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february 2, 2012 (0126US)  

Chagall: "Isaiah's prophecy" (Isaiah 11/1-9)
The world freed from evil is necessarily freed from culture

Chagall Prophétie d'Isaïe

I have lately begun reading "And What You Shall Have Written (Le Pèlerin d’Arès) 1993-1996".
I had not reread it since its publication, 1997. At that time some brothers and sisters criticized me for writing a book "complicated" or "obscure", some said "pedantic", so I was to consider it as a failure and quote it as little as possible for fifteen years. Today it comes to me as surprise to find the book clear, accurate, helpful and interesting, but what I notice above all else is that in 1996, while I wrote it, my faith and thought were completed, achieved.
My deculturation was through.
I was born spiritually.

In a summer of the 90's, during a Pilgrimage in Arès, at an exposé-debate, the kind called workshop by some brothers, the issue was deculturation. A pilgrim rose from her chair and said, "You've said The Revelation of Arès sets man free (Rev of Arès 10/10), so it will lead man to deculturation. This is impossible. I think there will be just a change of culture, a transition from the old culture to a new one, the Aresian culture."
I replied, "No. Culture will disappear. Culture is deterministic. Therefore it disappears if man controls his destiny. The Revelation of Arès calls the control of destiny penitence, which is no moral submission, to which culture reduces it, but free powerful action of recreation if the self through good. Evil continuously regenerates culture, both of them constitute an equation which looks unassailable, whatever variables get into it. Wrong ! Good gets rid of culture and even paves eventually the Way to Eden (Rév of Arès 35/2). This is as inevitable as the law of relativity. This is also a way of stating the Core of The Revelation of Arès.
Culture ever since Adam's wrong choice (2/1-5) has made mankind its draft team. It has harnessed, bridled and whipped men like horses drawing the wagon of fatality, which exists but only to those who have added a darkness side to the knowledge side of science (38/5) in the tunnels (23/2) where faith and doubt have forever passed each other for millennia.

Penitence, existential insurgence if ever there was one, can change everything. It will bring down the idols of the mind (the allegedly inescapable sociological laws), unharness the men, set them free from the coach of the princes and their doctors (3/4), make each of them a colt free from the harness and running to the goal he has set himself (10/10).
It is indeed very difficult to imagine, from the dark tunnels where we still live, what a changed world (28/7), a world without culture is going to be, but it emerges from The Revelation of Arès that it is going to be a process of diversifying in free harmony, but no mere evolution in the harness of a new culture.

Deculturation is very slow, of course. Repenting generations and repenting generations will pitch camp on the desert (24/4) or vacuum (23/5, xxx/3, xxxi/4) of culture. Deculturation is imperceptibly getting completed, however. A faithful of a church or a religion lives on faith, follows a culture, never gets out of it. An Arès Pilgrim definitely unlike the latter lives on good, he is a penitent, changes his life (30/11), is a spiritual peregrine again like Abraham or Jesus, two great decultured men. Every day a penitent prepares his own salvation, but he also gets a bit of the world out of the bog of culture, which has been sinking it down to the sin of sins, the point of no-return of evil. Every day he loves and forgives his neighbor a bit more, he gets a little more spiritual intelligence, he sets himself a bit freer (10/10) from all the prejudices that dim his discernment. He reads God's Word and, even though he is unlikely to memorize it ever, it leaves its mark on him a little more every day. He is less and less able to distinguish it from himself. His deculturation goes on and the next generations are to carry on with it until they stop measuring man's acts by the yardstick of lifestyles, of the "intellectually correct" and of laws, but measure them by the yardstick of love.

Deculturation will reverse a lot of values of culture. Property for example. For millennia culture has made property a nagging problem so much so that man is the property of matter and money more than the opposite. This is one of the least tragic aspect of the vacuum which culture is. Deculture will stop the perpetual leak of everything between man's fingers. Property, as it is as peculiar to man as his flesh, his mind, his soul (Rev of Arès 17/7), love, freedom, inventiveness, is to be forever, but culture has built up on property ideologies, like the right-wing one and the left-wing one nowadays, which have brought about much hatred, many fights, at times many deaths, and have not provided and will never provide global happiness; This is the very subtle meaning of the parable of the camel and the needle eye (Matthew 19/24), which is absurd to lay stress the absurdity of culture, culture of vacuum.
Culture of vacuum? The grasping man has a bank account which, even when filled, looks always vacuum to him. He will spend a lifetime operating the riches pump and will miss the sublime destiny of a man made God (2/12).The ascetic is generally thought of as the grasping man's opposite, but his life, even when filled with privation, looks always vacuum to him. He will spend a lifetime operating the harshness pump and will miss the sublime destiny of a man made God (2/12).  These are two extreme types of vacuum culture disciples, but I could multiply the types along the scale of shades and by this puzzling, decultured demonstration remind that the Path towards Life and Happiness is elsewhere, in absolute freedom (10/10), the only way out of vacuum.
Some men say they are in pursuit of ideals and go from a religion, a philosophy, a politic, to another, but they do not change. They move over culture like over a billiard balls which do nothing but strike together, clink and make noises (ii/7-13, vii/4-16, etc.). We Arès Pilgrims are out of the billiard, so we are never invited to play it. This is our grandeur. This is also one of the great difficulties our mission meet with in the world.

Last January 15th, a mission of ours in France kept open house on the theme of "Jesus' return". A visitor sat down by me and said, "You've never read "Atheology" by Michel Onfray, I imagine…" I said, "Yes, I did, I've read that book of frightening, erudite, rationalistic propaganda." He outraged said, "Propaganda?" I said, ""Honest sensible people have inwardly or outwardly experienced Someone Else. The man that displays that much erudition to treat them like dreamy or deranged or villainous persons is but a propagandist. Nazis likewise used to display science against Jews and so did Soviets against all believers."  He said, "Michel Onfray is a highly cultured writer." I replied, "Exactly. Onfray is not a man of knowledge, but one of culture. Culture is a glue which sticks men to fixations, invariable values, so we Arès Pilgrims strive to unstick them, set them free (10/10, 28/20)." He looked me up and down. I added, "Well, now you can easily define us as just the opposite of Michel Onfray. Have you read The Revelation of Arès?" He exclaimed, "But no! That's a book to drive one nuts!" I said, "No, that book makes you think. It decultures you." He got up and went out. This short heated exchange shows that there is no doubt but The Revelation of Arès is one of the very scarce great times of History when God appears and upsets all.

Deculturation is still an issue both misunderstood, unwelcome, and yet fundamental. In the missionary action we have not enough developed it. So people incline to regard The Revelation of Arès as an alternative to religion, but it is not. It assigns to faith a quite different dynamic. It is a great leap towards another Creation, for which the Creator makes man his co-creator.


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