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september 10, 2007 (0067us)
protecting the Word


In July, 2007, a unauthorized digitalized version of The Revelation of Arès, based on the 1995 bilingual print (French & English), was published on the Internet.
The occurrence of that on-line Revelation of Arès was brought to my attention in early August by a professor in a college by the Loire, an unobtrusive brother never united with our missions, but alertly watching over the purity of the Fire. The Father makes for himself such quiet modest watchmen (Rev of Ares XXVIII/27)The Revelation of Arès heedless of the copyright—The site was marked "free of any copyright", which was both a fallacy and a way open for all possible abuses, all of them certainly opposable, but at the cost of legal procedures that a man of God'd rather do without.

As everybody knows or guesses, it is a great concern to me that permanent protection against world's hostily and perversity is given the Word that God revealed to me and left in my care in 1974 and 1977. The watchman brother—thanks be to him!—enabled me, right from the beginning of August, to make judicial arrangements and have that Revelation of Arès deleted from the hardware and mirror-sites that hosted it. The computerist who digitalized The Revelation of Arès and installed it on the web, for the world to have free disposal of it, might think that a Word given gratuitously should be circulated gratuitously. This is a just principle. As the first of all of the apostles and defenders of the Arès Word I have forever wished that this principle was applied. Unfortunately, as of today this has not been possible for several reasons, though carefully and long  thought over, which my blog cannot elaborate on.

Just as everyone guesses, publishing and spreading The Revelation of Arès has always been much more costly than profit-making. Therefore, using the easy free Internet highway towards the world has been a greater temptation to me than has ever been to the computerist, arguably carried away by his ideals, that put The Revelation of Arès on the net without thinking or asking me. I can't venture to be naive. I am advised to be prudent. I resist taking the easy way out by giving up The Revelation of Arès to the Internet before a few safety precautions can be taken.

All over the world evil and blindness are rife. Some evil and blind people have continuously been in wait for The Revelation of Arès for three decades seeking to ruin it, or overpowering it, or neutralizing it, stopping at nothing, using distortion, misinterpretation and readjustment. There has already been such tainted and perverting versions, ready for publication. They have never grown significant thanks to a law of the rats (Rev of Arès XIX/24) that without knowing protects God's Word: The copyright law. This is why I have been holding and defending the copyright for the Word that the Maker had given me and left in my care in Arès.
I will publish The Revelation of Arès on the Internet, but in a less intricate form fitting better in that type of mass-media, and well shielded by its copyright and an appropriate technology against distorters, reinterpretors and plagiarists.

copyright 2006
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