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july 8, 2013 (2)  (0146US) 
some murderous Buddhists!

Monk Wirathu, the "Buddhist Bin Laden"
goes preaching from village to village in Burma ("Time" photo)


"As long as there are men" (French title of "From here to eternity"), this movie well famed when I was 20 was an indictment of brutality and ethical dilapidation in mankind.
But as long as there are men, will we see only untruth, injustice, violence, until the last human disappears from earth?
No, the Arès Pilgrims declare. The Revelation of Arès has been given, because Eden can be restored, if a sufficient small remnant of penitents gives renewed Light (Rev of Arès 12/4) and Peace (Rev of Arès xxv/11) to the dark, deceitful, violent world.
Even if I know the world’s sin, I can’t help but shout with pain:
In Burma Bouddhists slaughter Muslims.

Elijah cut the Baal priests’ throats. Muhammad used to wage war. Even kind Jesus drove out the dealers of the temple. But has any violence ever been reported about Bhudda? No, Buddhists have had an utterly peaceful prophet. How can those who claim to follow him kill Muslims, vandalize mosques, and what’s more spiritually led by a 46-year-old monk, Wirathu?
No doubt Burmese Muslims are not lambs, but what sort of threat may 4% of Muslims be in a 70% Buddhistic 54-million population?
As long as Burma was ruled by a military dictatorship, there was no barbaric acts between Buddhists and Muslims, but now politic freedom is back and Buddhists attack Muslims.
Not only do I sadly murmur that this says a lot about the meaning sinners give to the word freedom, but I whisper to the Maker, "Burma is not in my mission area (Rev of Arès 5/5-7), but please do not put off calling a prophet over there for too long!"
Fortunately, all of Burmese Buddhists are not murderous. One of them, monk Watcharapong Suttha, who was severely wounded by an Islamic bomb burst while he was begging and who is still convalescing, says, "Islam is not violent. It is also a peaceful religion. Let’s be wary of blaming! If we blame Muslims, they’re going to blame us, so there will be a
neverending revenge" (Rev of Arès 27/9).
For the pilgrimage days I will usually ponder over the sins and sufferings of my Christian, Jewish, Muslim brothers all over my mission area, but I fondly think of the sins and sufferings of my human fellows on the Rangoon side as well.
O Arès Pilgrims, a gigantic task is in store for you.

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