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january 13, 2008 (0075us) 
father of the universe

I'm going through an ordeal (see 0074us), so my piety is increasing.
I have continually prayed, much, but in days when injustice is hemming me in (28/15), I need even more Light.

I have to grow more and more perceptive in order to achieve (Rev. of Arès 35/6) and better to stand up for myself, which amounts to standing up for The Revelation of Arès.
In the heat of my fervor the prayer, together with Schema Israel (Deuteronomy 6/4+) and Al-Fathiha (The Quran 1),
Father of the Universe (Rev. of Arès 12/4)
is obviously a mainstay.
This prayer was revealed throughout by the Father in person, who had it conveyed to me by its Messenger Jesus.
Here's how I feel it:

What I utter (Rev. of d'Arès 12/4):

What I feel:

Father of the universe


You are the only Saint

I hold you up as a unique model!
The spiritual man creates his own soul, which saves him from darkness, by referring to you and recovering your image (Genesis 1/27)

Let your Sanctity prevail over us

Let's act penitent!
Let's us be molded (Rév d'Arès 1/11) to your image (Genesis 1/27)
of love (Rev. of Arès 12/7),
of forgiveness and the strength forgiveness transmits (Rev. of Arès 8/2),
of peace not the unstable peace man cannot hold in its hand (Rev. of Arès XIX/6), but absolute peace, that you have pledged (Rev. of Arès 28/22),
of intelligence, not only intellectual intelligence, but also and especially spiritual intelligence, and
of absolute freedom (Rev. of Arès 10/10), because as long as man can't be free from any sort of prejudice he can't regain love and its power of creativity

So that we may do Your Will

so that it may be our will that everything is thought over and achieved just as it's Your Will to think over and achieve them

So that we may get our food

the spiritual food that faith gives us together with peace (Rev. of Arès 28/22)

So that we can forgive and be forgiven

so that we, men, may stop reproaching each other for our reciprocal sins and start helping each other to overcome them

So that we may resist temptation and and bring down  the devil

so that man may stop being his own tempter and devil

So that we may be ruled by

so that we may unfailingly act according to 3 perpetual principles:

Your Sanctity

gradually regaining your image (Genesis 1/27)

Your Power and

restoring your Power deep within us through penitence
to change the world
into good (Rev. of Arès 28/7) by acting penitent and harvesting more and more penitents

Your Light

drawing on your Truth (Rev. of Arès 28/7) and spreading it continually, because it is the key to global happiness that will extend over the world on your Day (Rev of Arès 31/8) like a magnificient flower in the Light of an eternal morning.

copyright 2008

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14Jan08     75usC01
When I first read The Revelation of Arès where it says to pray this prayer three times a day and once at night, I thought, how boring!  I don’t want to repeat the same words over and over every day. Isn’t that ritualistic? Superstitious?
But the Word of The Creator says to do so, and so I tried it.
Incredibly, I could feel something happening within me, as if a molecule of my self was changing each time.
Thank you for this revised translation.
I am praying with you.

15Jan08    75usC02
Dear Nabi,
Blessed are your thoughts regarding the prayer of the Father of the Universe.
I would like to share with my brothers and sisters these facts in the Quran:

    * The exact formula of the prayer was never mentioned in the Quran. A clear sign that the Father was intending to clarify it at a later stage by The Revelation of Ares.
    * Muslims pray five times. But the Quran only mentions 4 prayers (which confirms the Revelation of Ares).
    * The daily timings of the 4 prayers mentioned in the Quran match perfectly the timings of the Revelation of Ares.

All Prophets have passed through difficult times. This is the norm. Otherwise planet Earth would have become part of the "Hauteur Saintes".
Together we pray the Eternal Loving Father.
In his Image we Dwell
Daoud, Abu Dhabi

Reply :
The Father did not reveal the prayer Father of the Universe to Muhammad indeed, but in His infinite wisdom he gave the prophet another prayer: Al Fatiha, which we Arès Pilgrims recite aloud every day together with Father of the Universe and Shema Israel, so that we feel ourselves belonging in Abraham's huge family.
I am very touched by your visits to my blog.
God bless you Daoud!

15Jan08    75usC03
In religion it's a given that human senselessness can trigger spiritual disasters. This is why most of believers are sticklers for all forms of piety. Nobody dare change a prayer or adopt a new one, ever. But not everyone has been swept away by the tide of formality. A few people live under evolutive spiritual conditions. They believe that spirituality has forever been developable just as The Revelation of Ares says it should, so they are or could be fascinated by a prayer like Father of the Universe. It has been revealed by the Father in person, hasn't it?
Thank you for rendering Father of the universe into new words. It sounds less can say that again!
Peter, Wyoming

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