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january 9, 2009 (0091US)
how inextricable!

The Hamas cries out : "Palestine will keep dead set on martyrdom until Israel disappears!"
cries out : "We'd rather subject Palestine to martyrdom than leave it to oust Israël!"
How inextricable!


I look at the pic: A brave Palestinian woman appealing to Isreaeli squaddies' fine sentiments, but they can't do anything about it.
I look at the pic and I can't side with anybody.

I'm not anxious to be well-thought of, like newsmen, politicians and the big sermonizers are, by flaunting indignation over others' sins and demanding solutions that cost a lot to others, but nothing to me,

because I feel absolutely overtaken
with the absolute evil that's hit the lands over there,

the absolute hydra (Rev of Arès xix/10) beyond indignation and every available solution, something past the problems of death itself!

So I come to absolute humility in the face of my own sin and my fellow men's sins.

Early this morning, after I had through my window seen the day rise at roofs level and I had fallen to my knees to pray,
I simultaneously
raised my voice,
I seek refuge with the Lord of rising day from the evil of what (man has made of all) He has created... (Quran, al falak, 113),
and thought,
"But that refuge lies within me, since I am your image (Genesis 1/27).
Father, it is up to men to give up evil, which they have designed and produced (Rev of Arès 2/1-5).
You have made man free (Rev of Arès 10/10) and answerable for his freedom.
How obvious your Wisdom !
Whenever you intervene, man protests volubly, What sort of magninimous God is He who doesn't leave me free to act?
Whenever you do not intervene, man protests volubly: Is The one that leaves me wretched a merciful God?
The refuge which I seek is my good self, is love and intelligence.
Love and intelligence lie within me, but I can't see them but with difficulties...if only I can see them, poor me!
How would I dare get annoyed over my Palestinian and Israeli brothers, because they can't see them within themselves? 

Through our sins we humans are all responsible for that tragedy, whether we live in Jerusalem or 10, 100, 1,000, 10,000 Miles from Jerusalem.

We all harbor the solution within us.
Truth is that the world has to change (Rev of Arès28/7).

Let's be penitent, that is, good, and let's harvest all the penitents possible so that the good will some day reach the Near East bound to be devastated for long by immediate ideologies and their dreadful offspring, hatred and jingoism, which a few truces will now and then barely appease, until our Palestinian and Israeli brothers find out by themselves that the solution simply depends on love and intelligence.


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