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8 march, 2013 (0141US)  
disparity of exposition

Some day our microbic hearts will conquer   
the enormous amoebas of the system   

Equilbre-BalanceWhile I was in Paris doing  missionary work with a group of youth, I from my Kindle by night read a small book by Daniel Cohn-Bendit: "Should we Eradicate Political Parties?!" Cohn Bendit is a libertarian, so he does not come under any party. Would he be in line with my entry 135 "The political cancer"? At least he has succeeded in a career which few men carry out successfully: Being be a Member of Parliament in a system where all parties and lobbies engross all the means of communication. He has only found an unknown publisher of Montpellier (France), "Indigène", for his "Should we Eradicate Political Parties?!" But he has found a publisher! I personally had found no publisher, at all, among 47 of those with whom I had come into contact to publish The Revelation of Arès.

The media are utterly uninterested in our mission.
The disparity in exposition is titanic.

Cohn-Bendit shares ecological ideas. So his thinking, which he claims is free, sees only a narrowed down part of human horizons. This tells the difference between his political concept of freedom and the absolute concept of freedom in The Revelation of Arès (10/10). I consider the word ecological as woolly and even corrupted like the word christian. The ecological produce of my penitence, considering what I mean by ecology, is my soul regarded as the image and likeness of God within me. God… This just goes to show that the human horizons I can see are so much large and complete (Rev of Arès 17/7) that they are not nameable.
In them I first can see our fantastic spiritual potential, the soul. The soul has been born out of a very small number, but is still fœtal in the vast masses. The soul however is the only trigger of upper human potentialities intellectual (mind) and physiological (flesh) as well as spiritual (soul), which raise good, love, happiness so much higher than the ecological social law, but no one gives my soul the media to proclaim this to the world, even in a penny-pinching way.

Before I read Cohn-Bendit's small book I had already intented to go about inequalitty in exposition in my blog and remind the world that there is much less inequality between the rich and the poor than between those who have all means of being heard and those who are silenced.
I do not judge men, I judge the system, the big badly made grinder, that has made men what they have turned into.
The system, whether capitalist, socialist or ecologic, through numberless speeches, books, articles and theses weighs economy according to the GDP, but the GDP is just interested in the priced market and ignores humans. The GDP never works out the inequality in chances of being successful or the inequality in chances of entering into dialog with society. Now, there is no economy without offer or demand, without dialogs therefore. The only ecological difference between a windmill offered to change energy generation and penitence offered to change life (Rev of Arès 30/11) is that the former is very costly and the latter is altogether free, but both of them are generators, of energy by one, of good by the other one.
What's more, penitence when it spreads will result in economical effects far beyond all that economy professors teach. It doesn't matter to us what Mr Hollande and Mr Ayrault's "socialism of supply" or "competitive deflation" (strange clichés), of which 9,998 Frenchmen out of 10,000 do not have the slightest idea? They are leading us to more taxes and more poverty, while we Arès Pilgrims have something else to put forward, somethings else, which doesn't cost a penny, something more clever than the stupid system which has been stifling us so far and they forbid us to use the wonderful means of spreading ideas: Publishing, radio, television, etc. so that we cannot suggest it to the world. We have nothing but the street to convey our message, if that! When the police do not drive us off! Is this equality?
The "Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité" (Freedom, Equality, Fraternity) on the French townhall facades are just wishful thinking. When just a tiny part of a population is in control of media, think tanks, reseach funds (None of CNRS researchers has rung my doorbell ever for 39 years), etc., we live in full inequality. Even the equality of our election system is a fake: Just look at the pie chart of the proportional distribution of votes and abstentions in the 2012 president election in my answer 130C83 and you can see that our current government is based on no more than a quarter of the French electorate.

Our role is first of all to change life (Rev of Arès 30/11) through penitence and then, when there are enough penitents, change the world (28/7), that is, change the system to start with and get rid of it subsequently in order to live in a quite different society. This was the Gospel's plan in Jesus' days and it is still our plan today.
But Jesus was not a politician. Cohn-Bendit, even though he declares himself to be free, has entered politics. Can we avoid entering it? If we can't avoid entering politics, to what extent and how can we do so without going back on our faith? It's impossible without "decolonizing our imagination", as Paul Ariès says, because our Arès Pilgrims thinking is colonizined by the current political manners, which do not fit in our faith. We have to devise a new way of entering politics to alter the balance in power which currently promotes the mighty and the media, so that we may enter into free negociations with the world.
The system suppresses any public exposition of love of the neighbor, all that can bring new empathy between man and his spiritual sources. On Sunday, the system grants a television morning to the great religions, if that! Only if they are respectful towards the system. How can we show the Right Path to mankind, if not in the street? I never stop thinking of the problem of inequality or disparity, because we honest and qualified people have been reduced to a sort of spiritual begging so far.
But we will conquer the inequality of exposition to expose the Word that will save mankind in a voice that will beat the earth (Rév of Arès xLv/14).

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