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september 28, 2012 (0135us)  
politics's a  cancer

"We all will be ruined in 10 years..."
Jacques Attali (2012)

Jacques Attali

Competent management, yes! Politics, no!
Amid all that malfunctions in this country just take the national debt!
On April 4th, 2006, my entry 16 was about it: 1,140 billion Euros.
On April 4th, 2012, only six years later, the national debt jumps to 1,791 billion.
But how had they ruled the country until President Giscard d’Estaing to do without a national debt? Although it was a black king, unjust, partisan and profiteering, politics had nevertheless been a reasonable manager until then.
Ever since then, politics has badly run the country. While claiming to get it out of the free-market nightmare, politics has turned into a financial cancer that consumes society.
When the Left took power after Mr. Mitterrand’s election, 1981, I greeted it, but from 1988 on I stopped voting for the Left for the first time in my life. I had just understood that ideology without competent men was worse than the bourgeois spirit. I had just understood that the Soviet bloc was going to collapse because of a 70-year poor management, and that Mauroy, Fabius, Rocard had also been poor premiers, who had ruled in ignorance of real society specific to ideologists and through the debt. The Right back to take power found out that the French were not at all conscious of the debt and ignorance, became unscrupulous and extended the damage.
And these bad managers, left-wing or right-wing, are not required to answer the nation that they have overwhelmed with a huge debt. A debt that cannot be repaid without taking a tragic turn: Pillage of the wealthy and savers? Inflation? Stock market crash? In short, a ruin? Those sort of bloodless war… which after the 1914-1918 and 1939-1945 wars will be a new negative legacy of politics.
Can’t anybody see why the princes of the political religion like those of the religious religion, the black king like the white king, are regarded as evildoers in The Revelation of Arès (xxxvii/14)?

Can men live without politics? Yes, they can. This is why the Father has given his Revelation in Arès again, so that men can see through It what they cannot see through speeches and media.
To cut the issue short let’s say that there is an unstoppable reality on which the whole world and politics live, which continually reemerges and which has exhausted all the ideologies that have sought to delete it. It is the firm.
No thriving firm can ever been born of the people or of politics. A firm is born of an entrepreneur, a rare valuable captain of industry, even if he or she is execrated. The people or politicians’ will has nothing to do with a firm and entrepreneur’s appearance, and yet firms and entrepreneurs are the nourishing fund of society. This is why Jesus often compared the Creator to an entrepreneur — Parables of the talents, the Workers in the vineyard, etc.
We all, politicians included, live on the entrepreneur, who knows how to manage. Let him manage, then and be answerable!
It remains that we have to spiritualize him, make him conscious that he can be worth a fortune like Job, but that he like Job is an earthly mirror of the Creator’s Love.
Only two relationships between employers and employees are workable: Whether it is the never-ending struggle through the trade unions channels or love.
The Word says that love, which means quite new relationships, is possible between all of men, between the people and the firms that employ them therefore. The relationship that communism has implimented: The mandatory consent through law and suppression has shown its horror and inability; it is not workable. Society has to find like a termites’ nest a conscience of its own, which goes beyond the sum of all consciences, a soul that The Revelation of Arès calls polon (xxxix/12-13).

All this can be made but in small human units after the big structures and frontiers have been dismembered. The big nations are to be reduced sooner or later, because they are becoming unmanageable, geneses of dictatorships, godsends for politics which enables any man mediocre but filled with cheek and all guns blazing can shine. Dwarfing the social groups may be the only way men will find to cut and pass through the mesh of a crisis soon inextricable and flee from it.
To those who tell me, “What can we poor individuals, who have entered unto penitence (8/6, 31/12, 33/13), do against the monsters which the great nations, their great politics and administrations are except meekly die of the cancer they infect us with?” I reply,
As far as sociology is concerned man never makes up anything. All is potentially in existence in the Creation. The delicate point is the time of revival of Good. The Father has chosen His time. Just as He chose the time when the Romans or Greeks would soon be susceptible to the Sermon on the Mount to express it through Jesus’ lips, and just as He chose the time when the Arabian paganism was weakening to issue the Quran through Muhammad’s lips, he chose in 1974 and 1977 the time when a world crisis was getting under way imperceptibly to be listened to by a small remnant (Rev of Arès 24/1, 26/1) of men and women capable of starting the heavy process of changing the world (Rev of Arès 28/7).
The future is near when men are ready to think of a reasoned reformation, which can only be made through what The Revelation of Arès calls penitence.

copyright 2012
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