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july 10, 2015 (0166US)
penitence will disband the masses

"The greatest thing on earth is to know how to belong to oneself" (Montaigne, Essays).

"To belong to oneself" is to be individual and free.
Individuality and freedom are nowhere in the masses; there are just citizenship and permissions.
Now, Life (Rev of Arès 24/5) is to be individual and free.
Penitence, which leads to Life, is individual and free. Salvation is individual and free. There is but one way for man, as he is social, to regain complete individuality and freedom, it is to live among a small number of free individuals.

These birds can't live but in multitudes and under the law of their species.
The penitent man evades animality,
he can decrease in number and live in small free units

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The world's people have very fixed ideas. They say, "Man cannot change." A few however tell, "Let's say man can change himself individually, but he can't change society, at all!" Nevertheless, the world has to change (Rév of Arès 28/7) and it's through penitence that man will change the world by changing himself, says the Father.
So we Arès Pilgrims are penitents though we do not try to please the concepts of the world, which considers us as cranks.
The Right Path sounds like we and the world had a misunderstanding; the miracle of a changed world will result from this misunderstanding one fine day, but the world cannot acknowledge it or does not think it possible, if it thinks of it ever. It's this long laugh or sigh of the world that allows us to act unnoticed.

We have started the phenomenal work — phenomenal because it is supposed to be unfeasible — to introduce the spirit of penitence (Rev of Arès 28/25) into the world. As the Creator is with us, the plan is feasible; it's an act of faith. Never better faith is to become reason.
We are preparing the land of the states, little do they know, to be swallowed up as in a fog, erasing theirs borders, dispersing their masses and getting them studded with countless small units in the image of the soul space. This will get done little by little, but is sure to get done, when man realizes from place to place that masses life makes him a slave.  He will understand that only small self-managed units of free (10/10) penitents away from multitudes can live in Good (xxxiii/11).
Only small units (xLv/19) can live in the Creator's image of Unity (Deuteronomy 6/4). Individual salvation has been provided through penitence a long time, but love, forgiveness and freedom can socially speaking be fertile and creative only within small units. Man can live under the Voice (vii/4-5) and undo the knot (xLii/13) of the law (xix/24) only within small units.
Then the world, irrelevant to the number of its people, will be a Garden (xvi/17) again.

Evil keeps on spreading, it is coming close to irreversibility. Man is free (10/10) to go back to animality and make no bones about it. But he is also free to revert to spirituality before he ends up in the sin of sins (38/2). This is why the Creator through The Revelation of Arès gathers clear and white (xvii/12) humans, penitents (27/7) together and send them out to harvest more penitents in order to change the world (28/7) from Evil into Good. Good is the Fire of spiritual Life, it is the only force able to conquer evil, which is gradually casting a shadow over mankind and freezing it (freezing darkness 16/15, 33/33).
Come 'n take the Fire! is synonymous with Come 'n take Good!!

Man's science has forsaken Wisdom, which is deprived of science (33/6), so it sees evil as normality today. This is the very worst point of History.
Evil is noxious in many respects and subjugates all that it affects, notably it groups the multitudes together and holds dominion over them, the masses. It puts them under the political rules of the powers, which have become stronger and stronger and have systematized the masses.

Now, The Revelation of Arès, which is the manifesto of Good, reminds us of the sacrosanct value of free individuality, the exact opposite of the masses. Around the nucleus, which the small remnant of penitents is, the masses are going to disband into small unit. The more developped the small remnant, the less slow the dissolution. Each man will be a person again, a child approved by the Father, one of free genius.
There is no masses penitence, no masses good therefore. Only a free man can restore the image and likeness of his Creator within himself (Genesis 1/26-27). It is in small social units that the sacrosanct ferments of happiness(36/23) will reappear, thousands of Gardens (35/2), the nations that are to set themselves free and go back to the Creator's Plan (28/21).

The persons that listen to our appeal for Good and the individual's way back to the personal power over himself or herself are not against us, but they think we are ultra-utopian daydreamers. They do not think so stupidly; they say the world is manipulated with an iron hand by a few inevitable cliques, religious and/or political permanent fixtures.
People had believed that they would set up democracy and happy society by bringing down monarchy. When democracy proved to be less overbearing than monarchy, but as nasty and  incompetent as it, they thought that they should bring down capitalism so that global happiness might come into existence. Nothing of the sort has happened. USSR, huge masses, collapsed, but the powers' hold over masses remains and looks more and more unsettling. Now people do not believe in anything.

In "Who will rule the world tomorrow?" Jacques Attali writes : "The world will be less and less controlled by empires  and more and more controlled by the market, " but The Revelation of Arès in substance says that the market is as unable as the empires to make men good and happy. "A worldly government will be essential... the whole of the world will be one state under one law," Attali adds, who thinks it an inescapable advisable necessity. Attali — a man I like and hold in high regard — really stuns me there, fails to see humanity the way it is. Hasn't Attali learned that the fig alone already has nine hundred species and that each fig species has its specific fly? Spinoza in getting God and Nature mixed up, except that Nature can't think or speak whereas God thinks and speaks, at least realized that God is the Source of infinite diversities. Attali fails to see that the very range, which is wide and extreme, of human beings' vocations and needs shows that men are creatures made to be free, who can't restore Good as long as they are not free. The prison of law has broken men's kindness and made most of them wicked already and may well make them even more dangerous, if the prison grew in internationality.

We are not sent out to awake sleeping Christianity, because social Christianity has never come into existence yet; there have been just a few Christian individuals here and there — the gander (xxxvi/3) —. We are sent out to found real social Christianity, that which The Sermon on the Mount advocates. We are aware that most of people are not ready to disrupt their usual points of view; they take for granted that the masses are going to increase and that the law which rules them will increase likewise. We never stop echoing the Father's Word, that says all the opposite; we patiently teach that the masses are going to disband and the law is going to disappear. We are to persuade men that they have been following the specter of false rationalism, which has been preying on their minds until now, just as they were preyed on by the specter of religion lately, but they are wrong.

Twenty-seven centuries ago, a short time in the world's history, Jeremy (4/7) stated to men that the Father warned how disastrous would be the conquest and compression of small nations or social units into big masses by the inventors of huge countries : A lion has come out of its lair, a destroyer of nations has set out... to make your land a disaster. The Father advocates all the opposite: the nations (small social units) shall come back to Me (28/21). The masses are to be broken and dispersed and man is to be given freedom back. A great deal of nations, small social units, will reappear in adopting a sole principle: self-management in love as they go along. Eden will not be restored by the law, but by Life. Has Eden ever been depicted as an abode all in one piece? Never. A thousand, ten thousand, hundred thousand Edens make no more than one Eden, because it's quality, but not quantity, that makes it.


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