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october 10, 2013  (0149US) 
ideology-free faith

The Revelation of Arès is no ideology.
It changes man from Evil into Good.
Enthousiasme de Paul Klee

During the past two weeks, I visited three missions in Paris,Tours and Lorient. I am planning to visit those in Lille, Lyon and Marseille. If I can resolve a few health problems, I will resume my mission in Nice, which I broke off in June. I am 84 years old, not as strong as I was, but I will remain the Father’s Witness until I breathe my last.
In the late 90’s the missions forgot that it had been thanks to me that they had known The Revelation of Arès, as I had been the first only apostle at the end of the supernatural event that had upset my life en 1974. For just about twenty years the missions did not call for my advice (Rev of Arès 16/2) or teaching (39/1). As I am nobody’s leader (16/1) and the assemblies have sovereignty over themselves (8/1), I would have infringed the Word whenever I would intervene decisively. Then the unfortunate "social mission" appeared; it desperitualized our missionary expression and gave a false picture of us. At the 2005 Pilgrimage I made a strong verbal request for a mission totally respiritualized, but it was not until 2010 that some missions were in trouble or disappeared and I began being listened to. So I helped the mission in Nice and then the mission in Paris to get back the Breath and the Life, reminding them of all that gives the Arès Pilgrims a dynamics unique, absolutely specific.

It turns out that all the missions I try to help have got entangled in the same net. The net of ideology. They drag themselves out of it with difficulty; they realize that what they do not represent an ideology, but the complete opposite of it: the lack of ideology, the end of ideology.
The political Left, the political Right, Judaism, Church Christianity, Jehovah’s Organisation (Jehovah’s Witnesses), in short, all of the movements political, religious, philosophical profess ideologies, doctrines. We Arès Pilgrims spread only Good, that leads to Life (Rev of Arès 24/5).
This major fine distinction is to change the world (Rev of Arès 28/7), but this is also something very hard to make enter people’s minds.

The Revelation of Arès you find the verses 25/5-6, which I have inserted in my piety (35/6), and which I recite four times a day. They say quite specifically that the miscellaneous ways in which believers claim their faith and pray or claim their unbelief are unimportant, because the Father knows the names of all the men that harbor hidden Good deep down. All of them we irrespective of their races and religions have to love by now (25/7), that is, before they change their lives (30/11) into good.

Well, that’s it then: to change into Good! Not what you believe in, but what you do saves you. What you do to love all men, forgive all offenses, make peace with all, use spiritual intelligence so you offset intellectual intelligence, make yourself free from all prejudices and fears. In short, be a penitent to create your soul (Rev of Arès V.17), save yourself and help change the world.

We all had been different before we became Arès Pilgrims, which took time, for giving up one’s former ideas and subscribing to new ideas may be relatively quick, but changing one’s life into good, that is, changing one’s behavior is slow..
An ideology whatever potentially contains a condemnation, an anathema, a threat, a reprimand towards the men that do not abide by it. The Aresian faith does not follow this pattern, at all. It says, "Here’s the path that leads any individual to salvation and the world to happiness, but we have respect for everybody’s freedom and we never condemn anybody, for whoever can know who is saved and who is unsaved? (Rev of Arès 11/3)
"Then," say the persons we meet, "there’s no use being an Arès Pilgrim, as I can stay Catholic, Atheistic, Muslim, Buddhistic, etc., and be
saved as long as I practice love, forgiveness, peace, spiritual intelligence and I remain free from all prejudices?" We reply: "If you turn into that active man of Good, a penitent, you’re going to leave the planet of ideas imperceptibly and begin trading on the planet of Life (Rev of Arès 24/5), you will feel another world under your feet, Sooner or later you will understand why God recruits a small remnant of apostles, harvesters of prnitents, to appeal the world for active Good. The Arès Pilgrims are these apostles. The most beautiful ideal on earth. God will sing with joy when you join their ranks!"

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