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April 11, 2008 (0080us) 
a general website put on-line today

The general website "Révélation d'Arès et Pèlerins d'Arès" (only in French for the time being) has been put on-line today, as forecast.
The page home is still under construction (intended for a video).
Such as it is, however, the website provides anyone in want of information with all they may know about the origin and meaning of The Revelation of Ares and the personal way the Ares Pilgrims live up to it and take up their apostolate.

I have put this unfinished website on-line to meet people's need of a website at last made as a comprehensive synopsis, that is, something more than a summary or résumé or calling card , but at the same time something not obscure or too much detailed or too dull in reading. Some late problems with civil servants and/or with newspeople have been indicative of the need they have been of a website both comprehensive and accessible.

Frère Michel, une photo de 2006For years I have suggested, and hoped, that some others far more competent and talented than me and having the right tools to do a good job of on-line (internet) information could make a complete general website before I had to do it myself, but they have been lacking the time for it. The Truth on which this website is based has been the full knowledge of all of the Ares Pilgrims for decades. I have therefore done nothing more than a work that any Ares Pilgrim could have done and done much better than me.
As you can realize just by taking a look at the plan of the site, what I have put on-line today is the basic platform of a digital monograph, a personal job, which I am going to follow up and improve gradually.

If the website address is, it is only because it mirrors the personal feeling about The Revelation of Ares and penitence and the task of spiritual harvest, that it inspires in me, which is not necessarily everybody's feeling in an assembly of free believers or idealists.

This general website has been designed for secular people, for whom I have tried hard to make as clear as possible spiritual issues, points and questions, which few of them are used to going about the right way.


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13Apr08     80usC01
This new web site will certainly fill a void.  I appreciated the simple expression of" what The Revelation of Arès tells us."

The video is great -- Please leave it in place even if you make others!

I hope it will soon be available in English.

Do you need any help?


14Apr08    80usC02
No, I'm sure I could not have done a better job!
The peace of the Lord!

XXXxxXX    80usC03

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