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september 7, 2011 (0121us)  
Sound mission stations!

A short vacation with family,
late August-early September 2011:
Let's build up our strengths for the coming apostolic year!

family picture summer 2011

Lately I gave my body a two weeks' rest, the sort of rest I had not taken for a long, very long time, but my mind and soul never at rest are continuously in service with the Father and the mission that I accepted to fulfill in 1974.
Here are a few notes froms my late summer reading:

An extract from a statement by materialistic hard-liners, sad and unrealistic:

"Education has to be regarded as (first of all) serviceable for economy. [In this perspective] governments shall contemplate education as a process extending from man's cradle to his grave […] Ther's no time to lose."
Report "Education and Expertise in Europe"
(European panel of industrialists)

Two extracts from good men's thoughts, reassuring and realistic:

"Today people are busy killing God. This is a full time job."
Christian Bobin, "La Présence Pure"(Pure Presence)

"As for the Western civilisations' men and women, the reform of life is the base onto which all others reforms have to converge. The reform of life should also irrigate all other reforms. We have believed that we are civilized while barbarism has taking hold of us through selfishness, greed, resentment, contempt, anger, hatred."
Edgar Morin, "La Voie" (The Path)

Sociologist as well as philosopher Edgar Morin is not a believer, I think, and his plan for mankind is not in every respect, far from it, suitable for the world's change such as I think it should be, but as for the point of his thought mentioned above, I think that it is correctly relevant to The Revelation of Arès. Needed is "reforming life", conquering "selfishness, greed, resentment, contempt, anger, hatred.", says he. We'd rather say, Needed is penitence, that is, reviving love, forgiveness, peace, spiritual intelligence and freedom, but both these concepts lie in the same Core..

Not only is the system that rules the world put to a severe test, but it begins dying a slow death.
It has actually been dying imperceptibly for a long time, but now the death throes are observable. Even politicians, who do their utmost to reassure us, cannot ignore the situation. Let’s mention public debts among many causes of the system’s devitalization. It’s been ages since the so-called rich nations were able to afford to grant the advances, subsidies, jobs, pensions, etc., that their politicians have promised in order to be elected or re-elected. Most of the promises that have been kept have been financed by borrowing. Hence gigantic public debts.
The capitalist system is going to decompose, try to recompose, live through the fluctuations of a very slow terminal phase — very slow, because the supply to populations is a continuous necessity —, but it will end up disappearing. The communist system disappeared all of a sudden, but strangely for the same reason: It is impossible that one live unendingly beyond one’s means, whether one is USSR, or USA, or EC in which Germany is the only nation seemingly capable of coming through for the time being. In other words, all is not materialistically possible, even if man wills himself to get it.

Money sorts out only the foam of life; it slides over the essential. This is why, even though it is necessary, it is volatile. The Revelation of Arès says in substance that only a strong soul can sort all out thoroughly. Paradoxically, the more important money and material goods the more profound ignorance of man’s wonderful free capabilities for happiness. Would love, courage, enthusiasm, faith have completely deserted man?
No, the time of the sin of sins (Rev of Arès 38/2) has not come.
The Father would not have dictated The Revelation of Arès, if he had considered man as unable to find the paths to Eden. Only the Father has put us in charge of awakening man from his long-time somnambulic walk along the materialistic rationalistic roads which will gradually become impassable and lead him subconsciously to a precipice remote though steep, if he does not veer off them and take the side paths.
Man is getting to understand that by following the footsteps of the political and rationilistic leaders he has gone astray.
Yes, but to decide from that that he’d better set his steps in the Creator’s steps (Rev of Arès n2/12)… That’s where we likewise have to wonder if we have raised our voices loud enough to sound action stations to millions of somnambulists’ ears.
The Father, who has Wisdom, has worked out that a small remnant of penitents will be enough to achieve that colossal task. Even then we have to muster and develop that small remnant!
Brothers work hard! Let the year 2011-2012 be a great year of mission! We are not left on our own. Our paths are rocky, but the Father is going along with us there (Rév d'Arès 25/5) and salvation is in store for us at their very end.

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