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december 28, 2012 (0138us)  
happy new year, celine!

Celine cleans the turnet in May, 2010

(a snap by Sister Christiane during the 
spring cleaning of Arès's Holy Place)


Sister Celine, you have just entered the pantheon already large where all the brothers and sisters gone there ahead of us are now.
It is in the middle of them that I say my night prayer. I knee down and call them:, “Come n’ stand around me! Come, Alphonsine, Eugénie, the Pierres, the Claudes, Michel, the Bernards, etc. ! (a flood of names). Let’s pray together!"
This I told into the microphone yesterday 27 December in Montussan crematory to all of those present to say their farewells to you Céline, while I reversely told you hello, because I will say a lot of hellos to you from now on. I saw the eyes of the incredulous, a lot of them, stare at me as if I was some retarded man, then.
I had not fixed any speech.
Back from a mission trip four hours before I was only just able to say what I lived through and thought of.
I did not speak like a religious person or like a very proper necrologist of the 21th century, but like an Arès Pilgrim, like someone most of the audience was quite new to.
Céline, your family and relations, your friends and your colleagues understood that I believed neither in the paradise nor in the hell, but that the world of the living and the dead is all one to me, because we all are in a state of transition, either living people going to die or dead people waiting for life to get back on the Day when Good is triumphant, and because what splits us is thin, just a plain veil of invisibility between the flesh and the infinite expanses of the universe.

Beloved and highly regarded Céline, on a one hand I understand your husband’ sorrow, because I easily imagine my own sorrow if I lost my wife Christiane. On the other hand I cannot do mortification (Rev of Arès 33/32-34) for you especially, because I have done mortification by now, constantly, for all of my late brothers and sisters.
As I am forced to work till my dying breath, as a missionnary, letter-writer, blogger, manager and so on, I cannot eat less than I eat, sleep less than I sleep, in short, act more unaffected and more mortifying than I do. So my personal mortification is my night prayer, which I from now on am going to say with you, Celine, on top of Catherine, Maximin, Sylvie, Reine, Raoul, Maurice, Armand, Caroline, etc. (a flood of names).
But among the deceased, whom I can’t mention all, because they have been too many of them since 1974, you are going to play a large part in my mind. Your penitence, your mission, your devotion to achieving The Revelation of Arès were more appreciable to me, because you were closer to me, so that in my eyes limited, partial, unfair, which can’t see all of those who are as good as you or better than you, you were more remarkable, a pet…  You were at work to restore Life (Rev of Arès 24/5), just as every Arès Pilgrim does, and you are carrying on the task of restoring Life, because Life is a concern for you where you are now as much as It is for us here below
So, Happy New Year, Céline, in your new dwelling!
Let’s work together !
Let the Father of the universe give you a bit of his Power and Light (Rev of Arès 12/4) to help us in the task which we are achieving with many difficulties amid the darkness of the world, which, had we observed it well, we could see looking like a tomb because of sin. We Celine and we humans are really not far from each other.

copyright 2012
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