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november 7, 2007 (0072us)
the Maker's infinite wisdom, the man's patience

To Me knowledge you patience belongs, the Maker told me (Rev. of Arès 39/3). Ever since 1974 I have checked and double-checked that Wisdom. But its Infinity I realized a rather short while ago. I, a poor cockroach of a man which imagines it is dashing towards its destiny, though a hopeful cockroach, realize that Wisdom separates my earth, where I crawl around, from Heaven (Rev. of Arès 32/3) where the Maker is running and forever creating a thousand new suns (Rev. of Arès XXII/12).
SunsetIn the Maker's Eye the stars and their light keep revolving (Rev. of Arès XXXI/9), but what is revolving in my poor eye, which however is not a little runt's, says the Father (23/1)? Would there be any runt littler than me? Within my poor eye the shadows of my culture's illusions are spinning. Every day since 1974 I have found out that the Truth and the Way are so essentially simple and so much distant from the laws of the system that I cannot bring them to mind but incorrectly or just in fits and starts. All the same, the Arès Pilgrim along with me have eventually discovered that The Revelation of Arès is perfectly right. Ever since earliest antiquity the (relatively) greater life expectancy and technology have not significantly changed the system. The system is sort of efficient and slightly succesful in a little slow progress only at the cost of difficulties and complications, about which men after the Day when the world changes (Rev of Arès 31/8) will gape in incredulity — For incredulity will have change its meaning, as people will no longer be incredulous about the Design or the Good once put forward by the Maker, but about whoever and whatever will have disowned them.
Since 1974 I have attempted to start plans prophetically reasonable, but still unworkable in a spirit of love, of free spirituality, of peace, of all that is fit to develop man's soul. I've given up carrying them on so that I would not relapse into the Adamic system of constraint, punishment or argument, archaic but still in force in a world which calls for even more leaders, administration and law. These spare citizens the trouble of thinking, which is both absurd and disastrous, just as if birds were spared the trouble of flying. What would they grow into? Stupid atrophied ostriches and dodoes? Man has to restore his thinking power.
I will keep on looking for the Way. Later on, a lot of men (24/3) will keep on looking for it likewise, through various experiments for the generations (24/2) needed to restore its Trace (XXXVI/7). So, for several months, I have experienced a new scheme. A think tank or thinking party (on a website). I have invited 80 brothers and sisters to it, so that they might get their minds to work together like hoes over our shared garden (Rev. of Arès XVI/17, XXXVII/12), bound to grow into the world's garden later, which is the Core or Fundamentals once brought in by The Revelation of Arès. But that think tank has barely enough worked. Only 10 to 15 work out of 80. Because man would set out to think only of the Fundamentals issues that he is personally interested in? Because he would automatically retract like a snail, if he has not personally chosen his partners? Because men would be created not to think of their common destiny together, but to leave themselves to a few ideologists' care, whether religious or political? But this is just old Adam's culture, that the Father asks us to leave! Through penitence. The think tank does not work, because inadequate are our penitence and/or the trust we put in our individual penitences as levers for turning the world over. We have not enough prepared for synthesizing the glints of our thoughts (Rev. of Arès 27/6) into one and the same discernment (27/7). This will come some day.
Why have I created the think tank too early? Out of concern and impatience, which concern happens to bring about. I've been forever concerned about the awfully low standard of spiritual dynamics on earth, the acute need for spirituality. The dream of intellectual intelligence is coming to an end. The few philosophers and thinkers, that the mass media still feature from time to time to look highbrow while their only concern is the news sales, bring nothing ever apt to change the irreversible obtuseness of the system. Let alone the spirituel intelligence (Rev. of Arès 32/5), which has long accounted for nothing! I have created the think tank, because the Arès Pilgrims, though sinful, are not cut out to spread doom and gloom, but they are hope launchers. Should they be getting people down just as newspapers, or newagencies, trade unions and opposition parties are continually doing? No, they shouldn't! Something good sooner or later happens to anybody hopeful. Sooner or later the seed comes carried by the Wind over the desert, life is restored (Rev. of Arès 2/19, II/5). But the Wind, we have to blow it!
We are being held spellbound with stories of climatic warming, of GMO, of renewable energies to set up immediately. But the climatic warming has not stopped ever since the end of glaciation, no one has ever proved that GMO's are poisons, and as petroleum and uranium go scarce, be sure that new energies appear, as they go along. This is as plain as "half a loaf is better than no bread." Sufficient unto the day is the hardship thereof, Jesus said 2,000 years ago. One has to be careful, Jesus meant, not to set up a new religion, whatever, even an environmental one, which might conceal a much more worrying problem: the heavy-handed rationalism that enslaves men like harnesses enslave colts (Rev. of Arès 10/10). As we are the first and for the time being the only people that prescribe and prefigure it through penitence, we have to make gradually the world ready either to change their hearts and create their souls or kill their bodies and minds. But we have to think over whatever we will tell the world. What's more, as any essential change activity does, spiritual or spiritualizing activity will bring about side-problems, which we have to ponder upstream so as to fend them off later, downstream.
Disparaged by the religious, politicians, conservatives, rationalists and, of course, the wicked, we are and will be more and more. We have to think of the ways of entering into talks with them and, beyond them, we will have to redeploy thinking in all fields. Which is much of a job for the birds wheeling and screeching (Rev. of Arès 13/1) which we still are. There cannot really be such thing as a think tank as long as we have not correctly prepared for it. We have to suspend the experience now and take up our preparation through patient (Rev. of Arès 39/3) penitence (30/11), therefore. God expects us to grow clearly aware of all the issues that are to determine the spiritual future of the planet. This can't be determined by religion or politics, which are irreparably cut off from the world by their doctrines and the the mummification (Rev. of Arès XLIX/7) of their leaders forced to keep predetermined postures. This can't be determined by any revolution, either, because it only moves checkers over the checkerboard. We, God and we, don't want any checkerboard anymore.
Sooner or later the world will need the central concept of The Revelation of Arès, that is, giving up the system and standing by the Good. For the time being the world does not believe in that, does not want that, cannot do that, either. The kingdom of the princes and the law of the rats (Rev. of Arès XIX/24) can't be effaced overnight. Which gives us time to look for (Rev. of Arès I/15) and harvest as many penitents as possible among the men who have been sown (Rev. of Arès 5/1, 6/2). We will resume the think tank later. We will succed in everything by loathing haste (Rev. of Arès 39/3, 24/2).


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10Nov07 72usC1
Sorry to read that the think tank was a failure!
Perhaps if you started with ten — or of course twelve — and let them bring
in additional workers gradually?
Being, as I am, older than you, I am always conscious of the Last Days!
The peace of the Lord be always with you!

Reply :
I'm sorry that I've just posted your comment, fourteen days after you e-mailed it. I've had software problems affecting the English part of my blog. Thank you for suggesting that I might start with ten or twelve participants and then from time to time add one or two as the think tank goes along. This is nearly the way I proceeded. I started with about 20 and then gradually added participants, but I was to realize that the newcomers could not catch up with those previously enlisted. So your suggestion would be a wise one, if I could curb the first participant' enthusiasm, restrict the number of subjects, and slow down the collective thinking, in order to help the newcomers to put themselves on the same level... I really wonder if taking on all of the participants permanently from the start is not the best way, provided all of them participate in the thinking from scrap, but really all of them. I'm almost sure that if they all take part in a collective subject the number will be a natural brake, as it were, because as they get in each other's way they are sort of forced to slow down and think more profoundly. But I may be wrong, I know. I'm thinking on over the problem.

00Xxx00 72usC2

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