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18 juin 2010 (0109)  
the existential wins

The chapel, now called the Saint's Word's House,

where the Creator revealed himself from October 2 to November 22, 1977
The Arès Pilgrimage begins (see entry 31 et entry 62).
Let's ponder this:
70 years ago, on June 18, 1940, from London Charles de Gaulle launched his call now much talked-about, but then utterly ignored by politicians, the masses and even clergy—It was never mentioned from any pulpit anywhere.
Today the Call of The Revelation of Arès too is ignored by religion, even more so by the body politic and the masses.
Even though they are incomparable with each other, these calls have something in common. Under circumstances tragic for all of mankind both of them evoke more than hope, the certainty that nothing is settled and the victory of good—My Victory, says the Father (10/7)—is still inevitable, if the good men have the will to win it.

Why is an Arès Pilgrim a harvester penitent?
Because it is only by searching in the common people for penitents capable of changing their own lives (Rev of Arès 30/11) and changing the world (28/7), that the Arès Pilgrim can get over the mountain of silence (31/6) that the master of earth (2/1-5, 18/1) has put between mankind and the Master (18/3) of Life (24/3-5).
But why a mountain of silence in days when it seems that everything and anything is shown and made known?
Because the Word of Arès, which is as divinely free as man is existentially free (10/10), can't be controlled, and because the body politic rejects all that it cannot get under control.
Because it thus cannot be subject to the control of those who drive God like an elephant in a circus ring (36/10).
Because The Revelation of Arès is likely to make the world happy, which has never been carried out by those who think that they have the definitive solutions to all of the moral and social problems.

The Revelation of Arès reminds men that it is possible to live a different existence, the one of the Happy (28/15-22).
The Revelation of Arès starts off the existential
, the existential that, as it is its nature to concern only individuals, can't be religious, or political, or anything based on a masses' system.

The Creator's messenger Jesus' word makes up half of La Révélation d’Arès: The Gospel Given in Arès (1974), and the very Creator's word makes up the other half of it: The Book (1977).
The believers that can't see The Revelation of Arès but as a Bible or a Quran of sorts never open it.
The nonbelievers that think that man has already known all that he has been able to know and has performed all that he has been able to perform never open it, either.
Some others read it, get convinced that it holds the Truth, but they apprehensive (2/16) push it aside, because God has obviously not designed the book to astonish, but to revitalize, involve and commit readers.
In other words, The Revelation ofArès is meant to be achieved.
It does not lead to religion, but to existence in the most private, most possessive, most creative and freest sense.
So it makes a believer awake to his existential—or existentialistic—nature
This is why it is a source of grace, salvation and even miracle for those who like the Arès Pilgrims have got involved in the achievement of it. Lives change for the better (30/11), souls get created, hearts' desert comes back to life through love (7/5, 12/7, 32/3), intelligence (32/5) and freedom (10/10) spiritual and absolute.
Some day the world will change (28/7).

Anxiety and fear, suffering and moaning, disappointment and despair, death in the end, these are the thorn hedges and barren rockslides (14/1) which have hurt and killed man ever since Adam and thought it better to have his own system (2/1-5) and ignore the creative Force (VII/5).
In the 21th century man is suffering even further, as he is getting more information and becoming more and more conscious of his own problems.
The Revelation of Arès gives the solution to those sufferings. It is the radiant power of good achieved.
Not a book by a thinker, but a book issued by the supreme initial Destiny of the universe, the very Destiny that once gave man freedom of good or evil.
The Revelation of Arès undoubtedly is linked to the great spiritual body of the Scriptures: Veda, Bible, Quran and some others, but by reminding that none of these has been achieved so far.
Contrary to a popular idea, it is not because evil is stronger than good, but because good has been left unachieved, that evil has been kept up in the world.
All is still to be done.
The Revelation of Arès is a starting point.

The rationalists in making fun of The Revelation of Arès say that people do not need that book to learn that religion and politics keep up evil, which is their business or goodwill; would comfort, law, governemnt be necessary, if they couldn't lessen harms and sorrows?
But The Revelation of Arès's Design is not to remind us of obvious facts.
The Revelation of Arès's Design is a positive and dual:-purpose one
It denies the sheeplike idea that evil is inevitable and that only law (28/8, xix/24) and/or Mercy (16/15) can make it bearable.
It reminds us of the prophets' teaching, the acme of which is the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5 to 7) from which the synoptic Gospels develop. This teaching that can be summed up as follows:
Man does not have intellectual genius, contrary to what he claims. The best of his law, just a sheer figment of intellect, is not above a rat's gumption (xix/24). has never conquered and will never conquer evil.
On the other hand man as the Creator's spiritual offspring has a strong spiritual genius, which he has let go out like a candle end (32/5) within the recess of his self, forgetting that he is the Creator's image (Genesis 1/26-27) and holds the power of re-creating himself by changing his life for the better (30/11). It is only by changing his life that man can really, wholly conquer evil.
You are a penitent only by changing your life for the better.
Faith is not wait, it is creative dynamics, man's will to revive his soul (17)—also called ha (XXXIX/5-11)—which Adam once annihilated (4/8) within himself.
Having faith is by means of penitence getting that ship of a man afloat, the sail of which is the soul (17/3, 18/1-4), casting off and leaving for Life and rediscovering it; it is the spiritual adventure that an Arès Pilrgim strives to embody.
The crew of the first ship of the Fleet destined to cut across a Sea (18/4) of possibilities vanished, unsuspected, on the horizon of which Eden will some day reappear, The Revelation of Arès calls it the small remnant.
A small remnant of men and women (26/1, 29/2) scarce, clumsy and dissimilar for the time being, but they will mature, increase in number, spread and gradually change the world (28/7) into a place where sin, ordeals and even death will eventually disappear.

What a superb ideal!
Why then has The Revelation of Arès, a book of a high spiritual, humanitarian standard or, at the very worst, a harmless poem, been passed over in silence and why have his witness and the Arès Pilgrims been reduced to self-publishing and self-distributing?
Two causes can be added to those mentioned above: 
First, the book is of supernatural origin, which had made it highly controversial in a society that burst out laughing or shrug their shoulders at the mere mention of something supernatural.
Second, it has appeared in these days of disparaging mentality, of zapping from item to item, of impatience, of search for quick effects and easy results.
The Revelation of Arès is not as hard to read as some people consider it to be, but it is a profound book in times of superficiality when man standardizes everything and even concern for his own destiny.

The Revelation of Arès does not start a religion. Carpers and cavilers, unaware of it or insincere, contend that The Revelation of Arèssays that only the people who convert to it are saved. This is the complete opposite of the truth.
Any good man, even an atheist, is saved just as he dies and his goodness, even though it lasted only a few years or decades, will help the world to change, which is supposed to take much more time—Four generations will not be enough (24/2).

What does a pilgrim read in Arès? First and foremost The Revelation of Arès, because it gets particularly enlivened when read in the very place where it was delivered to the world
The book is not "interesting" in the sense of "pleasing", but it thereby gives man a taste for profundity. Not only does it go against the rationalistic simplistic expressions of newsmen, but it goes wherever the "intellectually correct" never goes, it is a different way of thinking altogether, it transports man to a different world of ideas. 
A spiritual Word if ever there was one, The Revelation of Arès never uses the word "spiritual" and it uses the word faith (10/8) only once and not in a sense of support for a belief, but in a sense of busy creative hope.
The Revelation of Arès speaks to each human, to the individual and to his or her individuality; it urges him or her to set himself or herself free of the mediocrity of general beliefs and opinions, of prejudices, and get back to the free magnitudes.
There is no mass solution to evil. Evil will never be conquered but in each man's heart.

The Revelation of Arès is of supernatural origin, but it is so realistic that the reader forgets about the surpernatural. This book reminds us of the prophets and the gospels, but it does so to project us to the future.
It disintegrates, dedogmatizes, delegalizes.
Its dialectics allows every reader to make his or her own individuality with complete freedom in love and respect for other individualities, in forgiveness, peace and spiritual intelligence, that is to say, in penitence. It looks like a paradox that one can't really love one's neighbor, all of mankind therefore, but by being really oneself, and yet one can't otherwise be in line with salvation, whether individual or general.
In days of anxiety and confusion, when we sense something of the end of History, The Revelation of Arès is starting another History.

copyright 2010
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