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september 11, 2010 (0111US)  
flyers and the miracle they work

The man in the street can’t stand the world’s noise (Rev of Arès ii/7-13… xLvii/2) anymore: news, ads, appeals, requests, announcements, warnings, etc., but he can’t escape them. So he escapes everything else. It is that escaper that The Revelation of Arès and its missionary try to speak to.
When every so often an impatient ear strains at the missionary, he can scarcely be other than brief.
None knows better than I a chatterbox know how painful an effort to cut short a talk may be. I feel inadequate, nearly unfit. I would like to spill the torrents of the Water (Rev of Arès18/5, 23/5, xi/12, etc.) through my lips, but the time fails me, so I can let out only a jet or even less, a spray, of it. Volatile! What would be left of it, if I had no flyer?
I hand a flyer out to the listener. A flyer can be taken away. It may make the listener a reader —o holy hope!
But the flyer has to be even shorter than the word for a public still more impatient at reading than at listening. The public overwhelmed with the heavy rain of set readings —the verbose regulations, newsletters, general terms, law, contracts, official documents, food ingredients, schedules, etc. — calls for dryness, curtness, whenever they aren’t forced to read.
Sreet mission Septembre 2010The curtness problem actually is more difficult for a flyer than for the word. The voice can vary, make up for slips, change the tone in seconds according to the listener. A flyer can’t adjust to every one of its readers. So I have to make my flyer short and simple, as if all of its readers were expected to be impatient and uncultivated. I am looking for penitents, but not theologians, anyway.
My curt simple flyer looks like low-grade propaganda, I know. This is its shortcoming. It looks like it sought to move pusillanimous people while in fact I’m seeking for penitents determined to achieve the Word (Rev of Arès 31/6), in short heroes (Rev of Arés xxxv/4-12). That’s where the flyer art meets the japanese print art, that is, the art of suggesting much and even beauty (12/3) with almost nothing.

Sometimes my brevity for fear of sounding too faint might lapse into affected ways of grief by despairing of the sinful world subjected to the white king and black king (Rév d’Arès xxxi/12, xxxvii/14) and/or prophesying dark days to come, the sin of sins (Rev of Arès 38/2). I am wary of this sort of pathos.
Sometimes my brevity very nearly goes surfing over commonplaces and issues in vogue much more easier and curter to say than the spiritual, but I remember my brothers’ regrettable "social mission", that certainly spared us the beating by the "counter-cult" groups, but made us misunderstood, unclassifiable, which nowadays is tantamount to invisible. I’m wary of this too.
Sometimes the need for brevity could force my enthusiasm. That’s the way people often think they force facts to happen, but the real facts are already present, they pass me second by second on the sidewalk, human beings with no ideals, just paying attention, if so, to the immediate concrete. Spiritual enthusiasm doesn’t reach the masses. I’m wary of this too.
The public despise fossil concepts like God, sin, penitence, etc. in the senses that religions have given these words, but, don’t let that fool you, the public likewise dislike the subjects in vogue already dealt with by the sellers of all that can be sold, the politicians, the union activists, the NGOs, etc. The public despise everything except whatever could relieve their boredom. People have shut themselves away in their routine not because they don’t dream, but because without their knowing their life is planned and banned from adventure. The technologically advanced kaleidoscope of color, stir and sensation that television, news, trade and business are nowadays cannot make up for this frustration; it can’t relieve people’s boredom but at times.
Which just goes to show our street mission is extremely hard, as what it gets at is not the spinal cord to excite it, but the heart to make him open like a cage and set free the pious man (Rev of Arès 32/8) and his Life (24/5) that have been languishing there for ages,
What does my flyer have left to say to mate the human beast and the soul again?
What my flyer has left to say is all that I have just said and that I have to avoid saying, but that I can’t completely avoid saying, ever, because all my flyer has is words, while it ought to convey something else : the unspeakable ! The unspeakable marvel of Life (Rev of Arès 24/5) which generations of penitents will recover for the whole world.

My flyer made of inadequate words may have only one chance of picking the good Fruit (Rev of Arès i/17-19), but it’s no small chance : miracle !
Miracle is rare. This reminds you missionnary that, if  the leg that follows you (Rev of Arès i/18) is
rare and miraculous , it is because the world will be saved by a small remnant of miracles.
Don’t you feel miraculously helped when your decision to be penitent is met by the strength to be penitent, something that humans, even believers, have forgotten? You do.

You have been patient enough to read the text above. Congratulations!
Now read what's following only if you're more patient than the most patient reader of flyers!
That's saying a lot.

I have to care over what my flyer reads and shows. To make it curt, though clear, requires my labor, my effort to escape the maze of my long-winded self. Each chatterbox likes the sound of his or her voice; I have to put myself in the position of those who will read my flyer, whose least of their worries The Revelation of Arès is really. But once my flyer is made, I have to accept it, believe in it, for a missionary who thinks that his or her flyer is of little use dare not confront his or her own faith. You faith saves you, go in peace (Mark 5/34) and missionize!
I know that Salvation can’t be shown in a flyer like the Tower Eiffel in a postcard. I know, however, that not only will my flyer tell the passer-by The Revelation of Arès, but it may awaken his spiritual conscience and that, even though he might never get involved in the small remnant, he might have something left like a wisp of vague nostalgia of the very old days when he was a God, immersed in the Creator (Rev of Arès 2/13).
Not only is a flyer a short memo, but also the missionary’s calling card, an invitation to meet him or her later on.
Man, who formerly was alive, sensitive to ideals, whether he was against or in for them, has lost his spiritual matter. At best he has become a spiritual mummy (Rev of Arès xLix/7) which we have to undress and resuscitate. The miracle of spiritual resuscitation The Revelation of Arès has given us the capacity to work.
Back in the street, from which violent men —mosly Evangelists like those who want to burn the Quran today September 11— had forced me to cave in under their insults and blows, the world I have met there has grown more apathetic, more dead metaphysically than they had been when I had last met them. What’s to blame? The plot of the media, politicians, capitalists, intellectuals, all those whose scientism gross and often cynical is now perfectly well-suited for a man in crisis, who doesn’t know which way to turn?
There is no such thing as a plot. What is to blame is just the immense understandable disappointment of an old world that has very long been deceived himself on all sides. So the great void left in man’s heart is culturally logical and well in the continuity of deceived men’s relationship. Indeed, some men and women have not lost hope —the ones that the harvester and its flyer hope to come across— , but the continuous trickling of sin on them has neutralized them, They don’t think it is remediable; they even think it is normal.What can my flyer do then?
See above. Il can do what the Father’s Word can do : work miracles.

copyright 2006
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