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november 9, 2013 (0150us)  
to politize our dismissal of politics?

  Day and night like this construction I can see from my window we work
  to change man so as to change the world. But our mission is not subliminal.
  We have to correlate it with the hard realities of the time. How?


At times in History man despairs. The Father intervenes then. So, knowing that the Jew was in despair under the yoke of Rome, He sent Jesus so as to tell him : "If you rise up in arms, you’ll be defeated. If you are servile, you will turn into a dog. Here’s how you can free yourself from the system: Make your own soul and so live beyond political contraints by creating another humanity, the race (Rev of Arès xii/5) of Good (xxxiii/11), that the Roman empire and any other power subsequently will not have any hold over. Then the Sermon on the Mount came (Matthew ch. 5 to 7).
But so far neither the Jew nor any people have listened to Jesus.
The Frenchman despairs today, but this time the Father came forty years before the despair, spoke through Jesus in 1974 and made Himself clear in 1977, because He knew the despair would have a much larger expanse. Not only does France begin despairing, but also Europe and perhaps the world are to despair. The political structure is becoming extremistic again. Man see democracy crack and he will see it collapse after he had seen tribal life and then monarchy collapse, because the architect of those citadels has continously been the same: the system, ever since Adam’s bad choice (Rev of Arès 2/1-5).
The over thousands of years old experience teaches that first of all up to a point of despair enthusiasm vanishes completely and indifference sets in; it’s it that we meet currently in streets. But then the refusal of inevitability arises. The refusal may end up in a revolution, whatever form it may take. Unfortunate times are dawning. But, albeit every revolution has claimed it was historically the last before earthly paradise, no one believes it might be so anymore now. A revolution nowadays runs the risk of making Orwells’s Big Brother appear and be crowned, because people have faith in an only master, when they lose their faith in themselves. Stalin or Hitler, they’re still hot news ; people do not yet want to see them rule again. So the public’s ears can still listen to another solution, but the solution the Fathers puts forward is a very long undertaking... in a very impatient world. This is our missionary dilemma.

We apostles of penitence, we once more the only solution ever since Jesus feel feeble in view of the storm that is darkening on the horizon. The Revelation of Arès is designed to conquer History, but this it not obvious in our missionary talk because we speak the truth, but outside time just as God does, while the event is inside time. It is right before the people we meet. We have to enhance our talk in order that they understand that changing one’s life, penitence (Rev of Arès 30/11) is not one more religion, of which nobody has any need, but the only solution to evil, out of which man has been unable to get out so far, who has ended up thinking that evil is an unavoidable reality of the world. But to be clear, we have to show the rope put up between the present and the very distant future, but it is the long rope of the tightrope walker, which people think impossible for them to pass along.
Demonstrating in a few words to impatient people the relativity of time so that they may undertake a dramatic change is very hard, so much so that I myself have thought it impossible. This is why our apostolic talk is welcome, but like a good dream ; only some rare ripe wheat ears can follow it. We have not politicized our mission, because politics is always a quest for power and we are according to The Revelation of Arès against all kinds of power for a world that will be changed and apolitical, but the man in the street confronts politics. I have been haunted by this reality. Will the potential souls, which the Father has sent out to harvest, let themselves awaken by my purely spiritual words?
For we shall not sink back into the "social mission"; we are spiritual and keep at it.

Changing one’s life is not an action by which one gains the grace of the eternal life just like the church thinks it gives the eternal life through its sacraments, or just as islam thinks it gives it through the practice of the Five Pillars, or just as judaism thinks it gives it through the simple fact that one is jewish and abide by Moses’ law.
Penitence is a highly creative act, which makes a man much more than his own savior ; it makes him the cocreator of a Creation still unfinished, the finisher of his own humanity, who strips off the sinner stark naked and cuts a new coat for him (Rév d’Arès 1/1), the coat of Good.
will make a world of souls so much more just and stronger than a world of brains, which are too much vulnerable to all that divides and rules them: culture, religion, ideology, politics... Politics!
The problem is that penitence is a personal action you have to start just now to get a changed world which will not appear until very distant years. Can the impatient man understand this long interval? It is admittedly a relative time and everything on earth is just a question of feeling, but what words can you use to change men’s feeling of immediacy, which they see as an unchanging reality, while it is just relativity? To this difficulty we have to add another, which is somewhat its opposite: The masses cannot believe our missionaries as long as they see them as a few angels staying out late on earth before they disappear along with God already considered as dead (Nietzsche "Die fröhliche Wissenschaft"). They should see these preachers of relativity as immediate architects of a still impalpable time. Finally talking politics is pinning up on our outside time faith a reality that is striding along towards us, which not happiness, but hardship.

Some will say to me, "The Father dismisses the princes of politics just as He dismisses the princes of religion, of finance, of science. How can we introduce, even if only a little, into our mission politics which the Creator dismisses? I do not know yet, but we ought to and we can find how, because we are no pure minds. We are also fleshy; we are in connection with the world, accordingly in connection with politics just as with religion, even though we are working to have one and the other disappear.
To think over this question, let’s see what’s the news on France: There is a sudden refusal of the fiscal policy related to general fear of industrial collapse; Brittany has gone mad at the ecotax, ecotax detector frames are dynamited, which is compared to the Berlin wall destruction. Could a general unrest arise in the whole country? Could the truckers and farmers in revolt against the taxes contaminate the heads of companies, craftmen, users of public tansport who will be subjected to the VAT increase in January? — "I won’t increase the VAT," Mr Hollande maintained during the election campaign, one more political lie —. The government, it seems, has no hold any more over the doldrums; they can only suppress recalcitrants. Now, suppressing without offsetting has always been the time when revolutions can crop up.

The Frenchman is waiting for a change. Instead of bringing about a revolution and its misfortunes we suggest changing his life in order to change the world (Rev of Arès 28/7, 30/10-11). But can a desperate man wait? And how to say to a desperate man, naturally impatient, and be understood by him, that the immediate salvation of his soul will lead mankind to a social salvation in the very long run?
We Arès Pilgrims experience the joy of the personal change, which is the necessary immediate molecule of the the mediate massive change: Eden recreated some day. But how to help the ripe wheat ear to remember that changing is a happy act, first of all the happiness brought by the audacity to say no with love, but not with abuses and weapons, and remind him that this is political in itself as it is? How to help the ripe wheat ear to remember that the strongest way of being rebellious is being rebellious with love and spiritual intelligence and that being absolutely free (Rev of Arès 10/10) above all consists in being so inwardly so that the absolute personal freedom may diffuse into absolute social freedom, which does not mean treating life rules with disdain, but means dissolving them into Life? How to help the ripe wheat ear to remember that our metaphysical force is stronger than physical force and that virtue in a way is politics more powerful than the princes’ politics, because it opens the gates to a sublime universe? How... apart from telling him purely and simply?
I call on every one of you to think over those points, hard to make seep through our spiritual mission without misrepresenting it. I am expecting letters from missionaries and possibly their comments.

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