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7 march, 2011 (0116us)  
hard is the true

Joan Baez

“Ah! If Joan Baez shared our faith and sang The Revelation of Arès, what a great progress we could make!” I exclaimed in front of a friend of the great lady troubadour. The man, a mass media star, turned pensive, rubbed his chin and then replied to me, «No! Joan’s ideas are closely related to yours, but even if she would sing for you, you couldn’t progress a shade farther. Just as you Brother Michel say at times, "Faith can’t be sold like washing powder or cinema." It’s not by a show that God will break through the citadel of indifference. It is by your penitence, your human touch, but not by anything else.”
I belong in a tiny minority of believers, the ones called Arès Pilgrims. No matter what numbers they hold as a group — penitents (the small remnant) and their sympathizers combined—, only a laughable 0,15% of the Frenchspeaking people of Europe thirty-seven years after The Revelation of Arès had appeared, they are men of hope, bound to take up a place more and more important in the ascent of the ethical, spiritual aspirations toward the Saint’s Heights. The most compelling proof of this is the occurrence in speeches, religious, political and intellectual, of concepts, some of them literal, based on The Revelation of Arès.
What sort of utopia is The Revelation of Arès expressive of?
Not only has man been conceived as capable of living in free society (Rev of Arès 10/10), that is a society selfreduced to little communities selfmanageable as well as interfertile, without frontiers, without princes of the cult whether political, or religious, or economic, without princes of dominant ideologies and reasons, and without any law but that of consciousness, but also it is on this condition of freedom that the soul (the image and likeness of the Creator, Gen esis 1/26-27) will blossom again in man, who will recover happiness and even eternity (Rev of Arès 35/3) as a result of his penitence (or search for good 30/10).
Seemingly this utopia is not really new, but The Revelation of Arès’s way of expounding it changes it into something that can be done, because whatever is utopian from rationalizing reason becomes feasible from faith (faith makes mountains move, Matthew 17/20).
The Revelation of Arès takes no account of facts like race, culture, difference between men. Just as Jesus did long ago, The Revelation of Arès once and for all says goodbye to the old Bible’s categorial considerations, which have regrettably made religious rivalries: Judaism, Christianity, Islam, etc., economic rivalries, big ownerships. The Revelation of Arès alterglobalizes all much better than alterglobalization ideologues do, because it is neither for the Left nor for the Right, neither religious nor rationalistic, neither political nor libertarian, but it gives alterglobalization a universal spiritual basis, in which any man of goodwill can see himself.
This implies that an Arès Pilgrim, a brother or sister belonging in the small remnant, is not required to address a human category of limited spirit. An Arès Pilgrim addresses whole mankind. Even though he or she is well aware that with things as they are he or she can harvest only a small number of active penitents he or she speaks to the human immensity like the poppy lover that I am takes in the beauty (Rev of Arès 12/3)of poppy expanses in the springtime, but can only pick a small handful of them, so fragile, which he moreover will have much trouble preserving. Small remnant does not designate high-flying believers confident of their virtue protecting themselves from external confusion and mediocrity, but only penitents and apostles willing to listen to The Revelation of Arès, but conscious that they are still belonging in those external confusion and mediocrity.
Hence my reluctance to think in terms of identity ever since 1974-1977. I am an Arès Pilgrim, but I am just a man — man Michel (Rev of Arès 1/1, 2/20, 3/9, etc.) —in the universal sense that the Father of the Universe (12/4) has given my humanity, my humanity which yearns for Good, for happiness instead of the hardships (37/9) of my earthly crawl and for Life (24/3-5). Here is one of the big difficulties of our mission: Is there any remarkable identity in the fact of hoping for Good, wanting to be a free soul, looking for good Life? These common words do not make up one of the very noticeable trademarks or social labels very much to today’s masses’s taste. This is why we have to name ourselves with a  strong word drawn from the Word of Arès, which distinguishes us from other people very well, if we make sure that it rings joyfully: penitents.
All of social designations: Socialists, UMP (a French rightist party), Catholics, Muslims, etc., have more or less quickly become static; they no longer designate societies of the future, but frames of mind. A society of the future whatever has to move continuously. To us harvesting means searching for new penitents, but it is much more, it is beginning to build another world, it is a spiritual, therefore human adventure of the highest nobleness and universality.
Universality… because we know that, on the one hand, if Joan Baez and her talent and fame could not bring our mission out of obscurity, on the other hand a line of missionary arguments encapsulated in The Revelation of Arès would be insufficient to change the world (Rev of Arès 28/7). Doesn’t prophethood have the difficult job of making the Word readable to the impious, or lost, or indifferent mankind? God’s Word can’t be negociated (Rev of Arès 15/6), indeed, and that is why we missionaries first of all announce it, but if we carefully listen to how our human brothers respond to it (see entry 115), it is because their thought is not always so much far removed from our thought as it sounds at first and we can now and then build bridges between the world’s thoughts and our thought, across which the action that will change the world will pass some day. We do not negociate our faith, but we do not shut ourselves away fearfully in our Aresian identity context.
Hard is our mission! It is hard to stay on in the Truth! But we will eventually manage to be what we have undertaken to become: true penitents.

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