorrow and they would have to face them with the dignity, bravery and even love peculiar to man compared to animals. For the last minutes of his short life the kid, raised in an unbelieving family, finds the honorable, moving emotion of Jesus on the cross, who does not curse his executioners and who does weigh up his sacrifice's value.
For thirty years our mission likewise has reminded the French people that grandeur, short heroism (Rev of Arès XXXY/4-12) happen to be constructive values not to be put aside as if they were "pompous" or "behind the time" (two words I've freshly heard), because men will not happily escape from hardships in store, if they do not regain Guy Môquet's letter's sweet plain majesty, which also belongs among the many element of penitence.


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