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december 1st, 2012 (0137us)

God mourns prophet Jesus murdered.
But God can't be shown.
He can only show his Sadness (13/5) by mixing
his unseen Tear (xxviii/17) and Mary's visible tears.


“May I pray to Mary? ” some ask me ?
I reply, “Yes, you may. The Revelation of Arès says so.”
“Therefore, Mary exists and can answer a prayer?”
I reply, “No, she doen’t exist. ”
Some inquirers glance at me, as if I were mentally disturbed.
Then, I explain: When I was given The Revelation of Arès I was a cleric of the orthodox church, which is Marian like the catholic church. My Marian culture, which the daily meeting of my eyes with the word Mary in The Revelation of Arès (9/6, 11/2, 12/12, 30/5, 32/2, 37/6) used to fossilize in my very poor thoughts took years to vanish. My mind kept God masculine and it was all because I had believed before 1974 that God incarnate was male Jesus ; God as a male, therefore split off from Mary, a female. What’s more, the name of a prophet’s mother, to me then the Word’s mother (Rev of Arès 11/2), which the Wise one aware of my cultural detention and the time needed to free myself from it, used to name His fondness and pity size.
Since time immemorial, because of the huge weaknesses (Rev of Arès 36/5) into which Adam (2/1-5) had thrown mankind, the Creator had told His Father side by naming Himself God, Yahweh or Allah, Brahma, etc., from His Mother side by naming Himself Mary or otherwise, so He used to present Earth’s children (33/9) with a reality they could only find unintelligible:
God is not sexed!
It took me twenty-five years to feel Him as the All Other, altogether feel Him as the infinite Being, whose spiritual image and likeness (Genesis 1/26-27) I had, but whose nature identity I did not have, at all.
Even today my mind cannot, but like an axiom way too highbrow to be expressible, imagine a Supreme Being who is far beyond Father and Mother. A Being admittedly material as the Maker of matter, I cannot conceive His substance and way of functioning, because He can both narrow to the size of a big nail (Rev of Arès ii/21) and He more than huge, infinite, can continuously create an infinite universe (xxii/12).
How and why is that Sanctity, Might and Light (Rev of Arès 12/4) interested in humanity, a minute fluff of dust under His or Her boundless bed, and in me or you less than infinitesimal and so much numbed by sin that it takes us twenty-five years to understand that He or She can be Lord and Mary at the same time? I do not know, but that’s how reality is and, what’s more, He or She couldn’t care less about your way of praying (Rév d’Arès ,25/6), provided you are penitents.
Performing the real piety is not glorifying and not beseeching, but it is achieving (Rev of Arès 35/6). You are not forbidden to glorify and beseech nevertheless. If you beseech—which irresistibly is only humain in extreme pain or worry days—turn to the Mother’s or Mary’s side rather than the Father’s side, but never forget that humans has besought for millennia almost unsuccessfully, because the small remnant of penitents (24/1, 26/1) capable of forging the link between souls and Heaven, which The Revelation of Arès calls polone (Rev of Arès xxxix/12-13) —something like a collective soul, another thing that we cannot conceive yet.
As to me, I stopped praying to Mary years ago, when I grasped that there was one Strength of Good only, whatever offshoots It might have. I take no more than great care to do penitence, harvest and utter the Word to achieve it, but I understand that some people need the motherly side of God to feel cherished and protected.
A few worshippers of Mary ask me, on a distrustful tone, “Had Mary never existed, who might be the Mary that appeared in Lourdes, La Salette; etc?”This is the Mary, I reply, who likewise appears in Orthodox countries (but it’s the real one then, but not the fishy peaky Catholic ghost that showed in Lourdes). This is the one known as Fatimah, Muhammad’s daughter, who appears in Muslim countries. This is the one who appears in India and who is called Kali, Devi, Usha, etc. a whole slew of goddesses. In short, this is the apparition of everywhere in the world under myriad names, only because we biological beings are not the only living and that the invisible life all around manifests itself sometimes, but that goes for it just as that goes for Mary, man wants to shut in the apparition—nothing but non-physical life—in a closet and put a name on the door.

copyright 2012
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