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august 26, 2014 (0158US)
from the monkey bridge to the footbridge

It's no use condemning Israel for this and ISIS for that as long as we have not turned round the violent mens' beliefs against themselves, for they are also God's creatures, only blind sinners. Here's the real tragedy: Man's moral inadequacy and insanity. When I was a young man doing my military duty in the French Navy I was unconscious of the evil I might do. Nobody had shown me a different way and like most men of this sinful era I had no natural gift for goodness. Nowadays good and respect for life are principles to be taught."
My reply to a very dear brother’s Facebook entry on August 24, 2014.
ISIS Flag in Khurdistan

From 1974 until recently I read the Quran as if I crossed a spiritual monkey bridge. This monkey bridge, which I negociated laboredly, is now wobbling and cracking, so I stop.
Loaded down with the heavy Quran my soul cannot cross over anymore. Which is the Quran ? The one I open in front of me or the one read in the Islamic State, ISIS, by the Muslims who behead or slit the throats of the unfaithful? How can you pass, even by balancing perilously, from the exordial words In the Name of God the Merciful the Compationate, that every sura is topped with, or from verses like Muhammad 47/4 : If you encounter infidels, hit them in the neck and bring them down, then chain them up, but once the war is over set them free... to the cutthroats of the Islamic State, ISIS, now called Caliphate by its supporters? Where in the Quran does Caliph Abu-Bakr al Baghdadi hear God tell him to kill infidels? Doesn’t the Quran say, Never compel belief from anybody in religion (The Cow 2/256)?! The time has come to stop searching in the Scripture, so as to bear out murders, chains of cues among which a single link seems strong and the additional links are vague enough not to deny the former straight out.
As to me I can see the doubtful links well; they make my monkey bridge rot, so it cracks and collapses into the uncertainty waters. I can no longer cross from The Revelation of Arès or the Sermon on the Mount to the Quran. The Political Islam that I can now observe is no more heir to the Quran than Israel is heir to the Old Testament and the Church Christianity heir to the Sermon on the Mount!

Now I need a wide sturdy footbridge instead of a narrow shaky monkey bridge, so that I may cross to the other bank, from which for the time being I can hear the lip of the wicked one pour out his hatred and threats on Allah’s behalf, but on which I cannot see any more light, sat all (Rev of Arès vii/12).
The Revelation of Arès says that Muhammad was the wisest and the most highly valued (Rev of Arès 2/9) of the apostles, the voice facing the dawn (xiii/15), that is, the apostle sent out to a world which could become just and good at last. But where is that world?s
There is no such happy world ; we Jews, Christians, Muslims have to create it.
I have together with the Arès Pilgrims read the Quran as God’s Word for forty years.
We have also helped get the Westerners to know the Holy Book of Islam for forty years and curb the Christians’ prejudices against it, the metaphysicists or rationalists' views on it, but in the face of the murderous horrors committed on Islam’s behalf in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq and elsewhere, how can people feel about it? They think that this Holy Book is as bad as the Bible.
There are terms conflicting, or violent, or misread in the Quran as well as the Bible, because those books were published by unclean men, so they are unclean. Those books, that prophets had listened to, were published by believers with ill-unblocked ears and unrefined cultures, men tough and ill with prejudices who, as they couldn’t grasp the Word in its entirety, were unable to convey the Divine Suavity. The too much loving Father (Rev of Arès 12/7) merciful, compassionate (Quran, a preamble to every Sura) and wise has not prevented those men limited by mental inadequacy ever since Adam’s bad choice (2/1-5) from acting badly, because He has created man free (10/10) and cannot withdraw freedom from man unless He renounces His Cration, that is, renounces Himself in a way.

But God is good at awaiting (Rev of Arès 25/9, 28/12, 40/5).
Even in parts of the Scripture not much spoiled by man’s inadequacy you can see that the Wise one, who is out of time, is aware that sin has made man slow and inlaid him into time (Rev of Arès 12/6). God has adjusted his Word to mens’ time and done so in two registers : the register of His eternal Truth and the register of the immediate human truth.
Let’s realize too, that just as the Bible has books written by man (Rev of Arès 16/12, 35/12) in it the Quran probably has Hadiths (words and edicts by Muhammad) in it. which the transcribers of the Quran, particularly in Caliph Uthman’s days, were unable to tell from God’s Word.
Let’s remind too that God loves men, but that men understand Him only through their languages which are inadequate, imperfect, ambiguous..
Eventually let’s never forget that the Word has not been given man to be believed, but to be achieved (Rev of Arès 35/11). The Revelation of Arès reminds that faith is achievement of Good, but not blind submission to so-called laws. God is the Creator ; he is not a lawmaker. Unfortunately it is from this angle that religion has led most men astray.
Those difficulties and misinterpretations have numbed and mechanized large numbers of Quran believers, just as they had numbed and mechanized large numbers of Bible believers. They have made large numbers of other humans hostile and distraught. For instance, in Nice, Southern France, one of our converts has suddenly begun stating that Allah was another name of Satan. How could we refrain from both understanding and worrying about such moral drifts?

Under these circumstances what does The Revelation of Arès tell us to do?
It tells us to stop hallowing and dinning into the world abstrusities, which reason would reject if their dedicators were not industrious at laying them down and perpetuating them in the form of religions compulsory (Rev of Arès 36/10) and even antagonistic, because they are political under their piety masks.
It tells us to gain love (Rev of Arès 7/5, 25/7, 32/3, etc.), peace (13/6, 36/17, xxv/11, etc.), intelligence (32/5) and freedom (10/10), which make up the Good common to all men and their Father.
The Father asks men to remove the bandage from the mummia (Rev of Arès xLix/7) so that they may perceive His Marvels (33/8), which lie (28/6) beneath the Scripture, because Good is Sanctity, but the Scripture is not; it is just black and white, cerebrality, matter and especially easy excuse.
The ethereal, unchanging, inexpressible, non writable Marvel of the Creator’s Word, which is out of time, will gush forth from man’s lower transcripts. Then we will feel the Breath (Rev of Arès 4/10, 10/12, etc.) of happiness and hope, from which Life will reappear (24/5), the soul, the potential gateway to eternity.
This requires humbleness, which is the source of light, and love, which is the prime mover of achievement.

We Arès Pilgrims endeavor to read the Bible and Quran in the holy suavity of creative faith. The Creator, the Father of the Universe, who is aware that the test of time, spite and hypocrisy have long ruined his Revelations, sent to us an infallible interface in 1974-1977 : The Revelationn of Arès. It is the gate through which believers are going to leave the night and the dissensions between them to become brothers of the Dawn (Rev of Arès xxxv/7).
Now, thanks to The Revelation of Arès, well-informed Arès Pilgrims naturally read the Bible dodging man’s books; they see only the parts of the Word that would not thwart The Revelation of Arès if they were introduced into it.
But as for the Quran, which they can only read in translations here and there shaky from Arabic, a synthetic language, to European analytic languages, they have been lacking a clear bridge. Not only do they have only a monkey bridge, but it is wobbling and cracking under the horrors perpetrated on the Quran’s behalf. They have read the Quran forty years, but have never that obviously realized that they cannot pass from The Revelation of Arès to the Quran and vice versa as easily as they wish to.

Now, o Marvel, the Father is inspiring Muslim brothers, He has given them perceptiveness. They have understood that the Quran is still far from reaching its absolute Clarity, which is obvious within Islam itself. They are perfectly aware that a wide sturdy footbridge is needed to give the Westerners capability of passing from the words to the Core and the Muslims ability to go up to the Core of Cores (Rev of Arès xxxiv/6).
This footbridge is under construction currently.
Who is its architect? An Arabian brother, a Quranic scholar. He is taken in the beam of inspiration of the Master of the Worlds (Quran, Al Fatiha). With courage (Rev of Arès 14/3) and intelligence (32/5) he has set about explaining the Quran in the Light of The Revelation of Arès.
This significant major work has been on the go a few months. Is it nearing completion or far from it? We don’t know. I have read drafts of it finely-worked already, translated from Arabic into French. I feel overawed, but the Father has put me in charge of a mission, which my emotions can’t sway. I know that like any fundamental evolution the work of our Eastern brother will require a lot of sensitivity in order to captivate the masses of routine-minded Islam, which dislikes evolution, and among which we can see a great number of Muslims quite silent about the criminal action of ISIS. Our brother’s work as well as my thinking on it require prayer (Rev of Arès 39/2), caution (35/10), patience and advice (35/7) before we can decide on when and how we will be able to make the suddenly dazzling Quran spread over the huge Field of achieved faith.
The Father -- that’s for sure -- has through a brother from Islam given us something bound to replace the monkey bridge, the footbridge by which we will cross from the shadowy light to the Light and bridge the gap between the Evangelic Word and the Quranic Word.
I think it useful and fair to say a few words to my brothers and sisters about the matter right now.

---> Copyright Michel Potay 2014

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