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january 27, 2009 (0092us)
the courage to be

1961, the year when Barack Obama was born.
the Freedom Riders are campaigning for local minor rights: equality in the buses in the USA Southern States,
and so doing they contribute to having the unthinkable come true: the election of a Black to the USA Presidency 47 years later.

In local, limited actions huge far-off outcomes originate.
You should never despair of your frailty ever being successful.

Margaret Leonard in 1961 and in 2008In 1961 in the USA, in the Southern States there are buses for white people and buses for black people. White and black protesters strive to denounce the racial discrimination, an unbearable situation for people to be in as well as a stupid economical policy. They think of riding by bus in mixed (black and white) groups of 15 or 30 riders. They hope that by travelling in sizeable numbers they can both call the public's attention to the horrors of racism, which is even more harmful since it has become reflex, and keep the racist police and justice at bay. They are wrong on the latter point. A lot of the Freedom Riders end their rides in prison.
Those Freedom Riders are regarded by folks around them as foolish and even blameful as the Arès Pilgrims will be regarded by their own folks a few decades later, but this is what bringing about changes costs, what changing the world (Rev of Arès 28/7) costs.

Here are excerps of a statement by Margaret Leonard, now a 67-year-old lady, a Freedom Rider jailed in 1961 in Parchman, maybe the harshest penitentiary in Alabama, only because she dared to belong in those mixed groups of riders in Greyhound buses.

"From 1960 to 1970 campaigning in Civil Rights Movements was hard. I wasn't battered, but others were. I might not be battered, because I got myself arrested when the campaign was drawing to a close. The prison time, however, was very hard to me emotionally. I've kept memories deeply, firmly fixed in my mind, memories of my release from Parchman. All those arms stretched towards me through the cell bars along the corridors. A lengthy row of white and black arms.
"People used to be scared. They were scared of showing their hope of a new order of real justice. They weren't scared of dying, but they were scared of people pointing accusing fingers at them and scared of being laid off. My mother lost her job right after I'd been jailed.
"I think that we helped make the world much better. Clearly the USA today is better than it was in bygone days. I wish my parents and my sister had lived long enough to see it."

What did frail Miss Margaret demonstrate in 1961?

The courage to be free from any prejudice (Rev of Arès 10/10),
to be a man of the coming time (Rev of Arès 30/13),
in short,
the courage to be
as we understand the Creator when he says I am (Rev of Arès ii/1).

You can't be an Arès Pilgrim unless you too have got the courage to be, to be a Freedom Rider of sorts, with spiritual freedom in prospect (Rev of Arès 10/10), different from the social freedom once sought by the no less heroic (Rev of Arès xxxv/4-12) 1961 Freedom Riders, but you are even more firmly resolved to change the world (28/7).
Besides, your courage to be is much easier to show nowadays.
You are missionaries in a country where you certainly can be still pointed at by accusing fingers, but you no longer lay yourself open to a loss of job or imprisonment because of your faith. 
Your mission is today much less dificult thanks to the courage to be of heroes who like Margaret Leonard, from stage to stage and from century to century have cleansed the world of a lot of prejudices, of egoistic and discriminating habits and of authoritative interests.
You do not believe, just as the Creator does not believe, that the system of Adam outside Eden (Rév d'Arès vii/7-9), the world's current system, can restore mankind to the happiness for which it was given spiritual Life through Adam inside Eden (vii/5-6).
You want to inspire the world to enter unto penitence in order to break Adam's uninterrupted stagnating state of spiritual barrenness (Rev of Arès 14/1), Adam who so far has never ceased to let the noise enter his head like sand (vii/5), heavy, barren sand, which ballasts him and keeps him from ascending towards the Heights (36/14) of happiness.
You want no more than to inspire the world to recover Life (Rev of Arès 24/5).
This is why you've got courage to be.
You're going to be successful.


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