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january 20, 2008 (0076us) 
attali: 314 freedom proposals

The Attali committee's 41 important persons and experts do not plan to change France as The Revelation of Ares plans to change the world (28/7), but their 314 proposals will help toward it, if Mr Sarkozy can have them implemented.
The economic rescue plan by Jacques Attali — his intelligence and courage I salute — involves restoring some freedom to set up and run enterprises and to have possessions, which certainly sounds merely materialistic, but whatever sets man materially free helps set him spiritually free, because life is a great whole, because there is only one global, absolute freedom, all sides of which are linked to each other, the Maker's Word implies (Rev of Arès 10/10).

I as an Ares Pilgrim can't help but be in favor of a France — The Revelation of Ares speaks French, doesn't it? — which would some day realize that security and happiness do not lie in a life off grants, subsidies and benefits, but they lie in a life of free development and creativity, because only freedom can revitalize real, natural kindness. Now, only natural kindness will do better than social laws, which cannot be improved on.
Jacques AttaliThis the Ares Pilgrims have understood for 34 years, from the spiritual angle, in the Light of The Revelation of Ares. This is why they have acted spiritual at the risk of putting themselves on the fringe of society ideologically and metaphysically by making themselves penitents and penitent harvesters, as prompting people to change their lives into good (30/11) amounts to leading them to global happiness and even, in the end, to the disappearance of death, but let's not go beyond the scope of this entry...
For the time being, measures have to be taken to pull France out of disguised communism, terribly ossifying. Measures have to be taken so that the French can work freely, set up businesses freely, and gradually drawing near to the ideals LIBERTY, EQUALITY, FRATERNITY, which have been derived from the Father's Word, whatever rationalistic French republicans may say about it.
The Attali committee's 314 proposals are bound to arouse vehement rows between policians, ideologists and unions.  However, the politicians and unionists, that have for decades with sincere feeling demanded laws to shackle and milk dry management and all sorts of creators and sustain workers and those intitled to state benefits, have to admit with sincere feeling alike that their demands have paralysed economy. The French manufacturers, who are not "saints", have been moving away and craftsmen becoming rare. France will be gradually deindustrialized, so that within 20 or 30 years it is to fall into wretchedness.
I am not detailing the 314 proposals. I only lay stress on the fact that Jacques Attali and the committee he has been chairing have realized that, in addition to the necessary restoration of freedom to run businesses and have possessions without being overtaxed, the restoration of benevolence as prevalent mentality, too long vanished, is likewise necessary.
Says Attali, "I dream of a France where the scandal of poverty would substitute for the current scandal of wealth. I dream of a France where jealousy would no longer prevail against noble feelings, and where everybody would be aware that, like in any fotball team, it's in everybody's interest to see others be successful! I dream of a France that could change its culture of the annuity into the culture of risk."
Just as taking economic risks pays off, taking spiritual risks pays off, the risks of love, of forgiveness, of peace, of intelligent kindness and of total freedom. There is no other way for spiritual life to come into existence, the only key to Good and global happiness. When is real Christianity to start?


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