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january 15, 2010 (0104us)  
fear as darkness in the soul (quran 113)

As well as the penitent dismisses identifiable evil,
he dismisses evil's masks and catalysts. notably fear of the world.

maks by Andy Warhol

The overall sense of The Revelation of Arès is well known. It is the Core, which in brief is as follows: A person’s salvation does not originate with faith and prayer, but from effort to achieve good, and the world’s change for the better will only result from the propagation of personal salvations.
But it is through the Core of Cores, what is left unsaid, that penitents acquire the Eye (Rev of Arès xxxiv/6) with which they can tell the spiritual from the ethical and understand that good and evil are indeed like white and black, but don’t get the Word wrong, the good man, an image of the Sublime one (Genesis 1/27), will eventually grow tired of good if he fails to sublime it, if he fails to introduce into it the colors, qualities and forces that give the Universe the sublimity, the Sanctity, that the Father urges him to share (Rev of Arès 12/4). Accordingly, a similar enhancement of the concept of evil refines the penitent’s perception of it and the Core of Cores draws his or her attention to some stirs and shadows, not evil in themselves, but dangerous catalysts of evil like fear (Rev of Arès xxiv/3, xLv/6).
Let the man with eyes to see see! Whoever has recovered spiritual intelligence can see that, even though faith and prayer do not give salvation, they powerfully instruct and strengthen the penitent, the irreplaceable worker of Good, and that they notably help repel fear which roam around the soul like a cunning wolf (Rev of Arès 22/2).

By fear I do not mean mere dread or terror, which is often a salutary reaction.
Fear to love and forgive persons and facts reputed to be appalling and unforgivable or fear to testify on occasions when testimony is possible are fears to be absolutely conquered, but they bother and worry the penitent so much that they are never unconscious.
By fear I mean permanent, non-disturbing fear, which is even comfortable, as it complies with the normality of everyday life, for example fear of effective moral codes, of leaders and of law.

That fear you cannot conquer it inside you by rebelling—rebellion is just imprudence and violence—, but by inner relief, serenity, strength, that keep you well aware of the civilizing mission that you are entrusted by The Revelation of Arès with and ready to change something in the world, whenever circumstances permit.

Good has nothing to do with moral codes—besides, which moral code could generate it? The catholic, or republican, or fascist, or communist, or eskimo, or papuan one?.— Good has nothing to do with law—besides, which law among the numberless ones on earth?—Good has to do with creation. It ought to be a continuous creation of man just as the Universe is continuous creation of the Father (Rev of Arès 12/4, xxii/12),but ever since Adam (Rev of Arès 2/1-5, vii/13), this creation has been cancelled here, has been demoted there and has elsewhere been distorted in the clutches of the princes and their servile staffs (Rev of Arès 3/4), of the hypocrits(12/8, 21/3, 28/8) and the today triumphant rationalists who have reduced humanity to a thinking animality devoid of honor and magnanimity and kept in a state of fear.

Take fear of the cult princes (Rév d’Arès 1/4, 2/9-17… 36/21), for example, fear of the religion cult, of the politics cult, of the law cult, etc. of all of the cults which The Revelation of Arès reduces to one and the same bunch of princes (1/7, 4/2) who permanently generate power and the fear power inspires.
The princes will not disappear tomorrow, but our fear of them can disappear today, if by blowing on the embers of our spiritual intelligence (32/5) to rekindle it we understand a few fundamental realities, this one for example: Farming feeds us, carpentry furnishes our homes, masonry houses us, music entertains us, medicine treats us, so that they have got substance based on knowledges proved and unchangeable, which exist without any need to fright anybody, but politics, law, religion, have never been proved  anywhere and so have continually changed; they are lacking in substance and come down to an only knowledge, that which the princes have had to be princes, to inspire fear to men who know hundred times as much as the princes know about life.
Power and law are aimed at ensuring our “safety-security” and our own “good”, but not at subjecting us, the princes state today even more loudly than ever before. So, it seems that the more wisdom man has gained for ages from experience and the more he has mended his ways, become cultivated, peaceful and self-disciplined, the more insecurity he would have bred? Hence, for his own "good", interdictions, obligations, surveillance, repressive measures, checks, the dramatization and criminalization of facts of bubbling vitality, the rolling mill that uniformizes everything and so puts genius, creativity and conscience in jeopardy... Can anyone ever believe that the veil or the burqa worn by some human sisters or thirty square feet more than the surface allowed by the COS—building to plot ratio—in your new built house are threats to our "security" or "good"?

But the most worrying thing for our souls is a fundamentally detrimental paradox. While we as penitents are supposed to regain our intelligence (Rév d’Arès 32/5), we leave it up to politics to foresee and anticipate the contingencies of History, that is, the future, which is unintelligent. We credit politics with the very power of the Father or of his image (Genesis 1/27), which politics is not. Just look at the numberless situations when politics proves to be incapable of making correct forecasts. During the 20th century two world wars—80 million casualties and untold ruins—and the dictatorial communism that reduced 400 million Europeans to virtual slavery are two tragic titanic examples of political incompetence. Nonpolitical peoples sometimes are belliquoce, but only highly politicized peoples can  gather mass suppression and destruction means.
We cannot change the world (Rév d’Arès 28/7) by relying on its powers. May I also add that anarchy has not been proof of its capabilities in History. Nevertheless, the Father says : You shall not be a leader (Rév d’Arès 16/1), and so prophesies that universal salvation will come by a leaderless core of spiritual men. We have to make our penitent brains think much, love the world much and develop our concepts much, in order to design the third path. Let’s begin by making our inner spiritual breeding ground ready by suppressing fear of moral codes, leaders and laws inside us.

In 1987 the first mission "The Eye Opens" took place in Bordeaux and was finished off with a public lecture given at L’Athénée. I began my address with these words, "Don’t fear!" The audience stared at me. I continued, "Man don’t fear to change your live (Rev of Arès 30/11,) and create your soul. It is your soul that from your mouth will call on the world to start living spiritual life, the only solution left when the crisis of crises arises. For it will arise some day […] The Revelation of Arès does not call on man to revolt, contrary to circulating rumors, but calls on him to substitute the cult of his cherished ideas religious, philosophical and political, for the good achieved. Revolt can only bring about new powers no better than the former ones, but thanks to the penitence of a small remnant of humans good, loving, free and intelligent enough to remain watchful even when the Beast disappears below the horizon after losing any reason for existence (Rév of Arès 22/14), the clock of time and even death will come to an end (Rév d’Arès 31/8-12). Don’t fear! The evil you stop to fear sort of is conquered inside you! Whenever your fear dies Life is born again. In a way the world is not far from changing as soon as you cease to fear it!"

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