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24 april, 2013 (0143US)  

  Central banks douse the political financial system with liquid assets
  to keep it afloat. As there is no world war any more, arms dealers
  now sell money. This could be a step in the right direction.


From December, 2012, to April, 2013 I was surprised three times strongly and bitterly. The surprise told me that I had come into the telescopic field of vision of underground aeons, who had begun regarding me as their enemy.
How could a solitary old man of God pose a threat to those secret forces. They now see him as if he had been changed from a minute worm (Rev of Arès 2/10) into an open country snake (28/13) which tells all of men the idea plain but powerful that they can set themselves free through penitence.
This is true, but you mysterious aeons please think! Penitence is not a sthreat  pénitence; it is a path to salvation which is open to you too.
I know who you underground aeons are. You act careful about being unheard by the masse; your voices, I don't know how, get up to your black dogs on the surface, but the Father said that they are unable to eat my heart in which His Marrow flows (Rev of Arès xLiii/10-12). Therefore, I feel tranquil, albeit I keep watchful and not too clumsy with Aghel's help (xxxi/13).
You are the illuminati!

You are trying to overpower me, not by scorn any longer — the Arès Pilgrims can't be accused of being a cult any longer, as their spiritual life is free (Rev of Arès 10/10), they have no leader, no dogmas, no religious organization — but by other means which are, say, administrative, which I don't want to mention, because they are aimed at me personally.
You invisible dragons of the subsoils just be aware that I do not deserve your blows. I am not interested in setting the prices of things and being dominant; I am just a prophet of Good That is longsuffering (Rev of Arès 28/21-24) and the gap between you and I may be not as wide as you think.
I do not believe the global "conspiracy theory", because I think that there are rivalries among illuminati just as there are some everywhere on earth, but I believe the theory of conspiracies.  Each illuminati group is stronger than the governments which think they rule its era. It urges them with money like donkeys with carrots.
The illuminati are enemies of God no more or no less than all of men are. Mammon (Luke 16/9-11) or associated thirst of power and greed is everywhere right at the bottom or right at the top. The Illuminati are children of the Father (Rev of Arès 13/5) just as the multitude with hollow eyes are; they are my neigbor, so that they are wrong to consider me as their enemy.
I pursue my line of thought further. I think that the illuminati, like the Arès Pilgrims, want to be free (10/10), but that they will set themselves free from the powers — politics, religion, law, the white king and the black king — by endowinng them with money and so ruin them through debts, while we will free ourselves through penitence. The illuminati, another struggle for freedom. Wealth and poverty are a focus for materialists. They spend fortunes to break down both of them, but are unsuccessful. Reality is a different matter for spiritual people: The illumnati's wealth and our poverty may be two paths that converge on the same Heights.
But what whatever does the tempter offer… that I (God) have not yet given (Rev of Arès 26/8-10).

Politics and governments would be nothing if they were short of the money from this obscure force, the hard core of the aeons that are looking for absolute freedom, but that cannot gain it if they fail to add spiritual strength to their material strength by becoming men of Good.
Some of them can do so,.
You illuminati don't strike me any more! I am opposed to nobody. I am free from all prjudices.
O illuminati you are strong and I am nothing today, but the Word achieved is going to change the world (Rev of Arès 28/7). Please line up with me.    (Indian Wisdom) :

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