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july 11, 2011 (0119us)  
the multimultiplied prisoner of the world

"Poppy" by Sister Pascale B.
Poppy by Pascale B.The first two-week time of the Arès Pilgrimage and the seven days preparatory to the next two-week time are behind me. Since June 19 I've not spared the time of getting my breath, as they say. In my EmailBox a hundred or so comments on Entry 118 have been lying since mid-June mon EmailBox. I will never find time to read them and get the most interesting ones ready for publication. I have to make progress, never stop. Dear commentators, please forgive me!
Just as my study clock and both my arms unfortunately cannot extend to the 48 hours a day and the 2 hands to an arm, which I need, my penitence cannot be quicker. It has to never stop, therefore.
And yet not much is needed to be a good penitent: Faith in God and in man, loathing of evil and a joy (Rév of Arès 30/11) to love, forgive, have an intelligent heart and be free (10/10) from all prejudices and fear of the world. These are the penitent's needs and accordingly his or her strength incomparable as he or she will never need anything else to make his or her soul, save himself or herself and help save the world… act as if to recreate the universe, considering God apparently sees  the minute spot of evil, that men's earth is, looking like it defaced or sort of jeopardized the destiny of the space immensity.
You needn't bear hardships to reach that enormous purpose. All you have to do is be good and to this end stop the mollycoddling of and pity on yourself, let the wind of inner good free of charge take away your selfishness and moans.

Lenin, who imprisoned Russia even harder than the czar had done, mumbles when close to death, "What to do?" If I were beside his bed in that fateful instant I would reply, "Do penitence. Forget about the world's reasons, all of them being conflictual and rival, and melt into the One, the upper Good! Love everything and all men! For the last seconds of your life be the absolute brother man (Rev of Arès xLiii/8) and you'll get the salary of the eleventh hour worker (Matthew20/9)."
The Father makes me live on. How long ? I don't know, but I'm aware that I do not have anything but penitence as the driving force behind salvation, that is, as the driving force behind all I do? In two seconds, like Lenin if I could have spoken to him, or in two decades penitence dissolves the poisons that granddad Adam (Rev of Arès 2/1-5) and the world after him have made us drink.

I know… I know… I am a fool… The Arès Pilgrims are fools. Having stopped standing gazing at the large brilliant murals politic, religious, academic, commercial, artistic, which embellish the walls of our earthly prison, we Arès Pilgrims are escaping running away over the roofs under Heaven of The Revelation of Arès' Heavens, which is our only balance force along those slopes.
God— the world echoes, Hullo ! Is that guy still about?—searches the dregs of human destiny in order to re-energize them. Against that the multimultiplied prisoner of the world reacts saying, "We don't give a damn about it!" In here we are well sheltered, well fed, left free to moan and we've got TV. Evil? We dig that ! That entertains, that's interesting. Good's a drag and by the way there's none on TV, which proves that no one's interested in good."

This is why the prison of evil imposes its standards on man. Prisoners can even play at getting cross or at approving heartily. As long as they don’t smash anything and they by the billions return to their cells every night, all's fine. Evil has even its music. Its melodic line is one of highly moral notes (Dare anyone say that evil isn't moral?), while its descant titillates stomachs with all of the virtuoso eighth and sixteenth notes of evil: lying, murder, sex, war, swindle, slander, pettiness, nasty tricks between rivals, stupidity. Its figured bass in long slurred wholenotes plays solutions no less titillating: lawsuits during with all's displayed, sentences, punishments, shameful dismissals, expulsions, police raids, army interventions, vengeful speeches, etc. Dare someone say that the prison of evil is not a place of well-ordered life? What can the boring poor recital of God's Word against that exciting rich music ?

"God suggests being free (10/10), but what to be free from?" do they ask in the cells. "Free to make a soul for oneself, free to love detestable people and give up all of the world's nervous pleasures in store for us when we go out? When we go out, but not on the roofs!" The whole prison laughs, cons male and female, screws male and female.
But where have all those laughing people read that God confiscates all of the world's pleasures from  human beings ? Haven't I given them to all men already (Rev of Arès 26/8-9) ? And even on the roofs penitence gives happiness and permits you to see Eden,immortality, from afar. "That's crap !"they echo loudly from cell to cell.

Oh dear ! I am well aware that what the multimultiplied prisonner looks for is not being free to work in his own depths to restore God's image and likeness (Genesis 1/26) and Life (24/4-5, but it's a quiet day-to-day existence that he looks for. Its' not always fun-fun-fun whith that sort of existence, the prisoner thinks, but better be under the roofs than on the roofs; that's for sure. But does the prisoner think so really ? I mean, Does he think, period ? No. He actually does not make fun of experiencing a different life through penitence, because making fun of it would be thinking of it. He can't even hear the word penitence. And does he really make fun of our faith in God, our love for the neighbor, our forginess of offenses, our concern about the soul, spiritual freedom and salvation? But no. He doesn't even know what we speak about. To him the existential is less that the rubber extraterrestrials in movies; to him The Revelation of Arè is a film of white pictures on white backgrounds, an invisible film just as the world is invisible to him behind the prison walls.

But the penitence I do for me I do for him too. My life up on the roofs will some day stream down through the drainpipes and, either in a hundred years or tomorrow, awaken his life down there in his dark cell, because God has sawn himself (Rev of Arès 5/1, 6/2) in his obscure depths, so the grain once sawn within him will sprout wet with my water, which is God's Water, of which the prisoner is no more conscious than of his own blood. I am certain that the multimultiplied prisoner of the world will change and this certainty is the driving force behind my penitence.

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