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september 1st, 2012 (0134us)  

The volcano of Good, that will substitute for
the volcano of lava, is in your heart as yet
Volcan1The Revelation of Arès concludes by saying :

I wash your heart (and) you wash the brother's heart.
The Iron, you are its edge.
I breathe, your hair (falls out like) the rock of fire flow, it covers the earth,
it opens the gate (to the world like) the rock of fire (opens the volcano, the gate to the earth) (L/1-6).

These words mingle the present and the future, because the present brother, as a penitent and harvester, works out the future; he is the future.
The changed world (Rev of Arès 28/7), the Garden (ii/18, xxviii/21) of Eden, is certainly the extreme future, that of the Day when time stops, but it already has a potential existence in the present penitence.
Before then, even here and now, quantities of patches, even very small patches of garden can appear.
Each penitent and harvester can create, hoe (xvi/17, xxx/7), pick and maintain his or her garden. His or her descendants will feed on it and it will expand from generation to generation.
If the Garden (Rev of Arès xxviii/21) of the changed world where the Fruit (i/17-19) will be constantly ripening and Good will flow like the rock of Fire is not yet sprouting in the penitent's small patch of garden, and if a very small volcano is not yet smoking Good there, something is not yet achieved in his or her spiritual life.
Today we are preparing the big volcanos that Good instead of lava and the Iron of love instead of the iron of fetters and weapons will gush forth from.
A miracle of the achievement, the small patch of garden with a very small volcano already holds a spiritual wealth, which the huge Garden of Eden and its huge volcanos of Good will hold on an absolute increase.
Either immensity or smallness, the size is not the point. The deciding factor is penitence and the harvesting of penitents, which give its Good to the present which is the future.
Good, which the public cannot see, because they imagine it to be different, is only perceived by the brother with a washed heart. He alone can at the moment see the gate open, through which the rock of Fire, the logos — "word", "speech" and "reason", "The Logos \ what is forever \ men are unable to understand it" (Heraclitus, entry 128) — and its concepts as yet unthinkable to a world long educated about quite different values.
But gradually Good will be perceived by the public and from then onwards we will see a problem will arise. When our own thought spreads, it will be likely to standardize and pall, and to avoid this the mission will uninterruptedly fill the air pockets which could make the angels of apostolate drop and a religion set up instead. The rock of Fire is also imagination uninterruptedly awake and fertile. Each believer is an apostle and an apostle is never at rest just as God is never at rest, as He creates the universe uninterruptedly.
All that is very simple is very difficult. Very difficult does not mean impossible. But then we realize that The Revelation of Arès makes man the co-creator of the world, the one Adam was before his wrong choice (Rév of Arès 2/1-5). The Creator does not make us what religion teaches, sheep which follow the shepherd without a second thought. He makes us sheep which create and rebuild the world (28/7) asking themselves a lot of questions uninterruptedly and bound to solve them. Every one of us is the 100th sheep found, therefore, but not one of the 99 others. Every one of us is the sheep whose return makes the Father happy (Matthew 18/12-13).

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