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december 17, 2011 (0124us)  
2011 Chrismas

2011 Xmas
I wish a merry Chrismas
to all my human brethren
whether inclined or disinclined toward me !

At Chrismas the Arès Pilgrims do not celebrate the birth of a savior. They celebrate the births of all of saviors, all of penitents, who each make their own soul and so find salvation and help up the world  to salvation.

What's more, in these times of a beginning crisis
I wish that on Chrismas 2011 people become aware of the realities…
the harsh realities outside which there is no point in penitence.

The Revelation of Arès and the Arès Pilgrims do not prompt anybody to dream.
Solzenitsyne said, "When the truth begins to be known, everything will collapse."
He mentioned the truth about the tyranny and economic failure of USSR, but it was prophetic in the general sense of his word, which may apply to the deceptive truth behind all the powers that lie heavy on our destinies.
The white king: religion, made us think that he was preparing salvation for us.
The black king: politics, law, finance and technology, made us think that he was preparing the best world for us, but we realize that he has not made man better, not given up war and has been leading us to an enormous debt.
Now, white king and black king (are) one thigh, says The Revelation of Arès (xxxvii/14), so that it joins two evils and implicitly sets against them two goods: happiness here below and the Saint's Heights beyond are one salvation!

We have to be aware that faith and prayer are inadequate for salvation, and that materialism is inadequate to build up the best world.
It is by being penitent, that is, by loving, forgiving, making peace, regaining spiritual intelligence and becoming free from all prejudices that we can can bring about real happiness first durable and then eternal on earth.
When society has buried its ideological fervors and started having doubts about its religious dream or its materialistic dream, all it has left is skepticism, cynicism, contempt of ideals, in short, the coolness that our mission has to face up to in streets.

Still, even if skepticism, cynicism, contempt for ideals and indifference, though supposed to be rational, cannot do anything but worsen the situation,
it is under such hard apostolic circumstances that our mission may have its hour of success!

May Chrismas be the time when the Arès Pilgrims and all goodwill men think of their mission out of realism, namely that the world will build material prosperity to last as well as justice, happiness and salvation to last on the qualities of the soul, only on them,
on penitence therefore.

copyright 2011
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