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may 26, 2012 (0130US)  

Free (10/10) to think their lives

you're making people !
Libres de penser leur vie

The Revelation of Arès says, Many men will not follow you and meet perdition; some will submit to My Word and along with you they will start My Harvest (4/9), for the Sower has gone past…
His Seed has passed borne on His Breath right into men's hearts (5/1).

The mission of the penitents or Arès Pilgrims therefore does not consist in sowing or converting, but it consists in harvesting the germinating or ripening seed (6/4), the corn ears (13/7, 14/3, 31/6), gathering together (24/1) the men and women likewise able to enter unto penitence.
Now, the harvest is encountering more and more resistance. Why?
Indifference, unbelief and slanderous enmity make our task difficult, but they are permanent features met with by all of prophetic movements ever since the beginning of History. To unbelievers and fanatics, old foes of the liberating Truth, is nowadays added a negative force much harder to break through: the dramatic decline of man's ability to think. Still, there is no spiritual life, if it is not thought of before it is put into practice.
Here is an instance among others of the loss of man's ability to think:
In 2011, the French State wanted to appoint 90 judges by competitive examination; the candidates were to be 35 to 50 years old, have an education standard of baccalaureate + 4 university years and be capable of being trained as judges. The report of the lady president of the board of examiners is appalling: "Only 30 persons have passed the exam from 755 candidates because of their very weak standards. 725 (96 ù) had serious gaps… [in particular] proved to be incapable of putting a specific thought into words, expressing it correctly, giving rise to some fresh thinking, asking themselves about the sense of terms […] Incapable of fitting in a milieu different from their own, incapable of answering simple questions, all filled with pointless trivial commonplaces." Some candidate did even show "arrogance or aggressiveness, as they thought that the oral examination was useless and they had not to give proof of a certain amount of knowledge …"
The above portrays people with a standard of baccalaureate + 4 university years, but you missionnary brothers and sisters just think that the vast majority of people whom you meet on the street or elsewhere have much lower standards! The public you meet is made of casualties of a combination of general disappointment and complete lack of education of thought. How might that majority of people not be utterly unable to "put a specific thought into words" about what you tell them and "answer simple questions" otherwise than through the rumor that they have gleaned here and there whenever they have gleaned some?
This is the strongest obstacle: The complete incapacity of people to draw up a valuable idea of themsleves, of their environment and their destiny. The swing to animality — the sin of sins (38/2) —is quickening.

Why can they no longer think? Because they are unknowingly no longer free to do so.

There is no such thing as reincarnation in a rough meaning of a return of immortal souls into new bodies (Rév d'Arès v/1-2), but in a figurative sense, in a meaning of tranfer of penitence from a human being to another and from the latter to another and so on, talking of reincarnation of penitence is a way of explaining our mission.
Our misson raises the problem of the existentialism of the Aresian faith. This is the only means of making salvation solvable again after the obvious failure of religions, which have done nothing but made common life religious and which are vanishing gradually therefore. To religion the terrestrial course has been more important than the spiritual destination; religion pays dearly for this error.
Our Aresian faith brings in the opposite: Man can live as a penitent with no visible change in his everyday life, but the invisible opportunities of his penitence are very high.
Salvation will be the end of a long series of complete inward transformations of human beings through the continuous reincarnations of penitence.
But why has the world become unable to express a specific idea of its destiny? By the way, is it really unable to do so? Isn't it rather kept from asking questions that have no answer so much so that it has ended up believing that there is no answer, at all. Therefore, it passes us street missionaries and can't see that we have had the answer, yes, we've had it.
In "L'Homme Révolté" (The Rebelling Man) Albert Camus says that permanent protest is all that enables man to give back the rights to life in the middle of the mass conformity.: "Each rebellion is nostalgia for innocence, a call toward the being." Penitence is an invisible peaceful way of protesting permanently, it is the only means of transcending the shackles of time.

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