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november 30, 2010 (0113US)  

Foule en HaïtiOverpopulation results in impoverishment and despiritualization.

Poverty and even more its prematuration: fear of poverty, that underlies the causes of social unrest like that in October, 2010, are two elements of the huge weakness, a cause for materialistic hardening, that our mission has to confront and shall never disregard (Rev of Arès 36/5)

I had this point in mind before, between 1974 and 1977, when the Father was waiting until I understood what Jesus had told me before He Himself came down and spoke to me.
I have been dogged by this point, notably now that I have heard that the number of the most impoverished countries has doubled ever since 1970, and the number of destitute individuals, all countries taken together, has also doubled ever since 1980 (UNO’s Report, 2010).
Just look at Haiti! A Haitian brother has nearly twenty years tried hard to make known The Revelation of Arès as the Light and solution. Unsuccessfully. Why? "My fellow countrymen, there are way too many of them, think of nothing but surviving like animals." that Haitian told me, once at the Pilgrimage.
At an amazingly high birthrate of 28 versus a mortality rate of 9 there are currently 9.500.000 Haitians in a country twenty times as small as France. It is like France had to house, feed, teach, 1ook after, in short support 190.000.000 people in its narrow hexagonal area, the population of Brazil! Survival in France—as it is in Haiti—would be so essential that the existential and the spiritual would be impossible; people would live by their wits, their political expectations reduced to a quest for some rod of iron and their metaphysical concern would be reduced to superstitious and pagan hopes.
If some tell me that the French, only 63.000.000 of them for the time being, have already shown despiritualization, due to materialism, but not due to poverty, I reply that I have observed History and well seen that a continuous demographical change has always and everywhere on earth first set up materialism before overpopulation and poverty appear. Then poverty hardens materialism in stifling the remains of existential and spiritual powers under a heavy urgency of surviving.
Besides, let's keep in mind that the feeling that one is poor and even more one’s fear to become poor are relative to an imaginary standard of shortage (a Frenchman feels poor where a Haitian feels well off), a cause for concern which reduces until it eats up (sin of sins, Rev of Arès 38/2) the Creator’s image (Genesis 1/26-27) inside man.
Overpopulation and its plights are setting in all over the world imperceptibly.
What’s more, mankind manages to accelerate and perfect its selfdestruction : Family allowance, etc. — Oops ! Abuses like "you old fascist fogyish" are only just beginning —. I understand large families’s trouble due to the high cost of living, but can I avoid wondering how to spiritualize men who, as they are profilerating in geometric progression while their resources are just increasing in arithmetic progression and so are despiritualizing?
Is this an aporia ? Would the Father have been wandering when issueing his Call in 1974-1977? Yes, Ianswer, whenever I rationalize. No, I answer, whenever my faith prevails. Faith like Einstein extrapolates and achieves relativity, which absolute Truth is. This is why no utopia has ever been solved but through faith.
Now, it’s no small utopia that I had to ponder and accept after I heard these fateful words,"From now on you’ll be My Messenger, you’ll no longer be anything for yourself (Rev of Arès 40/6, 13 April, 1974)," when the Creator stopped sending round his Messenger Jesus to me; I would catch sight of Jesus only once later, lit by flashes of lighting in a night thunder storm on July 5th, 1977 ("Les Piliers de la Pénitence", Le Pèlerin d’Arès n°1 1978, p.53).
From April 13th, 1974, to October 2d, 1977, I was having no spiritual or moral help but my conscience. That was the most tormented time of my life : Forty months of inner struggle and a repeated following up of indecisiveness and decisiveness.
My torment was not one of fundamental doubts : The 1974 supernatural event had been way too real, I had understood its meaning and published "The Golpel Given in Arès" no later than September, 1974.
My torment was of renunciation of all that I had believed in and that had made me awfully lucky, but it was far more one of self-criticism, of assessment of my poorness and mediocrity and my ridiculous means in the face of that hydra-headed monster of a mankind in fast proliferation sociological and technological. Nevertheless, I guessed that the Father couldn’t send a small remnant of penitents, little runts (Rev of Arès 23/1, to attack the worldly citadel and have their chances of Victory, if that citadel had not a weak point. I was searching for that weak point the world in reading and rereading The Gospel Given in Arès and its complete context eventually spoke to me. Just as famous Pastor Thomas Malthus, that as the year 1800 drew nearer had understood that mankind would be sooner or later subjected to poverty and plights material and moral, because population was increasing in number much faster than the resources, I understood that the Father in person appealed man for penitence as the year 2000 was approaching, because evil would be worsening more quickly owing to overpopulation resulting, but would conversely bring about in a weakening of mankind’s political, religious, economical safeguards.
Then I realized that the intensity of my faith in the Word that Messenger Jesus had given me and the quality of my penitence were going to matter more than every reasoning based on numbers and earthly forces, because they all things considered had never succeeded in resolving the problem of evil as long as the earth had been little populated. I understood that evil would not been conquered by sacraments or the law, but in man’s heart and first of all in my heart. My penitence then became stronger and stronger, deeper and deeper, because I had at last taken it that there was only one human heart and my own heart would be just a molecule of it.
Not only are all men brothers, whether they know it or not, whether they like it or not, but also, in dissension and inequality as well as harmony and equality, they make up a one and only flesh—Just as Adam and Eve were one body (Genesis 2/23-24) and this is why adultery breaks much more than a couple, it breaks humanity, just as a murder killes much more than a man, all humanity! That is Truth, even though to remind the world of it is not a lesser challenge for our mission.
If at least a small remnant of penitents first become one body, and then one soul, the polon (Rev of Arès xxxix/12-13), they will make up one heart. They will conquer evil, then, the very evil that overpopulation makes worse day by day, and they will make the great Day (Rev of Arès 31/8) break when Good is restored.
This will require more than four generations of penitents (Rev of Arès 24/2), because mankind has to come back from far away, from the dark dregs of sin, and we ourselves Arès Pilgrims of the present generation are more than imperfect, but it is the penitence as transformation and unification force used without despondency (Rev of Arès 13/8) that is our characteristic.
I understood it all early, between 1974 and 1977, and the torment that it all was for me, notwithstanding, I set about gathering a small remnant of penitents (24/1) at the foot of the ramparts of the overpopulated citadel.

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