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march 28, 2013  (0142us)
the ideal's apostle  

  Luke: "I can't believe it."
  Ioda: "This is why you've failed."  


The man or woman in the doorway, whose head and heart hold The Revelation of Arès, and who besides may be a penitent in his life and who has a soul therefore, but who hesitates to take the plunge, I tell,
"Be an apostle! Make Good happen; you've got the power to do so!"

Penitence builds your soul, the vessel (Rev of Arès 17/5) of Life, but do not leave it drifting on the Sea; give it a sail. A penitent who does not harvest is a vessel without a sail. The soul which does not sail about cannot generate other souls; it gets inlaid with the shellfish and seaweeds of fear and ends up a raft.

Give up everything! Give up fear and uncertainties; leave your affairs, your housework, your dishes, your odd-jobs, the letter you are writing, the book you are reading, your worries. Leave your day-to-day existence! Just be off for an hour, two hours, often, very often, and go n' encounter people in the street; explain to them — in a way that becomes you — that they are not just made of bone and flesh driven by politics, religion and their law like dogs on a leash.

Tell each human you meet up that he or she is the image and likeness of a sublime Ideal, Whose child he or she is The fatherless child, because he or she has killed the Father Ideal in his or her heart. The Father Ideal however has left him or her the power to (re)create himself or herself, but whether he or she does it or not is another matter. Neither religion nor politics will do it for him or her. Tell him: "Loosen up! You have to be absolutely free to find the Ideal—the Father, the Eternal, the Maker, Life, Happiness, Love, call It what you want!" 

Tell humans, "There's nothing shameful about a heart hungry for that Ideal of Sanctity, Might and Light (Rev of Arès 12/4). You will regain Them by changing your own life (30/11). Be a penitent, that is, love, forgive, make peace, vitalize your heart's intelligence, set yourself free from all prejudices and harvest other penitents! So not only will you find your salvation, but you will help to change the world (28/7)."

Do you regard yourself as a clumsy oaf? We all are. You do not know how to love the world and speak to it with affection. But there is no compulsary exercise to love and "no matter how clumsily I hug provided I can kiss!" said young Albert Camus, who thought he was an unbeliever, but was unknowingly going to appeal for penitence until he died.
Humans cling on to the only ideology they have left : the State, the law, science, and religion for a few, because they have lost the Hand and Voice of the Ideal Sanctified, Mighty and dressed with Light, they have let Them go and all they can do now is bark and meow along with religion, politics, the law. They do not have had anything else left, they think. They are wrong. They have the Ideal back to speak to them in Arès on the French shore of the Atlantic.

Arès is a place miles from anywhere and the witness there is reviled and unkown. But this actually authenticates the Ideal. Why would He come down back to those who have forsaken Him, made themselves magnificient and granted themseles the power to destroy, because they are unable to build? Even those who mention God do nothing but dress with flashy golden rags the dominations which, people imagine, settle the world's destiny from the Élysée, the White House, the Reichstag, the Kremlin, the Vatican, Mekka, etc., while the world's destiny is just settled by the work of men and of their hearts pounding in their chests, and will be just settled by the souls born to Good tomorrow.

To those who retort to me, "But the State and the media ignore you," I reply, "True, indeed, but do they say anything about you?" "Nothing" "This is some confirmation that we are dead right in ignoring them. We are the masters of the future. To be ignored by the powers is the best condition to beat them. The media are different. They'll get used to living with us some day."
Oh! we know that the streets are filled with rational people and groundhogs anesthetized by the rational people, the crowd uninterested in the Ideal, all those who consider faith as just dreamy or laughable, and who are too busy finding faults in everything and everybody to see wihin themselves the image and likeness of the Ideal they are born of. All the more reason for speaking to them without failing (Rev of Arès 26/15). Don't you regret failing to be an apostle?

A propagandist peddles an idea and calls on people to follow it. You are not a propagandist. You do not prompt people to follow anything, but to create themselves. Sprout what has been sowed (Rév of Arès 5/1) within humans by the Ideal Creator! This is a noble fruitful job. Remind humans that the Creation is hid within them and comes out as a soul,a ha again, if they live according to Good, and that the ha is a constituent of the polone, the world's soul (Rev of Arès xxxix/5-13), which can reform then. An idea makes a people a pack. Do the opposite by awakening the ha through penitence! Set each human free from the pack. So the human regains his or her self, the self becomes Life, Happiness, Eternity (Rev of Arès 24/8, 36/23). We gather together in an assembly, but not to make up a crowd religious or political. We do so to help one another to find Life (24/5), which is not imposed on everybody under a dogma, an ideology, a law. Each human is a God asleep whom the apostle awakes.

Just be an apostle!

copyright 2013
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