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november 3, 2012 (0136US)  

Rose (photo de sœur Christiane)

O young brothers and sisters, remember my lesson of October 21st : You are no propagandists, but apostles. The harvest is a sacred action. You have to make yourselves sacred through prayer, because it is The Revelation of Arès that you achieve and ask people to achieve.
You are the Light (Matthew 5/16, Rev of Arès xxii/7) and here I add that you are love. Love is the essential flower of the sacred. Evangelical love.
French, what a poor language! Only a word: amour, and its verb aimer not only to mean propensity, attraction, choice, craving, passion, which are just contingent or possible, but also the will to identify oneself with others, which evangelical love is.
Whenever I love evangelically I from a sense of duty and for my salvation want to identify myself with my neighbor, whoever. The word "whoever" points out that I by loving become integrated into whole mankind, I find it within myself. I have the comprehension, the patience, the will to listen and the compassion which I have had towards myself : You shall love your neighbor as yourself (Leviticus 19/34).
But here's the difficulty: Evangelical love is intentional and voluntary unlike other kinds of love, emotional, romantic, parental, filial, carnal, which you can't choose or experience to order. This is why evangelical love, love for  all of humans, including those who have the pus, the worm, the hook on their lips (Rev of Arès xxii/8), is an act of penitence, a willful act, existential if ever there was one, like the forgiveness of all trespasses, like peace, like spiritual intelligence (32/5) as a counterbalance of intellectual intelligence, like the absolute freedom of the man free (10/10) from all prejudices and fears.
To love evangelically is to love absolutely therefore, just as the Father loves absolutely, so that He calls Himself excessively loving Father (Rev of Arès 12/7), because He loves very much more than what man commonly calls to love. The Father loves absolutely just as He is absolutely free from all prejudices and fears, just as His image and likeness, man, has to make himself free. We can easily infer from this that none of us will achieve ideal love until a lot of generations have gone by, but from now onwards we will make a maximum effort to love.
As things stand at present any human capable of evangelical love is to be snubbed by the wicked and the stupid, but he or she will have an enormous advantage, unseen at the time but real in the absolute: He or she will never meet oblivion, whether God's Oblivion or men's oblivion, whatever contempt he or she will be held in by rationalists, who will spread the subtle poison of nasty rumors over his or her footsteps. For all that the Assembly will not make him or her a pious picture or a myth; it makes him only a worker of the universal Salvation. The human that loves evangelically extricates from the night and dust of millennia strengths which cynical mankind cannot see, but which are capable of re-creating the world. Evangelical love is always a reference point.
The excessively loving human in the image of the excessively loving Father puts things right in the schizophrenic world, makes the impossible unity possible, builds up the being diluted with the system of Adam (Rév d'Arès 2/1-5), wards off the curse upon the Babel cities and the Behemoth nations which stifles the remaining small human units, refutes the lies that have spread all over the earth. The human that loves commits himself or herself with all his or her mind,  soul, flesh and blood in this world's existence to make it again? There will be no re-creation of the world without love!
Against the uncertainty and short-livedness of the world the excessively loving human sets the image unseen but forever live, impregnable, indissoluble in his depths of the garden to be restored: Eden. Only love will be able to weave the mankind's bonds now slackened or undone. It is this repairing that is called Salvation, because loving is binding anew, reuniting.
oh the loving one does not miss anything of his soul's anxiety and  unappeased conflicts, his inner coolnesses, but he can overcome them; love enables him to find to a greater (in this generation) or lesser (in the next generations) degree that vital energy that is going to recreate Earth. All has to be sewn up between humans and love provides him with the thread and needle. The thread snaps often, but the loving one had begun the slow existential rebuilding of the world . He becomes the loving hero (Rev of Arès xxxv/4-12).
wears out the crusaders' hawkish pride, it substitutes the Creator's Arm for man's arm: a feeble arm (Rev of Arès 33/20), a moumia's arm (mummy's, xLix/7), the Black one's arm (xviii/11), the drooping  arm (xxvii/5), the wicked's arm (36/13), the crucified one's arm (xxxi/2); the through love the sword that kills turns into the sword that creates (35/14).
the flower of the sacred, an eternal rose all along the path to the Saint's Heights will permit us to find the lost Garden. Does anything else than love permit us to build up plans to change the world, revisit the lost Eden?
Only love is going to reinforce the sacred and blow evil down. Love of the neigbor, of the one with whom we identify ourselves, whether he is a friend or a foe (Matthew 5/43), feeling within ourselves his joys and his pains, only love gives us a premonition of our own existence. Nothing is stronger than love to give us consistency and strength.

copyright 2012
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