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september 2, 2009 (0098us) 


Just as a seagull does not make a sea,
a stigma does not make Jesus,
a fiend does not make sin,
Mary does not make salvation.


The 2009 edition of The Revelation of Ares has aroused some readers' doubts about my honesty. In connection with Mary, the fiends or the tempter, the stigmata, and that's not all!
For instance, some have found it unlikely that the Father sent off Jesus to a witness that heedless of the places of his stigmata.
In 1974 I referred to "stigmata in the wrists"; in 2009 I refer to them "in the middle of the forearms". This imprecision means I am accused of suspicious mistake, accordingly a few readers suspect that The Revelation of Ares may well be an inaccurate or even inauthentic material.
Here is the answer I sent to one of the suspicious on August 22d:

I know how great is the schizophrenic modern world's taste for geometrism, how inflexible its way of thinking, how stringent the importance it lends to questions devoid of essentiality, and conversely I know how little I care whether the world is unhappy with my vagueness, so that I tell the suspicious that my lack of worries about other's demands for pieces of precision which look unimportant to me is the only explanation in this particular case.
I admit that I did not take special care to describe Jesus' bodily details in 2009 any more than I had done to describe them in 1974. What has always been given every care and attention by me from 1974 to 2009 is the Revelation itself, the only important point, because man's salvation is dependent on his achieving God's Word, but is by no means dependent on Jesus' anatomical features.
Jesus' stigmata were neither "in his wrists and in his feet", as I had written in 1974, nor—although less inaccurate—"in the middle of his forearms and in his mid legs", as I wrote in 2009.
A lot of people know that, after I had written "the stigmata are in his wrists", I had been scolded by physiologists and medical people, who stated, "That's impossible! Man's wrist is a complex joint which would burst open when transfixed by a big nail…Which would end up in a breaking point…The heavy body would drop down…Etc." I had written "wrists and feet" in May or June 1974 (when I composed the 1974 introductory) from force of ecclesiastical habit, instinctively, as I then was a priest, a traditional theologian, who like all of Christian clergy used to go by Luke 24/39 and John 20/25-27 and said "hands and feet" just as people say an ambulance man need a strong stomach while he only needs a strong pair of arms. It's just a figure of speech. Nevertheless, by saying "in the wrists", even though this was inexact, I focused the readers' attention on the fact that the Gospels (Luke 24/39 and John 20/25/27) were wrong. Jesus' hands were not transfixed.
The day I set to write the 2009 introductory chapter I said to myself, "Well, I'll take advantage of this new edition to make up for my former imprecision."
I recalled the medical people claiming, "That's impossible ! A wrist is a complex joint a big nail can smash to smithereens," and I recalled me roughly delineating on my left arm with my right forefinger the area where Jesus' stigma had lain, and the medical people exclaiming,
"But this is not the wrist. It's the forearm!"
I said, "Yes but even so it's close to the wrist."
They replied, "Even so this is the forearm!"
I said, "Therefore, I should have said, In the forearm closer to the wrist than to the elbow?"
Accordingly, while composing the 2009 introductory chapter, I wrote first, "One (stigma) in each arm clearly above the wrist." Alas! The edition had been determined not to have more than 160page. As I should take special care of the Revelation itself, I not so much preoccupied with everything else in the book cut paragraphs and parts of sentences out of the introductory material so as to save space. I reduced the sentence to "One (stigma) in the middle of each forearm " meaning the scar was neither in the wrist nor in the elbow. Which seemed satisfactory to me.
Whoever could meet damnation because he or she would be unaware of the exact place of the stigmata on Jesus' limbs? Nobody. To me only one thing will be perpetually considered as cardinal in The Revelation of Ares and that will be The Revelation of Ares itself if it is achieved, notably, if it is achieved by penitence and the penitent harvest
Lo and behold, the beard hunters are succeeded by the stigmata hunters!
The beard hunters? I remind my readers that as soon as 1975 I was visited by suspicious people that were worried by Jesus' outward appearance as described by me the witness. Among a few questions—the color of his eyes, etc., about which they considered my answers as regrettably poor—they used to ask this, "Was the beard of Jesus, whom you claim you witnessed, long or short?" As I had not measured off or even scrutinized Jesus' beard any more than his stigmata, because I had been far more impressed by the great stature, noble eyes and bearing and above all the Message of Jesus than by details like his hair or beard, I used to answer in all sincerity,
"Neither short nor long" or something like that.
The suspicious ones exclaimed then, "Considering this man doesn't even know whether the apparition's beard was short or long, he has not seen anything (or he has seen Satan)" and they convinced that I was an impostor (or a Satanist) went away from me.

There are points of Truth you can't decide on. Only the spiritual intelligence (Rev of Arès 32/5), which you ought to rekindle, enables you to know better than imprecision, contrast, dichotomy.
I was hanging on Jesus' every word, but not on his stigmata. I saw them, but I didn't watch them. The only Truth worth considering was that there were such things as stigmata, that is, Jesus had really been killed by nailing to a cross and therefore had really risen from the dead, so that any human that likewise through penitence will set his steps in the steps of the Father (Rév of Arès 2/12) will end up rising from the dead, as well.
As for the equivocation in Mary all along The Revelation of Arès, it does not matter whether you see her as a woman that travels the breadth and length of the earth (Rev of Arès 33/13) begging for pity on men or whether you see her as the Creator's motherly aspect. The only Truth worth considering is that the only strength that works miracles is the Creator's, for a miracle, whatever, is always a creation or recreation and originates in the Father of the Universe (Rev of Arès 12/4), the Miracle Source through whom all exists or re-exists.
You can say the same about the fiends or demons. It does not matter whether the tempter comes from the outside or whether it is simply the man himself, the Truth is that you have to resist temptation wherever it comes from, to be a penitent. This is the only path to salvation.
It's time for us to overcome the old superstition (Rev of Arès 21/1) and stop being spiritually immature.
If Jesus in his transfigured flesh were sent to you by the Father, I assure you that you would not rationalize the event.
The driving energy of Truth, that sets your spiritual humanity and heart going, does not originate from your fishing for details, your dissecting mysteries and measuring by the centimeter, in short your filtering off gnats (Matthew 23/24).
The pressure put by Jesus with his thumb on my lips—I can't even remember whether it was his right thumb or his left thumb… an unlikely witness, the suspicious sigh—created a more lasting, deeper and stronger, more real link between him and me than my visual recollection of the thumb, which I can't recall being short or long, well manicured or not. I only caught a glimpse of the lines upon the thumb, so I knew the only Truth worth considering, notably that Jesus was a person in the flesh, and that I in turn, some Day, a long time after my death, will recover my own flesh, too.


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