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December 16, 2016 (0180US)
Confraternity of Economies (first outline)

Happiness is thought to be inattainable like the sun.
The sun is inattainable, because all that comes up to it
would be burnt out.
Everything except Good, which is no matter but quality
Good cannot be burnt.
Through Good man can start a new world
made of small confraternal units, so he can achieve happiness.

My worn-out page, His Heaven,
A receptacle for beautiful altitudes,
From His Pen a torrent gushes forth,
Floods onto me with Life
("Heavenly poems" Ink and gold, Roger Hemani-Cozette)

What does economy mean in Confraternity of Economies? It is neither economists' economy, nor that of savers, nor the use or administration of material resources, their  market values and trade. It is economy in the primordial sense, i.e. the art of managing or administering a society.
And what Confraternity mean? A brotherly confe­de­ration of economies in indeterminate numbers, of which each has the full possession of its sovereignty, its choices of collective life, its way of administering itself.

The fragmentation of the big politicized national masses into small depoliticized economies, which would go merely self-administered, will not take place soon,. but the sooner the better, because human beings cannot live in fraternity, love each other, forgive each other, make their peaces with all, think intelligently (Rev of Arès 32/5), set themselves free (10/10) from all sorts of prejudices, in short, be penitent, as long as they cannot be acquainted  with each other very well, that is, as long as they cannot live in small numbers.
I am old, so I will die before I cease to elect a Member of Parliament or Congressman someone whom I do not know and who does not give a damn about me, but I firmly expect that my descendants will live in a different way and mention politicians as leaders of old, just as we nowadays talk about satraps of old (Daniel 6/1, Rev of AArès 22/8).

Let's prepare the breakup of the big nations into small units or economies living in confraternity(-ies). I think it advisable that a movement be created to free man from the distorting lens of justice based on the arbitrary of powers and law, that  express but the unending revenge (Rev of Arès 27/9) of a part of society on another part, a thousand and one different feelings of happiness acting against each other, and all that also keeps man from solving the problems of conscience, which are tremendously deep, through the justice of love, notably forgiveness, peace, freedom, which are drawn on the Sermon on the Mount by Jesus of Nazareth, a prophet of spirituality and humanism, but not one of religion and politics. As man is One (xxiv/1), but in vast number of natures, the inevitable variations in achieved love require that the big masses should be broken up into small self-managed sovereign groups. The efforts to renew man's freedom (10/10) and dignity (xxxiv/13, 18/3, 28/15) are to be made in every circumstance by setting the great flexibility of love against the increasing rigid formality of the dominant ideology or doctrinaire approach, which is said to be democratic, and which is threatening mankind with paralysis and slavery.  We have to shake off dominant ideologies, which are new religions, and set a liking for critical research by love, but not by decree. With time we will keep widening vast efforts to restore spiritual life.

Every economy will have things in common with the other economies of its confraternity, notably
la fraternité qui ne sera pas qu'une fraternité gravée dans le marbre, mais une réelle fraternité dans l'amour,
the absence of citizenship and the free movement of people between economies,
the absence of system, whatever, whether political or religious and its careers and ambitions, which is to be replaced by managers or coordinators dismissible if unsatisfactory.
the important choices made by referendum or vote held in each economy,
union with each other against the common adversay: Evil, notably lies, prejudices, breaches of love of the neighbour, forgiveness, peace,  freedom.

Prophets with awakened intelligences (Rev of Arès 32/5), who have been poorly read and finally misunderstood, Jesus among them, have clearly talked about the relationship between collective life and the ideal shared—the Sermon on the Mount (Matthiew ch. 5 to 7) is the best Design of it (Rev of Arès 28/7, 36/8)—. All of the prophets from Noah to Muhammad (2/7-11) have brought their own societies into question, have gone beyond seemingly irreducible well structured concepts, hoarded away in laws and dogmata by the political or religious jam makers and their "administrations with lead caps" (Rimbaud).
So far the big problem of evolution, Salvation therefore, is the huge difference in weight between
on the one side, the masses as if they were made ill with diabetes and saturnism by the dominant ideology or doctrinaire approach always much sweetened and leaded, the mass mankind who are shortsighted even when they think they see far ahead, and whom power people and the ambitious exploit,
and on the other side few thoughful skinny humans, real loving poeple with piercing eyes, who draw on all the resources of awakened intelligence, and who ride the nimble colts (10/10) of freedom just as a few Mongolian riders utterly unexpected did in the 12th century to conquer the world, that outnumbered them a-hundred-thousandfold. But this time we as a wretched host of prophets will peacefully do what looks unfeasible: a world of souls and love.

For something new has turned up. It might be because He foresaw it that the Father gave The Revelation of Arès. Religion a while ago and politics lately have started stripping off, so they disclose their significant weakness. Taking refuge behind the known will soon be no-use to them. Their subjects will have to leave those mystago-political systems or even hasten the decline of them, go beyond them and they should think of that beyond right now, even though it is not likely to happen soon.
The Revelation of Arès says that Good, which has vanished from time immemorial, can revive. Good is not just a fortunate solution, it is the only solution, the mainspring of which is penitence, in other words the observance of love, forgiveness, peace, intelligence spiritual and free from prejudices. The supporters of the known, the still numberless supporters of the system, are going to laugh or be indignant about the Arès pilgrim (Rev of Arès 12/9), who they think is following utopian views, but they will have more and more difficulties in defending what is becoming indefensible.
While thinking of the Confraternity of Economies I go beyond the scope of my prophetic mission, I think of nothing else but the human fact top-level and the most noble, because even those who do not believe in me are my brothers and I do not think that I will succeed in my prophetic mission, if I fail to aim at getting whole mankind out of Evil. Religion and politics do not think of the human fact; they just think of some human beings : their citizens, their faithful, etc.
It doesn't matter whether that human fact is or is not very close to religion (Rev of Arès 28/12) or materialism. Man's most important abiding features are not those seen beneath the smiling exteriors of material well-being and/or charitable sanctimoniousness. We have "to listen to the voice of the wise men in rags" (Jean Servier), because they alone show us a world, which may still be utopian, but may well enable man to survive the sin of sins (Rev of Arès 32/8), with which he is threatened.

copyright 2016

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