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may 18, 2012 (0129US)

Maison de la Sainte Parole

Spiritual life unlike religion life or sect life commits man to nothing but the pursuit of the Father and his Good deep within himself. Because of this the concept of spiritual life seems indistinct to the current society, which does not like indistinction. This explains why people mistakenly speak about us as a religion or a sect.
Spiritual life is what people come and get in Arès.
A lot of differences, provided that they are associated with Good, are swallowed up in spiritual life, so that an Arès Pilgrim, whose life is spiritual, can read the Bible the Quran, the Veda and other books with no embarrassment for the blending, and consider The Revelation of Arès as the expression of what they all have which is true.
Anyhow, it is not in the texts that salvation is found, but in life slanting to Good, spiritual life.
 Society can see the differences, but an Arès Pilgrim does not see them. Our missionaries know well that it is hard to have the public understanding the lamination through the mind of the different forms of the Word. We look colorless and even nonexistent, because we do not have an outward appearance dramatic or even visible or distinct, and when we people ask us, "But who are you? What do you do?" we reply, "Men and women with intense inward life. All takes place deep within each of us and we call it penitence.
What gathers us together is the fusion of our spiritual lives.
There is an only exception: The Pilgrimage to Arès, where you can see something visible and distinct: The place of the Saint's apparition, the tunic and bare feet of the pilgrim, his or her prayer or meditation."

To me the Pilgrimage is very important, because I can live there again what I lived up to in the face of Jesus in 1974 and the Father's Voice in 1977. To me this is a sacred time of extreme delicacy and tenderness. I guess that, even though they have not witnessed Jesus and the Father, the other pilgrims feel things likewise, because they are my own witnesses.
I might say that the Pilgrimage is par excellence the race for Life (Rev of Arès 24/3-5). Whenever people ask me, "How come you are in top form at the age of 83?" I have several answers, but I often use this one, "I go on the Pilgrimage."
There is no pilgrimage like the Arès Pilgrimage. It has done away with all that religions make use of in their many pilgrimages on earth. Religion makes man a wolf, a wolf in the middle of its pack. The Arès Pilgrimage makes man a man, a man of the whole world, that world that an Arès Pilgrim knows he or she has to change into a society of love, forgiveness, peace, intelligence and absolute freedom.
Spiritual life, penitence, the Pilgrimage are not actions achieved besides everyday life. They are everyday life for an Arès Pilgrim. Spiritual life is not something pertaining to thought like religion. It is simply life.
The Pilgrimage helps believers to have spiritual life and then, after they have gained it, the Pilgrimage helps them to strengthen it continually.

In summer at Arès, France (33740, Gironde),
46 avenue de la Libération,

from June 21 to July 4,
from July 12 to July 25,
and from August 2 to August 15. 

The Maison de la Ste-Parole (House of the Saint's Word, where the Creator spoke in 1977) is open
on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thurday 18:00 to 21:00,
on Friday 08:30 to 11:30
on Saturday and Sunday, also on July 14 and August 15 (except when they fall on a Friday) 17:30 to 21:00

Each pilgrim prays and/or meditates freely without bothering the others.

copyright 2012
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