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december 21, 2010 (0114us)  
Chrismas memo

Ever since Adam made himself the prodigal son, he has not come back to the Father's yet, but he has been pretending to : He has appropriated  the Creator's Word and made it into religion and by-products which all have jealously guarded their powers and proved ossifying : politics, law, army, allegedly necessary, but all the more unnecessary because they have caused a deal of misfortune and because Happiness will occur but free from their domination.
Our Father has helped me escape these dominating prisons, but it has not been without a long inner stuggle that I have made my way, as a penitent, setting myself gradually free from all of the harnesses, that had domesticated me, until the shores of the Sea of Good.
I am building my soul there by the Light and I save myself from darkness.
The only thing is the Truth is not just salvation of the individual, but of the world. From these shores it is a Fleet of souls, numerous strong ships, that will have to launch to save the world, change it into a happiness garden.
Who can judg? No one, as we all are sinners; however, any one awakes one's spiritual intelligence can notice this:
Evil has kept up in the world. Religion has failed everywhere. Its atheistic daughters, politics and law, even the less dogmatic one, are bound to fail too.
Religion, politics and law have housed and managed evil inevitably, as they have originated from it.
Each religion forgets about the Father's infinite love and claims to be the finite and final truth and path to salvation and each policy or law claims to be the final truth and only solution. The good  relations between religions, policies and laws today spare the world wars whether armed or ideological or economic, but reinforce their domination.
This is why the Father, who had seen that men were going to be even more dominated in a state of globalization than they were in a state of division religious, political and economic, came back down to speak to them in 1974 and 1977.
Mankind, said he in substance, will not set itself free from the coating of evil that is going to shut it in but by exploding into spiritual individualities... Exploding by spiritual life.
We know that only individualities can take their destinies in hand, and we know that there is no such thing as mass spirituality the way there are mass religion, mass politics and mass law, over which the dominations have had ea hold, the change of the world will be the explosion of the world through individual penitence, that is, through love, forgiveness, peace, big-hearted intelligence and absolute freedom put into practice by each one.
Humanity was created strong, intelligent and free and can be so again, if a sizeable number of individuals
the small remnant set themselves free from the harness of ideas and fears with which they have been inoculated.
The individuals can re-create this world, as every one of them is made in the image and likeness of the Creator and so is a co-creator of the world.
The Revelation of Arès sets us free from all the inevitabilities considered as impassable by the materialistic reason and reminds us that a penitent does not only find his or her salvation now, but also contributes toward general Salvation to occur at the end of time, when evil and death itself disappear, because Life will be restored, Life is beginning with each spiritual life today.
Penitence is renunciation of evil, but not renunciation of earthly possessions and pleasures ; science and technology belong to penitents just as they belong to rationalists. Faith and prayer do not keep us from belonging in this world so that we can save it from within.
The penitent is the only savior whose advent we can celebrate at Chrismas. Jesus is but the most illustrious of all penitents, the reference Christ for all of the christs that good men are.
Merry Chrismas !
Vitrine Paris Noel 2010

The sign in the window of the <paris mission at Xmas, 2010

Vitrine de Genève 2010

The window of the Geneva mission, Xmas 2010

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