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october 24th, 2010 (0112us)  
the fleeting supernatural, the fleeting earthly

Watching the demonstrators procession through my window I wonder,
Is this the sublime rationalism, loudmouths and even a few full of hatred,
whose fellow I used to be, now opposed to my "laughable false" Supernatural?

Octobre 2010

Coming January the 15th it will be thirty-seven years since Jesus appeared and spoke to me, on October 2d it had been thirty-three years since the Creator manifested himself and spoke to me.
I have found an account of mine. It goes back about twenty years, but has perpetual value:

"One always gets caught and astouned by the Supernatural. Even a mystic that has continuously hoped that It would visit him couldn’t help but be caught and astouned by It, because none of men can ever imagine what the Supernatural is. Now just imagine me a non-mystic guy that had never hoped for it…
"On January 15th,1974, the Supernatural lent me a soul, so that I might be capable of seeing and hearing It. Forty-four months later, on October 2d, 1977, I was having a soul, I guess, to see and hear It, as I had meanwhile been a penitent, otherwise It lent me a soul again. In 1974 and 1977, anyway, the Supernatural acted as if It transshipped me to a ship of emotion and fright on the Sea of the unknown so impressive that I burning with an alarmed but extreme curiosity managed to endure emotion and fright. As long as the Supernatural lasted: 88 days in 1974, 51 days in 1977, I had the earthly in mind no more than something like the floor of the Water over which I sailed and to which I leant down at times.
"On April 13th, 1974, the Supernatural went away and abandoned me. On November 22d, 1977, novembre 1977, It went away and abandoned me once and for all to the tremendous problems that Its message let me solve. I sank then, I began to crawl like a crab again on the earthly floor. The soul that the Supernatural has lent me so that I could see and hear It and even travel space (Rev of Arès vi/1-5 resorbed and ever since then I’ve had to create and develop my own soul through penitence.
"At the very least, this soul of my own I hope I’ve had. I’ve had doubts about it in rare, though trying bouts of criticism or relativism. Then I had doubts not about the Surnatural, which is manifestly visible, sonorous and tangible, but about Its knowledge of earthly realities. I have sometimes thought that the Supernatural for sure is as real-life a fact as the earthly, but that Its ideals sounded like big waves which the ark of humanity can’t navigate because of its complexity and poor knowledge of God’s Wind. Whenever I went through those anxious doubts I thought that only a few souls can roll and pitch on that Sea like sails (Rev of Arès 17/4-5, 18/4-5, 20/4) too scarce and scant to make up the King’s fleet (Rev of Arès 18/4, 19/2); I thought that the small remnant of penitents supposed to prompt the world to change (28/7) would be forever smallish-smallish and never influential enough.
"Nonetheless, my bouts of criticism and relativism have never lasted long enough, because The Revelation of Arès has continually caught up with me. Doesn’t it make itself very clear? It does. A penitent is any human that changes his or her life (Rev of Arès 30/11), but not in an ashram, a monastery or a hermitage; a human changes his or her life in the hurly-burly of the world given to contradiction and brutality to prompt it to change too (Rev of Arès 28/7) by gradually permeating it with a penitence spirit. A human reaches personal salvation only if he or she is concerned for general, social salvation. This is a great paradox: Penitence is not a refuge like religion, ideology and even politics, but an exodus. A spiritual exodus! The Creator sends us into the huge desert of sinners so that we may love them even though they are dreadful, forgive them even though they are mercilessly harsh, make peace with everybody, be free from the worldly prejudices, look for and use heartfelt intelligence.
"In the world the Supernatural does not appear or speak but fleetingly, but the earthly is as fleeting as the Superfnatural, there good and evil alternate with each other unpredictably. It is in this paradox that man recovers his sacred nature. It is in instability that the small remnant of penitents (Rev of Arès 24/1), the salvation engine, has to go round, it is not in isolation and elitism religious or ideological, which give but the mistaken belief that they are enduring and promising, because they make people mistake inertia and immobilism for enduringness."

The path to the garden of happiness and eternity is plain: penitence, which simply consists in loving, forgiving, making peace, being spiritually free and intelligent, that is, supernaturalizing yourself, but oddly enough supernaturalizing yourself is impossible if you do not alternately swap the surpernatural with the earthly and a feeling of the possible with a feeling of the impossible. O the fleeting supernatural, o the fleeting earthly! Thirty-six years after Jesus had spoken to me I a mole that has grown wings still feel unable to stay stable in the air like the Eagle (Rev of Arès 23/2). I fly up and down. I am forever facing the unexpected in my life.
Luckily, taking a closer look at the paradox, I realize that the Supernatural is more favorable than the earthly.
The earthly is more fleeting, so much more so that I feel sorry for the rationalistic masses who believe only in it and rely only on it.
The Surpernatural materializes and dematerializes, but It quenches my my hope without a break; its fleetingness is just apparent.
The earthly, when it materializes, is a shimmering water, but it does not last. It evaporates and leaves a desert behind it, a ground hardened and cracked by all the problems it has caused, it leaves man thirsty for gains, for which he yearns more and more, and ideas traced on the sand and called dreams, disbelief, dissatisfaction, demands, death.
True, the Supernatural has been absent from my eyesight thirty-three years, but It has not been absent from reality; It proved me that another Life is accessible, is worth climbing its paths, making an ascent difficult but likely to save me from dying bestial, beastial, as a Beast (22/14, xxxiii/6).
Bestial or beastial enough I’ve been as it is, whenever I’ve told myself, “If I hadn’t let the Supernatural upset my life en 1974, if I’d kept it hidden, I wouldn’t have undergone the theophanies in 1977, I wouldn’t be laughed at, I would have neither enemies nor brothers that cause as many problems to me as enemies do, I’d be pigeonholed among people worth associating with.”
Poor me! Would I for fear of looking for real happiness (36/23, 37/9) choose the trompe l’oeil of social happiness? A trompe l’oeil, indeed, as I can see only people criticizing, reviling, attacking or avoiding the world, the only thing they believe in. A trompe l’oeil that we have difficulties banishing from our minds, and that we I and you Arès Pilgrims have still more difficulties relieving humans from.
Bestial or beastial enough I’ve been as it is, whenever I’ve been in anguish, without even hiding from the world, asking myself: « How can I present the world the Supernatual unprovable, but which, even if It was proved, would be rejected, because people don’t like its message? Will I translate it but into terms that the world likes just as the hypercircumspect ones do forever careful not to climb onto the Parvis of the Father (Rev of Arès 2/16-18), that is, passing on his Message only from angles sociologically and culturally well-received? No, I won’t.
I have overcome my fear of the earthly, because I have understood that the fleetingness of the Supernatural is just caused by my blinding sin, whereas the fleetingness of the earthly has been demonstrated by History, the events of mankind, which has chased after a kind of happiness it has never found, perpetually dissatisfied or disappointed, perpetually aging and dying, but not yet conscious that its pipe dream is what it calls rationalism, which had proved to be more fleeting than the Supernatural. I have overcome my fearful earthly stupidity and taken to penitence and the harvest of penitents and I will forever be sticking to that.
Brothers and sisters, even when you think you aim too high, you won’t be up to what the Father expects from you. Help men to cope with real expectations!

copyright 2010
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