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june 24, 2012 (0131US)  

Courir vers la Sainteté

The 2012 Pilgrimage has begun.
The pilgrim who comes and take the Fire (Rev of Arès xLi/3-7) says, You are the only Saint. Let your Sanctity prevail over us! (12/4), but does he feel the Sanctity? No. He can only live It.
Indoors the pilgrim can see four walls and the roof structure between which the Father spoke in 1977? Outdoors he can see trees, hear the world's noise, breathe air, get the sun by day and watch the stars by night, but how can he feel the Sanctity?
He cannot, unless he changes his life (Rev of Arès 30/11) just as God changed His Life when he said to Noah, Never will I doom the earth because of man (Genesis 8/21).
So Eternity (36/23) and Sanctity are not horizontality, but dynamics.

Against the world (Rev of Arès 3/2, 34/1, etc.), which says that nothing can change beyond the laws of science (26/3, 28/19, 33/6), we say that man can change (30/11) and make the world change (28/7) so that there will be neither days, nor nights (31/8), nor death (xxxi/4).
May I add that Sanctity is perfection? It may be so, but perfection can only be made out within a system of well-known values and we know almost nothing about God.
We at least are aware that Sanctity is dynamics, an appearance of Forces which the Arès Pilgrim picks up.
The first Force is that of life. No thing such as life without God, neither lower lives like that of trees, that of the world's noise, that of the sun and galaxies, nor higher lives like that which an Arès Pilgrim comes close to through penitence: Life (Rév of Arès 9/6, 24/3-5, 25/3, etc.) that he chooses as an ideal against the lower ideal that Adam chose (2/1-5). It is in and by the higher Life that the Father is the Saint par excellence. This is why there is no concept of Sanctity but in Him. He is indeed the only Saint.

We cannot be aware of all the appearances of Sanctity, but we can say that it appears in the Burning Bush in front of Moses (1300 before J-C) or in the Stick of Light in front of Mikal (Arès, 1977). Take off your sandals, for you stand on the Saint's ground (Exodus 3/5), says God to Moses. God puts between Himself and man a fence that will disappear only through penitence, The Reveation of Arès says. The Maker's Soul has an unimaginable quality, but man can give himself a soul (Rév d'Arès 17/4) through penitence and opens himself to the prevalence of Sanctity, which he will not get in full until the Day of resurrection.

Nonetheless, the Creator is the God of the Covenant (Genèse 15/18), so that he may not always keep his Sanctity, his dynamics, to Himself. He does not always make It an impassable barrier between the divine sphere and the human one. He seeks to (re)split It between Him and man just as he split It between Him and Adam before Adam would make a wrong choice (Rév d'Arès 2/1-5), so that He later and even in very hard times like a quarrel He will appear as the Saint among the Hebrews (Nombres 20/13). In brief, Sanctity shows iself to be active most obviously in miracles.

The link with the Sanctity in the Covenant, which we Arès Pilgrims have been striving to forge again, a lot of people before us have entered unto penitence to reforge it already. This is notably the reason why Isaiah used the name Saint of Isreal 30 times. And to Hosea (11/9) the Maker said, I am God and not man, the Saint present among you ; I will not let the flames consume you. Because if Sanctity is what qualifies God to be God, It is also what makes Him most humane! Distance notwithstanding, but because of his Word's invigorating Force, God is the next of kin, the Father—and even the Mother (Rev of Arès 33/16-18, 38/2) —of the men with whom He is in very close contact.

The Old Testament calls the Ark of the Covenant, the Temple or the priests saint or holy, but that materialized or humanized sanctity or holiness is not upheld by The Revelation of Arès. It upholds only the aspiration of the soul, any soul, to sanctity, that man will get on the Day of resurrection along with his transfigured flesh, the very flesh that Jesus, who paid me visits in 1974, has got back already.
We Arès Pilgrims have gone into action against the powers (atheism, rationalism, etc.) which strive to  dissolve the Sanctity, the image and likeness of God (Genesis 1/26-27) set securely deep down each man. Sanctity along with Power and Light (Rev of Arès 12/4) constitute a Whole, but the Father uses three words, because there is not an only word in any human language to describe Him. It is towards that Whole, the invisible Living Saint on the Saint's Hights, that we are moving on.

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