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13 august, 2015 (0167US)
the Black (Rev of Arès xviii/1-13, xxviii/12-20)

We all live in the Black.
Let's long for the White (xLv/25)!

La Nuit ou le Noir

My Black and the world's big Black are alike .
By His 1977 Message the Creator does not call Evil Evil; He calls it Black (Rev of Arès xviii/1-13, xxviii/12-20) or the Black. The Black is real Evil, that He thus tells from Evil which religions or moralities wrongly limit to the individual or a certain group of individuals. Whenever I do Evil for its sake, my real Evil or Black is not inde­pendent of the world's big Evil or Black and even the universe's, because I deep down retain the image and likeness (Genesis 1/26) of the Father of the Universe (Rev of Arès 12/4), even though it lies there like a comatose patient.
Similarly religion, which claims to prepare each one of the faithful to get personal salvation misleads him or her, because no personal salvation is independent of the general Salvation of all men. Besides, this is why a small remnant of penitents (Rev of Arès 24/1) will be able to bring pressure to bear on whole wide non-penitent mankind.
An individual, whether a hermit deep in the woods or an executioner at Auschwitz, is never dissociated from whole mankind. Whether there are has (souls) or not, the polone remains. This is the Truth fundamental in The Revelation of Arès, that reminds men that religion, morality, legalistic justice betray the True when they part "saints" from sinners — Only the Father is a Saint (12/4) —, innocents from culprits.

My Black is made of the same wood as that the ninepins of the world's big Black are made of. The bowls, which my lies, selfish actions, wickednesses, violences are, knock over the ninepins of the big Black along with the innumerability of the bowls which continually roll and criss-cross the Field (Rev of Arès 14/1), which is the little we have been left of Eden of times gone by. Virtue, for which any human being, even a wicked monster long for a second, an hour or a day whenever the shadow of the clear white man (xvii/12), that he was in bygone days, recross him or her, virtue stands up the ninepins, but the bowl is thrown and the ninepins fall again. This is going to last as long as the bowls are thrown again and even the worst might occur, the sin of sins (38/2), when no longer any good man picks up the ninepins.
The Black within me is all men’s Black, so this is why Good within me is all men’s Good as a matter of antecedency. Whenever I enter into penitence in order to restore Good I do not restore my personal Good only for myself, but for all men, because I am my neighbor's brother and my neighbor is all of men. My individual penitence is universal. Is this inconsistency ? No, it's compound. My penitence belongs in charity activities par excellence. This I need to comprehend in order to comprehend what love, language, creativeness, individuality and freedom are, the five gifts once granted to men by the Creator when He gave them His image and likeness. I am all men’s brother just as the Father is all men's Father, but I am one of my kind just as the Father is one God.
The Entire Other One is just the Other One of the Entirety that I am.

Culture keeps and even prohibits us from seeing the indestructible relationship between my Black and the world's Black. Culture isolates and exposes culprits. What sort of culture has been deceiving me by clearing me of all misdeeds and all lies of mankind?
I tell lies, I cheat, I take advantage, I use violence, because the world in which I live tells me lies, cheats me, takes advantage of me, is violent with me,. But even if I do not tell lies, do not cheat, do not take advantage and do not use violence, I am not innocent of the lies, abuses, cheatings and violences which ravage the world. The world is the Black and I am the Black. This is why Truth is that the world has to change (Rév of Arès 28/7).
Culture? Let's see what it is! For 86 years I have sometimes been subjected, sometimes seen others be subjected to fantasies and lies, which were sometimes trivial or silly airstreams, sometimes fierce power hammers; I believed in promises which all disappointed me until the day when You, Sanctity, Might and Light — who have forever been creating the boundless universe, of which I am just an atom, though a necessary one, for the universe can't exist if it misses me —, You shrank to the size of a nail (Rev of Arès ii/21), so that my eye and ear, like a minute ion's eye and ear, might be able to understand that I should not believe — belief has never saved anybody — but I should change my life (Rev of Arès 30/10-11) in order to change the world (28/7). All that is bad whether within me or in the world is a one and only face of the Black to me. O Father, You address a one and only man, because addressing one man or seven billion men is the same to You. As far as one man’s change is concerned all men’s change is concerned.

Switching from belief to change requires cultural disintegration, so I have deculturated myself. Thus have I followed Your Word, o Father, ever since 1974 and thus have my brothers and sisters followed It and followed me, because Good within You is Good within them and Good within me; Good within all of us, including You o Creator. Good, which is revived when man flies ahead of the Wind of the Creator (xix/9), awakens without their knowing Good within humans who do not hear of The Revelation of Arès or of us, but whom our penitence helps up towards the Light. As sin produces unfortunate effects far off Good produces fortunate effects far off. The world will change into Good thanks to the lucid penitence aroused by The Revelation of Arès so much as to the inexplicable effluvia of penitence over a great many unconcerned men.

Thus does the Father remind us that there is in existence between human beings an interaction invisible but real and quite different from what believers think they produce by the religious prayer which is just request of granting — Have believers' prayers stopped a war ever? — This interaction however is not actual but by Good; this is why Jesus once he had risen from the dead thought it useful to appear to persons ordinary, powerless but good like the holy women instead of his mighty persecutors Caiaphas and Pilatus, which would have been logical but caused only emptiness and silence. It is high time we awakened spiritual intelligence (Rev of Arès 32/5), which is only active in the spiritual field just as electricity in the electric field, high time we set our deep genetic fingerprint going.

The promoters of the 21st century world consider stupefying effects on the masses, fear of each other and culprits' isolation as intellectually clever. Is this an age old plot woven by leaders who have skillfully managed mankind like naturalists that manage ape breeding (Rev of Arès ix/2, xxviii/18)? I do not think it may be a plot, because this would require more intellectual cleverness than human beings good or wicked — God makes sun rise on the good and the bad (Matthew 5/45) — have ever had and may ever gain, because man has been created for something else, fundamentally for spiritual Life and intelligence.
All that the Father can see, which He makes us see through The Revelation of Arès, is that mankind has been driven by pretension and stupidity, whether religious or political or intellectual, ever since Adam's system was set up (Rev of Arès 2/1-5, vii/7-16). How could have subservience and wars come into existence otherwise? I remember Michel Foucault's thought: "Basically, the West has had only two patterns of control over individuals, one is expulsion of lepers, the other is inclusion of the plague-stricken." In the nice setting of mankind diseased but wanting to look healthy, our plague and barbarism well-organized, technical and provident, each individual plays his or her game well according to the ups and downs of life just as it was in the days of the muddle-headed, primitive, inconsistent barbarity of Attila, who was just the condemning Scourge, my father, like Galileo who was just the condemned Wise man, my father. I think that man's semen has become no more than a mash of remains of Edenic grandeur and remains of animal baseness ever since Adam's days. From that mash hatches an hotchpotch of slaves and leaders, the truthful and the liars, the capable and the incapable, the abstemious and the greedy pigs, the modest and the womanizers, the morons and the crafty, the strong and the week, and I think that leaders assert themselves naturally whenever circumstances permit. Life is just trials and tribulations in the current world.
The murderous mediocrity of Adolf Hitler's clique was horrible, but realistic; they put forward a dreadful dream so alert, active, visible, that bringing it down was possible. Besides, whole Germany followed Hitler. For all that was it much more contemptible than colonialist France and Great Britain? That the racist United States, etc?
Our current politicians' mediocrity is gentle, bearable, compared with Hitler's or Stalin's, but I see it as probably worse, when I consider that the worst may not be to kill people but to addle brains. Addling brains... two words that apply to seven billion humans as well as to one human. Bringing that mediocrity down might be much more difficult, because it is even more deceitful — all peoples' deceit — and this is why You Sanctity, Might and Light who create on the boundless universe, You intervened in 1974 and 1977. What did you say then ?

Father, you say that we have to seek inside ourselves — every one of us is all of men — for those who are to blame for Evil. Hence the salvatory need of penitence for those who are wide-eyed.
Let's bring down the Black within us so as to bring down the world's big Black! A bitter struggle with the penitence sword (Matthew 10/34) against the ego and with the harvest scythe (Rev of Arès 14/2, 38/4) against the masses blind to the big Black, because an ego as well as the masses are afraid to look up higher and farther. A bitter struggle against ourselves strongly pro-Revelation of Arès, but lazy. A bitter struggle against the unconvinced who reject The Revelation of Arès before even looking into it, and against those who are aware that there is a big Black, but who call it inevitable, and those who know that it can be brought down, but do nothing to bring it down.

People have forgotten about the steadfast questioning and strict thinking over the necessity for Life's revival, Life's triumph over the Black = Evil = Death. Today spiritual life is held to be outmoded and deadly dull ; looking for material happiness takes the place of looking for Life like the former prevented the latter; believers make spirituality a humdrum routine not too demanding and sometimes very lax. Has the Creator wasted His time appealing human beings for penitence, the only means of conquering the Black? Will we stay as a minute small remnant permanently, because too many men are unable to revive the extreme worth of being inside themselves? No, because the Father would not have given his Word to man in Arès again, if He had been aware that It was unachievable, but we have to avoid mistaking the difficulty. What we are struggling against is the hazards of an ontological disaster, that of man permanently roaming in a fatal desert.

The Black's world revolves like a merry-go-round to the sounds of skeptics' sighs, of "I believe only in what I can see", of "I don't care what happens after I'm gone", of the wordiness of those who wallow in the scientific expectations from the pathetic media, to the sounds of the supporters of a world that is becoming an engine of exclusive social reproduction, of the trumpets of those who allow politics and often religion to be an insult to our intelligence, of the horns of non-believers that trample down the sacred and give over their children to spiritual emptiness which is going to kill the only spiritual being in the universe: the human creature.
To the Black's worshipers who leave themselves to the institution's care, because they dare not wonder about the fundamental question of their real nature, the Creator's image and likeness inside themselves. To the Black's worshipers whom religion exasperates and unknowns frighten. To the Black's worshipers who think that hypocrisy, silliness and barbarity are final, and whom the very idea of spirituality outrages. To the Black's worshipers who understand us, but do not want to follow us lest they be trampled underfoot. To all those who leave themselves to the Black's care I dedicate this blog entry!


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