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december 28, 2007 (0074us)
victory of death

In the East, an apostle of a merciful and humanistic Islam, the lady defender of freedom of conscience and progress in Pakistan, is shot down by the system.
In the West, at pretty much the same time, the apostle of depoliticized, liberated christianity, one completely free and completey good and going back to all of its brotherly roots (Rév. of Arès 35/11), is attacked by the system, which tries to rob him of the means, weak enough as it is, to carry on his mission.
Benazir BhuttoOne, Benazir Bhutto, has long been made the focus of media attention. The other one, Brother Michel, it's me, has not. This doesn't matter. The free greatnesses that we she and I have preached, and that others will be preaching on in the future, are similar.
The good reasons for some people to reduce us to silence are similar.
The system's princes and their satraps (Rev. of Arès 22/8) are scared whenever the liberating Shout flies across the mountains (23/2), echoed by the prophets — Hadn't Benazir been a prophet, would she be slain? — As they do not believe in the creative and liberating strength of Good, they defend their gains and assets, their reason (26/3) and their law (XIX/24). They may not arm the hand that will kill or despoil the troublemaker, but they permanently sit on the eggs of violence which are to hatch by themselves when necessary.
Unlike the system Good preaches to man a quite different reason: happiness (26/23), supreme freedom (10/10) failing which supreme goodness and beauty cannot reappear. Good is continuously trying to regain footing wherever the system, generated by sin, drives it out or hunts it down. Its frailty for the time being, is its gentleness (25/9, 27/4), its respect for enemies, its absence of any criminality. This is why supreme Good's Victory (10/7, 26/8, 29/4, etc) will not be perceptible and stabilized until the end of a long struggle — four generations will not be enough (24/2).
But the Day of Victory over evil will come and of this you sister Benazir are aware. For you I'm starting a mortification just as it is recommended in The Revelation of Arès (33/34). Let you rapidly go into the place lighted by the angel with luminaries (33/32), that we all by turns will come down from, just as Jesus came down to me in 1974, to help the men that will be continuously struggling after we die, so that love, forgiveness, peace, happiness, spiritual freedom and intelligence will prevail on earth.
You Benazir did not live or die without avail. In your death, Benazir, the is something of a Victory.
Likewise, in the disappearing of the few things I possess, if the threat that has just been posed to me cannot be stopped, and if, this time, they succeed in robbing me of everything, there will also be somethingof a Victory.
A good man or good woman never suffers in vain. Justice will result from accumulation of injustices and Life from accumulation of murders, when the world's conscience discovers the horror of them. This is what early Christians understood in pondering the crucifixion, that the church later on would needlessly and absent-mindedly interpret as a Divine plan (like God had to die in order to save the man whom he has made a God, 2/13). Seen from a sacred angle, there are a lot of murders which the executioners, poor men who think they act as benefactors, would not carry out, if they understood that any great idea that they think they kill will always rise from the dead.


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