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september 30, 2011 (0122us) 

the logical Strength

When death has lasted one day, the head rests on the sweet flowers...
two days, you shout, "Death is a trap!"...
(But) if the hand holds My Hand,... the Water remains in the eye.
(The Revelation of Arès xL/13-16)


Lately around 05:00am, on beginning my morning prayer, I intensely thought of a person that had died under tragic circumstances.
Something from her fell onto me like a cold cloud of bitterness and misgivings.
That pathetic cloud confirmed me in a feeling I had had for years on end in doing mortification for deceased people. The dead do not necessarily find God in the beyond. They take away there what they made of themselves in this world. The unbelieving living turn into unbelieving dead, but if they here below did not take abomination to its extreme (Rev of Arès 33/32-34), they can evolve spiritually.
I embraced the sorrowful presence and talked to it, "Sister, you cannot see him, but please don’t have doubts about God’s existence! He sent out his messenger to me in 1974 and then spoke to me himself in 1977. What you’ve found out in limbo, where you are to stay until the angel bearing a light comes and leads you out of the dreary void (xL/15), is that the Creator’s existence is no more obvious to freshly dead people than it is to billions of terrestrials of long standing.
I felt her go attentive, so I continued, "Just think! You can still think. You have no flesh anymore, but I lend you my own flesh here — This is what we call mortification —. Take a firm hold on it with your thought, since you don’t have hands. To seize things you’ve kept your mind and even something of a soul, since you were not a nasty person. Think, so you’re going to know that the Father exists. He exists, because there is necessarily such a thing as a logical Strength, that everything, except our human destinies which he has let us use just as we like, depends upon
I felt her next to me. I said, "Let’s pray together. This is how I will pray. You have no flesh anymore for the proskinesis, to feel under your knees and hands Earth that the Creator has given you, but my own flesh will do so for you. You will later on blend your piety with space; they’ll be at one with each other. Then, only then, you will feel the logical Strength, thanks to Which you will be outliving your death until you live again some Day (Rév d’Arès 31/8)"
Not only is death not forever — on the Father’s Day, the advent of which depends on the living corporeal men’s penitence, souls and perhaps specters will return into the bones and ashes… which will put themselves together (Rev of Arès 31/11-12) —, but I insist death can meanwhile be an evolutionary state.
Death of the flesh is an anomaly due to global sin. The human race once created in God’s image and likeness (Genesis 1/26-27), created to live eternally therefore (Rev of Arès vii/5), turned mortal, because Adam decided on a life that wears love and the body out (Rev of Arès 2/5), the compulsion of which he passed down to his descendants. Ever since then man dies and, either as a soul or as a specter, he survives in an ocean of unbounded space like a castaway who, even though he perceives the terrestrial living, he can only see them from a distance, but can’t reach and speak to them until the unpredictable time when, if he is a soul, he blends in with the Father’s Universe (Rev of Arès 12/4) where the hourless worlds revolve like fish in His Water (Rev of Arès vi/3).
This is why to pray for the dead is of no use. But to pray along with them is of use during the trap (Rev of Arès xL/14) period, which is unpredictably either very short or very long, when a dead man whatever is looking for his vanished flesh and the corporeal men are being able to help him through mortification. We can pray along with the dead because they continue and sometimes begin their true piety (35/6). We humans still complete with flesh, mind and soul (Rev of Arès 17/7) cannot love and help, unless we can speak, touch, grasp and cherish.
After the passage or trap (xL/14) period the terrestrial living one cannot do anything for those who move away.
A living one and a dead one have something in common is: He or she sucks his or her strength from the Fathers Strength (Rev of Arès vii/5), the logical Strength that all comes from and under one way or another.

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