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december 9, 2007 (0073us)
the rowdy suburban doldrums...a sign? no, it's not!

Whenever a local subsociety, weak and dominated, shakes and scares the ruling society, they say nothing. They don't speak, don't even  make signs. They suddenly go from the dull doldrums to the rowdy doldrums, and that's it. They do so naturally with no concerted strategy or tactics. Just as the sea gets rough whenever the wind blows hard. Which the captains forget about as soon as the wind drops and they trample it under their ships again.
nightriotatVilliers-le-BelI have read the oracles in the news, "The riot at Villiers-le-Bel is a sign of this...a sign of that..." No, it's no sign. For millennia, in fits and starts, those who eat sour apples on the arid mountains rise up against the mighty of the fat valley who rule and loan gold (Rev of Arès 26/5-6). No one needs any sign to be aware that a young subsociety 40% of them unemployed and nonintegrated is continually bound to be  tempestuous.  In The Revelation of Arès the word Sign has a quite different meaning.
When it says that the Sign has not been given yet (XLIV/5), it means that love, the share-out, peace, freedom, spiritual intelligence have not yet crossed the class & race divide and is not even about to cross it—Four generations will not suffice (Rev. of Arès 24/2).

In Villiers-le-Bel a "rioter", a kid who had pinched a hunting double-barrel from his father, wounded two police, which is appalling, even though...when I think of the murder movies wholeheartedly allowed on TV, I find it all credit to the "rioters" that only one imitator of the art of all types of killing turned up.  But the police have a Ministry of the Interior and trade unions to inform the nation, the news and public opinion about anything happens to them and even to present themselves as victims and absolve themseves from any mistake. The "scum" and the "organized gangs" as for them do not have any union and press agency to give information on their own bashed up people and their completely different version of the event. It is well-known, besides, that they are "habitual offenders" very likely to be liars, and to be kept quiet, therefore. But the neighborhood with their elbows on their windowsills quite agree with the "scum", it seems...Why? We could infer from their attitude that even the retirees around here are "habitual offenders." When I was a kid in my suburbs and similar clashes took place between us and the police, they used a different word, "hardened criminals",  which was obiously false, but the news used to keep silent about such clashes in those days, anyway. Everybody used to find it normal that young people exploded from time to time in the midst of a system that, as for it, had already (and for a long time) acted as a real "organized gang'."
All this happens depending on the side you are on. If Mrs Alliot-Marie (the Interior Minister) was born and had lived in Villiers-le-Bel Arabo-African ghetto, she would speak with different words and style, and that's for sure. Which does not mean that she is a contemptible bourgeoise. We love her from evangelical love just as we love all of the police that she manages and all of the rioters that she cracks down on, but the abyss that separates those humans shows that a lot has to be done, so that all of them undiscriminatingly enjoy the use of warm houses, food, beauty, pleasures and joys, fountains and springs, iron and fire, all that the Maker has already given  (Rev. of Arès 26/8-10).
The Revelation of Arès
has a beautiful message for those suburbs to assure their people that the Maker does not forget about them, as he came down to speak to them in 1974 and 1977, and that if they become patient enough, they will conquer the bad fate long imposed on them , but not through vengeance or revenge, but by gaining good. Our Paris mission may have already thought of it, but I admit that reflection on and preparation for that tricky campaign might take some time.


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