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August 23, 2013  (0148US) 
Loves, the redeeming ones and the others

The issue is tremendous. Just the same, I shall try not to mutilate the essential points.
Lately on the tv screen I watched "The Ten Commandments" by Robert Dornhell. This new filming of the Biblical text is more interesting than the famous "The Ten Commandments" by Cecil B. DeMille (1956) which was bombastic, too Hollywood-style. In particular, Dornhell’s film has made me see more clearly than ever what utterly fails in the story of Moses and the Exodus: love.
Apart from the emotional love, thought up by the scriptwriter, of the Egyptian princess and her son of royal blood for adoptive little Moses, nothing shows any sign of love in the Exodus. Not only did those backward crude slaves lack a clear notion of freedom, but they did not perceive God’s Love, were no loving people themselves; they were unable to live up to and then tell the Exodus from that point of view. This is why the Exodus ended up stuck for a very long time into the rut of synagogues, churches, mosques, so God in 1974 and 1977 should come back to appeal men for penitence, which is not remorse and selfpunishment, but creation, transcendence, love!

cœur sur plageLet love, redeeming love,
pervade the world some day
at last!

It’s up to us Arès Pilgrims to achieve the freeing, the Exodus, through what it should have unfolded: through Love from On High matching love here below. Moses’ Exodus failed.
It was through a desert just the roaming of moaners, who sometimes were even heathen and violent,
but never loving. Hence the bloody conquest of Canaan and then the whole politico-religious History for three thousand years until now..
In a book the title of which has slipped my mind Milan Kundera recalled opponents of Communism meeting on the sly in Czechoslovakia, but he admitted that those days of heartwarming complicity had just one mainspring: misfortune; they actually concealed essential disagreements philosophical or ethical; nothing between those anticommunists was based on love ever.
When would The Revelation of Arès burst open the lid of the pot where all that brings men into conflict has boiled for millennia, our foulsmelling hotchpotch of wicked individualistic humans whose pride, selfishness, jealousy and stupidity have forever clashed with each other?

I have taught that there are three redeeming loves: Evangelical love — unquestioning love of the neighbor —, romantic love — great generating fusion, beginnings of Eden —, parental love which prepares the generations that will change the world (Rev of Arès 28/7). It is particularly in the nuptials (Rev of Arès 33/21+) that we magnify the high, creative, spiritual, human values of these three loves.
Oh Jesus himself was moderately optimistic about love: I have not come to bring concord, but the sword (or the struggle). I have come to turn a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law; a man’s enemies will be the members of his own household (Matthew 10/34). Did he have doubts as to love? He didn’t, but he knew that love had been lost very long, so it woul be very hard to regain. He was aware that frames of mind deceptively called loves had become widespread and would be used as pretextes to those who would put Jesus forward only to give their sins a halo of uprightness. As we do not live in those far-off days, we do not know what such loves were then, but there are other modernized deceptive loves nowadays:
Modern life is filled with deceptive loves: shortlived urges, moralisms and spiritualisms that cannot lift humans up to the Saint’s Heights. The deceptive loves have led men to a lot of failures among which we can mention the spate of divorces which taint and complicate modern society, love for country which has fathered a sea of victims and ruins, and the love for humanity called humanitarian aid, that is but the well-calibrated well-localized help, from which the officials religious, political, right-thinking and the trumpeting associations derive moral benefice and simultaneously make out other unobtrusive charities to be fishy sectarian self-interested motives.

What is the difference between the three redeeming loves and the other loves? The other loves cannot lead anybody to Life (Rev of Arès 24/5), cannot give cause for that which is the fundamental requirement of real love, that is, the final dispelling of selfishnes, the capability of full communion wither others, the global restoration of all interpersonal links, the sharing of the universal frailty of humanity.
Note that it is usual to wonder at and never be critical of some of the other loves. For instance, mytical love which develops indifference towards all that is not its purpose: God; mystical love is often absolute selfishness. For instance again, some motherly loves however high may be the regard for them, because they are actually powerfully fixed on their own offspring with the exclusion of all other children. Love of country generates hatred for enemies and some humanitarian loves make nothing but an arbitrary selection of the assited ones and the non-assisted ones — With regard to this I have never understood why helping people at the other end of the planet costs fortunes and we do nothing to improve the lot of prisoners in our own prisons some of them are squalid pigsties —. Immoderation whatever between the loving and the loved, all that cripples the loving with ulterior motives, miscalculations and ideologies destoys people’s trust in love.

Sexual love can receive a special award. To us Arès Pilgrims sex is the munificience exceptionnally intense that The Revelation of Arès calls the joys reserved for spouses (Rev of Arès 2/3, 9/7), but that turns into a very harmful act in adultery, which God rejects vehemently (9/6,12/8, 26/11, etc.). Adultery shatters the existential basis of fundamental happiness (Rev of Arès 36/23, xxvi/12) which requires respect of commitments and effort to overcome weaknesses. Spouses have to see to keep sexual bliss in faithfulness as a condition of Life, because real sexuality gives up animality and gets carried away as an act of re-creation.
Love is only love when it vindicates, justifies and saves the human being a the image and likeness of the Father.
Love is sacrifice of selfishness, selfishness as the cornerstone of the citadel by which Adam’s race has been able to resist the Creator so far.
Note that the selfish one is not the man or woman who likes himelf or herself, attaches high importance and special dignity to himself or herself, for the Word does not forbid anybody to think that he or she has qualities and capabilities. What can a man give in exchange for his life (or soul) ? (Matthiew 16/26) said Jesus to let people understand that they have to remain conscious of their own lives’ merits and never lose trust in themselves. The selfish one is the person that refuses help, prejudiceless thinking, forgiveness, contribution, to others. The worst selfish person is the one that does so under cover of ethics and social principles. Today private life mimics political selfishness which has become mind-boggling.
Quite differently, the man of love will transfer the center of his life out of the limits of the individualism which modern life sees as a conquest of freedom, but which is not. To be free (Rev of Arès 10/10) absolutely is to be able to live at the same time for oneself and for the others, love one’s family and the world without borders, without the barrier of nationalities, without any law but the law of conscience to tell good from evil.

The first draft of this entry was three times as long as this. I had to shorten it. The left-over material of the text may at some places give the impression of being short of love for the other loves... of me lacking for love full stop. I remind that evangelical love consists in loving all, even the enemy (Matthew 5/44), but not accepting all. How to harmonize all, however? For the time being are you flabbergasted? Please don’t be so! The problem is very hard and we Arès Pilgrims have to solve it, but we will solve it.

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