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april 14, 2011 (0117us)
Reincarnated? Resurrected? simply say, "changed!"

If reincarnation is taken to mean soul transmigration, The Revelation of Arès clearly says that there is no such thing as this kind of reincarntion: The foolish man counts lives, even though man has but one life… Man meets but one death (v/1-2).
The soul (4/5-8, 16/5, 17/4, etc.), also called the ha (xxxix/5-11), is the one fruit (xxiii/13) of the good that a good man does during his one and only earthly life.

The soul is not a preexisting independent element supposed to pass from physical lives to physical lives of a man, but it results from the one and only physical life of a man that has been born before in the flesh and mind (17/3-7), if this man, when old enough to be conscious of evil, renounces evil and lives up to good, that is, as a penitent (30/11).
In other words, the soul can only be born and exist when it is concomitant with the life of a man of love, forgiveness, peace, spiritual intelligence, a man free from bias and prejudices and sin, concomitant with the Path (24/3) to salvation, concomitant with wisdom and grace, therefore with possible miracles — according to your faith let it be done to you! (Matthew 9/29) — of which man is his own provider.
From which it emerges that penitence is by no means the expiatory trial that religion has made it, but it is the source of the soul, the the most dynamic, creative, idealizing life according to good, and even the most joyous, festive one (30/11), that whoever has ever dreamt of, because penitence gives man a new image and likeness of the Father (Genesis 1/26-27).

If reincarnation is taken to mean resurrection, yes indeed there is such a thing as resurrection!
Some great penitents have risen from the dead like Jesus that paid a visit and spoke to me in 1974.
We all will rise from the dead on the Day that the small remnant of the penitents will have struggled to prepare by lengthily reintroducing into the world enough Good to make the garden (of eden,
xxxviii/21, xvi/17, xxii/9, xLix :4) once forsaken by Adam grow gain.
That Day (17/7, 31/8) will be simply the Day of the great last Change, the sum total of all of individual lives (30/11) changed by penitence for the coming generations (24/2).

In soutern France where the Father has set me an apostolic goal for a few months, some people ask me, "You're forever talking of penitence, but have you really changed through penitence?"
I reply, "I should say so!
I used to be quick-tempered, impatient, pleased with myself, selfish, I used to have my favorites as well as prejudices. Penitence has made me mild, generous, patient; I no longer judge, I love and forgive all human beings. Every day I am reincarnated or resurrected into a man slightly better than he was the day before." 
Some ask then, "What's the point of being penitent? It will only weaken you in this cutthroat world."
I retort, "It's of use to me on two accounts! I've made myself a soul, that on my death day will raise me above the freezing darkness (16f/15, 33/33), and simultaneously I've proved to myself that The Revelation that I received in Arès is true:  A lot of men as ordinary as me will change for the better and from generation to generation be able to oust the princes of  religion, of politics, of law, of finance, of science. As the only result of good achieved by penitence within themselves they will create a new world without revolutions, without democracy which subjects the minority people to thre majority people, a new world (28/7) without borders or nations merged into a one and only mankind (28/21), in the interfertility but not in the rivalry of differences, a new world where being free (10/10) will not be being free legally or theologically, that is,   at the expense of other human beings. Individualism, nationalism, contempt, rivalry, envy, greed, the exploitative mind will have disappeared; the trade of products and workforce will be naturally fair-minded; the rights of man will no longer be a rule or an agreement, but the very nature of relationship between men. The world will have reincarnated or resurrected itself into an everlasting Eden."
It is the resurrection of equitable loving mankind and the immortality that will go with it, that I believe in in the current Passover or Easter season.

Vitrine de Pâques à Paris

Here is the sign currently in the window of the Paris mission (Raymond Losserand street) for the Easter time of 2011.

Hope for final happy life

Our Jewish brothers commemorate their liberation from slavery on the Passover day.
Our Chistian brothers celebrate Jesus' rising from the dead on that day (that they call Easter).

Our Muslim brothers do not celebrate Passover,
but they believe in the just men's final resurrection.

Our Atheistic brothers do not commemorate Passover or Easter

and do not believe in resurrection, but they have they own way
of hoping for the advent of earthly happiness.
And we Arès Pilgrims celebrate all of those hopes together

every day, we believe in the advent of finally happy Life

after surmountable efforts of personal penitence.


We will tell you why we believe in that and in what we call penitence

and what we draw such a hope from.

I have already received a few criticisms of its text, but so far as I can remember I am quite responsible for it (I can't remember if I wrote it in 2008, 2009 or 2010), and I press the critics not to be too hard on their Paris brothers and sisters and to forgive me for that text they object to, which they have a right to do, but I think is acceptable.

copyright 2011
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