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october 25, 2007 (0071us)
a pressing need for spiritual men

Today the world, political as well as religious, is managed like a huge factory flanked by a film studio. Whether that industry is thriving over there (Asia) or jousting against hard economic problems around here (Europe, singularly France), the fundamental controversies and crises of conscience are no more, nowhere having much influence on it, on its white kings, blacks kings, laws, lookouts and even its rebels, or on its magic lantern, its TVs, CDs, DVDs, commercials, technology and fashion feats, news, etc. The intellectuals are no more uninfluential, to say nothing of the spiritual!
Besides, are there any spiritual men left?
This is definitely the tragic question that, in 1974 and 1977, makes the Maker, continually consumed with love for his creature, come down to Earth, in Arès, to call on the spiritual men, the souls (Rev of Arès 17/1-7, XXXIX/5-11) therefore, to come back to life.
For a spiritual man is not specifically a man that believes, in view of the fact that a man can believe in just about anything. A spiritual man is specifically a man with a soul.
Brother Michel 2006How can a man give himself a soul? Through penitence, that is, goodness, love, forgiveness, peace, freedom, intelligence of the heart. Read or reread The Revelation of Arès!
The world has a pressing need for spiritual people not only capable of resisting the cold calculations of rationalists and dull materialists, which goes without saying, but of resisting general relativism, because good as well as evil is by no means relative but in the heart of the disillusioned citizen, who is dangerously wrong. Good is good and evil is evil. The world requires men and women who will work hard gaining both good without compromise with evil (Rev od Arès 15/6) and an ethical stature to influence society much more extensively than outsiders can do.
As people's trust put in religious dogmas as well as political ideologies is disappearing, which a magma of opinion—in which the "democracy of opinion" belongs—is replacing, a magma liquid by nature, conditions for a small remnant of spiritual men to develop are slowly being fulfilled. Only, the small remnant cannot come into existence, if they let themselves be consumed by the magma of opinion. A real spiritual man is necessarily a penitent, whether he is or is not aware to be so, who knows that Good never draws on the generally accepted ideas, because they at best would make him remain in a state of opposition, while he has to be in a state of proposition, construction, civilisation. This is why I replaced violent, retrospective French words like "révolution, rebellion or opposition" with "insurgeance", because the former mean nothing but substitution of a system for another system, while in fact the world has to change, that is, Eden has to be re-created (Rev of Ares 28/7).
The spiritual man, whether he is or is not an Arès Pilgrim, follows the absolute liberating concept of The Revelation of Arès.
A major mission of the spiritual men consists in making mankind absolutely free (Rev of Arès 10/10), making it sober from people subjected to the imperious cultural ideas, like the idea that reason calls for the system, into people aware that society, whatever, can thrive without it. What is true for man a long time before Adam, the thinking animal (Rev of Arès VII/1), is false for man once turned into the Creator's image and likeness (Genesis 1/27). God states unambiguously through The Revelation of Arès that once the white king (all of religious powers) and black king (all of non-religious powers) disappear, a new balance settles naturally, freely: the changed world, if a small remnant of penitents has gathered to counterbalance the risk of chaos. Another major mission of the spiritual person consists in awakening man's spirit of responsability or, stated with the peculiar words of The Revelation of Arès, replacing the vassals (the ruling institutions and co-opted authorities, 3/5) with the bans of moderation and gentleness, the Assemblie's great council of penitents (25/9)—great spirit of responsability, natural but not institutional—to make sure that the Beast (Rev of Arès 22/14), the empire of the rulers, princes, political parties, privileges and their mandarins and experts, will never get back on its feet.
Its is definitely by recreating himself that the spiritual man reappears in the world so as to help it recreate itself.


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10Oct07 71usC1
Our generation and the generations to come badly need more "spiritual men", as you say in your title, but more precisely people of both kind, men and women.
Of course, when you talk about men or brothers, you mean also women and sisters and The Revelation of Arès is explicit about the commanding role of women in changing the world. It goes without saying but it is good to be explicit about it, and you mention here "men and women" only once. When I was living in the States and talking about man or men, I was often interrupted by female listeners : "correction, men and women". I got used after a while to talk about "human being" to avoid misunderstandings.
Milang Gompeng

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