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23 may, 2013  (144US) 
making the unsacred sacred

Jesus on Easter

The world is worn-out. This is a cause of extensive difficulties in the mission.
We have been trying hard to have a sacred Call, that asks for a brave commitment, listened to by men disappointed, unsacred, who have not committed themselves to anything unrelated to their private lives for ages.
Not that they do not wonder about fundamental questions, but these questions are never converted into action. They refuse to push their hopes to the front, to set them out in the public arena, to change their lives (Rev of Arès 30/11).

I have constantly puzzled my head about all those men who have worried more and more about their future, their children and grand-children's future, but are still practicing the art of sidestepping.
The Westerner hides from his opponents: Christian religion though it is dying, politics which is incapable, law which hampers life much more than it helps it along; he would rather submit to them; he is afraid to break away from them overtly, buries himself in unspoken resentments and in inertia.

What sort of security does man hope for in his faintheartedness? The security completely wrecked in 1914-1918 and 1939-1945, and then wrecked again more slowly, but still more deeply in the economic warfare today? The man today is born of generations that lived through ten times as many disasters and hardships as their forefathers had ever lived though in a century. I personally was born in 1929, but I realize that my childhood world has completely vanished and left no mark. What's more, I seem to live through my last years like a criminal in front of men who regard me as a dangerous ideologist, while I am just an initiator of saved free souls just as all of the messengers of the Father have been.
The situation far from making me hopeless makes me eager for the great turnaround that The Revelation of Arès has told me it is feasible ever since 1974. Today I understand better then ever what the Father means by: The Truth is, the world has to change (Rev of Arès 28/7). By why has it been understood by very few people so far?

I am even less desperate for my far-off youth now that I feel young. I need this strength greatly, by the way. It is very hard to make undecided, skeptical, despiritualized men decide to set themselves free through spirituality. The Arès Pilgrims have taken up the challenge to change the world where nothing is steady anymore, and where all is ambiguous and undetermined, a world going downhill to the sin of sins (Rev of Arès 38/2). Very few people listen to us, too true! but we are going forward stubbornly in search of absolute freedom, which penitence will give us. This we have perfectly understood and men and women of the outside world will understand slowly, but certainly.

We want a planet without passeports (Rev of Arès 22/11), or any rat law (xix/24), or any tribunal (16/13, 21/7) other than our consciences (God or Good within us). We want love, forgiveness, intelligence lightness against politics which makes life, communication, management and "justice" more and more complicated and burdensome. The governmental or administrative feet put on iron clodhoppers to make man's neck bown down, force him to the destiny that they want for him. Man pipes down, his resistance to the tamed animal's destiny they make for him is almost nil; which goes beyond any rational explanation. The reasons for their non-existent resistance, which people in the street give, when they happen to give some, are unclear. They all seem submitted and yet when they are asked, "Are you submitted by civic-mindedness? " they do not answer "Yes". They shake their heads doubtfully. You can guess that they are repressed rebels, hangdogs which can't bite.
They can't bite, which is good because biting has turned useless. History has shown it.  But what if humans psychologically worn-out are given a different way of gaining happiness? They might have become cowards only because they have become convinced of the permanent triumph of political materialistic rationalism everywhere, whereas it on the contrary is having its back to the wall where it is bound to fall through, being unable to have mankind getting over it because it has exhausted it by depriving it from all ideals. But there is an ideal left, which we call on men to take up so that they may draw from it a new strength to set themselves free, it is the ideal of  The Revelation of Arès.
This is why the darker the politic economic prospects, the braver and more hopeful we have to be.

The world still has good colors, hidden but alive. In the world each man thinks he has to take side with or against the left, the right or the center — "Vote!" the political propaganda shouts, even though what you would rather vote for has never existed or has disappeared —. More and more people realize that this citizenship pivilege chains them up and that invisible strainers tighten the chains. The virtuosi of cynical irony and of diffraction are at work, let us believe that the smaller our space of freedom the nearer we are coming to the infinite and the light. Which explains why there are more and more abstainer. The inanity of the speeches has never been that obvious. Our mission for the Truth has never been that necessary to give men a sense of reality.
Penitence can give each man freedom.
So we have to preach
penitence relentlessly.
Let's explain again and again what the Father means by penitence, the key to resacralization and liberation.

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