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8 November, 2011 (0123us)  
the new social contract

Sie brüllt, wir spielen (She lows, we play), Paul Klee
She lows, we play, Paul Klee8.000 before Jesus Christ, world population            : 5 million
3.000 before Jesus Christ,,                                    : 15 million
in Jesus Christ’s time                                            : 200 million
1804 (Napoléon’s crowning)                                  : 1 billion
1929 (Michel Potay’s birth),                                   : 2 billion
1968 (Michel and Christiane Potay’s wedding),       : 3,5 billion
2000                                                                     : 6 billion
2011                                                                     : 7 billion
Alarm !
It is hardly surprising that we have entered an economic crisis and witnessed dramatic economic shake-ups. China has outstripped Japan, the ex-leader of economic growth, now in decline. What next? Global famine as forecast by global climatic warming, a damaging factor to agriculture?
The Western economic decline began about thirty year ago and has forever quickened. Hence the enormous loans taken by the Western nations, so as to keep on dreaming that they are still rich and forever have the most enviable industries and social welfares. The big problem in Europe, particularly in France where God came back down to speak to mankind, is the refusal to admit the slow fall and inevitable insecurity of materialism.
Our economic decline is not a cyclical one, but a structural one, that is, the good old days will never be back, the decline will be slow, but continual. For all that our representatives make more and more laws, as if more laws were the solution. Sadly, the more laws are voted, the quicker they kill freedom of undertaking, inventiveness and even resourcefulness which could mitigate and even solve a lot of the expected problems. But what can princes make but laws?
We understand the urgency better, which the Father put in The Revelation of Arès, the insistence with which he in 1974 denigrated the princes of the religious religion, those of the political religion and those of the money religion. His denigration seemed questionable then, not that urgent anyway; things were not that bad on Earth, the population of which was just over 4 billion.
But the time has come to make a big effort, not only go through the streets friendly to look for and harvest the nice hearts ready to be penitent, change their lives (Rev of Arès 30/11), find salvation? We also have to go through the streets to make people aware that changing their lives is contributing to an urgency: changing the world (Rev of Arès) 28/7, saving it.
In a world where evil is rife crisis is constant and inevitable, indeed, but it is now surging up worryingly. The philosopher, Thomas Hobbes I think in “Leviathan” said, “Mankind’s primary inclination is craving, the continual quest for a plus: powers and properties To the prophets, including Zoroaster and Buddha, toJesus and Muhammad, to the Arès Pilgrims, craving for a plus is the primary inclination too, but the spiritual plus, the upper Good, without whose experience no real happiness is possible, even materially speaking. It is because this obvious fact is too clear that it is unseen; it dazzles. Nevertheless, the Message that The Revelation of Arès sends to the world does not come into a stimulus/response process like a philosophical, religious, political or commercial slogan, but into en existential process, a life process. Hence its difficulty to express itself in the street mission, which is one of immediacy. Western modern men risk disaster, which they will find difficult to integrate with their lives: the loss of much of all they have had. They will have to find new means of living, notablu of living together. Our mission is right here; it has its say!.
Politics is totally absorbed in socio-legalistic technologies. Men are tied up by a magistracy of « conscience » that imposes itself on real conscience, that of human realities which are spiritual. Politics never asks the opinions of men who cope with their existential realities in their bio-spiritual entirety, but it asks the opinions of experts, technocrats with “lead caps” as Rimbaud would say. Any political decision is based on a typology sociologic and legalistic not anywhere near the real, because the real has been called non-observable and consigned to oblivion.
The Revelation of Arès recues the real from oblivion into which it stuffs the rats’ law (Rev of Arès xix/24) and the glosses (Rev of Arès 10/10) of the doctors religious, political financial, ideologic —The Father does not distinguish between them.
Even when they deal with hardships and injustices, governments and their lookouts (Rev of Arès xLv/10-22)are fixed in their thought and speech like the chattering parrot or the mooing cow (xxxv/2). Any kind of politics postulates that man is like the strong beautiful gander in its cage, which it force-feeds (a force-feeding to become difficult) so that it stays quiet, keeps on not having the egg (xxxvi/3) of absolute freedom (Rev of Arès 10/10), never starts out on the ascent (7/2, 25/6, 26/6-9, etc) to real happiness, that which man earns through penitence (36/23, 37/9), but not happiness allegedly due, as political speeches claim it is.
The Revelation of Arès
has many ways of stating that basic man is morally much better, also much more capable of his destiny, than the technocrats say he is. The Revelation of Arès urges us to give up the social contract that gets us shackled to politics, religion, money, and turn to a natural spiritual social contract, which we have to get understood and accepted, because even the believers, ever left weak (Rev of Arès 36/5) and short-sighted, have kept stuck in the idea that it is unworkable. We have to proclaim with two teeth (Rev of Arès xxxi/17), that is, twice as louder, night and day proclaim (xLviii/1-3), that God has come back to say that that natural spiritual social contract is workable, even though it will take more than four generations (24/2). This is the Core of our mission (28/7).
Men are potential Gods (Rev of Arès 2/13, but they are potential animals too. The Revelation of Arès has struck the time for them to choose. Overpopulation will make them fall back into animality, maybe irreversibly —the sin if sins (38/2 , but penitence will make them recover the Father’s image and likeness.

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