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january 23d, 2014 (0152US)
the Word above traditions

Man's life is like angel's life, it does not
follow a tradition, but the Light


Some deniers ask me either in disgust or in grief, "Tradition, it’s nothing to do with you?"
I retort : "You mean : Has tradition anything to do with God? Don't forget that The Revelation of Arès is God's Word."
Their faces harden meaning, "You know well we don’t believe that you’ve met God."
I ignore them; I add: "God’s sublime Hand sweeps all traditions aside. Traditions are just narrowmindedness, retrogression, chauvinism of some people against others, expulsion of each other. What tradition is the right one? None of them is right."
Tradition? It’s failure to act, archaism and death. The Creator is the complete contrary of it; He by the day runs and makes a thousand new suns (Rev of Arès xxii/12), nothing is fixed in the universe. He is Life. Traditionalists have ensarcophagused and dried Him out in pictures and theologies, the mummia (mummy Rev of Arès xLix/7) and they blame those who go ahead for supposedly killing the world and its "values".
The tradition of the ancient Egyptian religion lasted about 4,000 years. That was a hell of a tradition! And yet nothing of the Maat, of Ra, Osiris, Horus, Isis is left. Is anyone complaining about it ever? Some day nothing of the god-christ, the vatican, church christianity will be left, but will anybody complain about it? The Revelation of says in substance, "Why wait? Take the initiative! Break with the tradition, whatever, straightaway! Just live!"

"Breaking with the tradition is losing vital points of reference; everything will die out and come to an end," say some people. Of course! Religion will come to an end , stagnation and death of the spirit will end. In ancient times tradition was the basis of local life. Nothing was stirring ever. The men that tried to make the world move ahead were called prophets, but they used to be threatened (Elijah) or killed (Jesus). Today a society in which nothing stirs ever is called "traditional society".

A lot of traditions which have vanished reappear under other terms. "The Republican tradition..." say politicians with quavering voices. Every traditionalist praises his or her tradition, proclaims it is perfect, puts other traditions into perspective, sees them as backward or harmful. Hence the necessity to substitute light and movement for tradition everywhere, says The Revelation of Arès.

Science, we are told, is development, it is the antithesis of tradition. That’s a mistake! Science is something developping but inside itself; it is a tradition in itself, like all traditions it has been blind and deaf to whatever it doesn't want to see or hear. I have seen and heard Jesus and then the Creator, but science tells me, "It’s untrue, untrue, untrue, You have either made it up or deluded yourself." Science has got ineradicable principles; it is definitely a tradition.

Besides there is no perpetual tradition. No tradition dates back to the world’s origins, to times alleged better than ours, even though traditionalists make people believe it to bring them comfort in the painful times of history.
Traditions give themselves make-believe genealogies, maintain that they stand up for the "identities" of the societies they claim they represent. But these identities have forever been varying; For instance Catholicity claims that is is 2,000 years old, but if you were able to enter a church and attend a mass in the 8th or 10th century, you would think that you’d be on another planet. An identity whatever is just appearance, just a span of time. There has never been any "golden age" of a tradition just as there has never been any "French race", which has only resulted from crossbreeds and crossbreeds through thousands of heterogeneous copulations, which are continuously carrying on because of the shifts in population and ceaseless comings and goings of migrants.

The Revelation of Arès does not require us to set up a tradition of absolute Truth supposed to be the only final tradition. It requires us to set up Good. There is no such thing as absolute Truth on earth, which is why the Word says, Truth is the world has to change (Rev of Arès 28/7) and It leaves men free (10/10) to live in communities, which each follow the way of life they want and we know that such communities cannot exist if they are not small people units.
The dividing of the big nations will lead to the vanishing of the big traditions. People say, "Each new era creates new men with it", but The Revelation of Arès means something different: Every man that's born is born new!

---> Copyright Michel Potay 2014

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