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march 28, 2009 (0094us) 
when the incredible turns to the necessary

Let the Wind of penitence sweep away History,
its sins, its scourges, its trials and tribulations,
just as winnowing sweeps away the chaff from the grain!

vannage du grain It looked like everything was for the the best in the best of all possible materialistic worlds. The French household capitals doubled in value within thirty years, modern conveniences was spreading, medicine made giant strides. Unseen was the deployment of the Asian industry, the work of which was gradually going to substitute for our work. Unseen was the slow extension of man's lifetime, which was going to weigh down the welfare costs. Unseen was the global debt, which was going to set off the current crisis, the trade of (ac)count money (Rev of Arès ii/10-19, xi/3-4, xxvi/2, etc.), money which was easy to borrow, but had no real existence.
The welfare benefits will go into decline, Money, real money, will be less easy to win or borrow. Jobs will become scarcer: In France in February there were 80,000 more jobless people and the forecasts for the future are alarming: there will be 50.000.000 jobless people in the industrial world within two years, which is very big!
In a country where less and less products are manufactured, because they are more and more subcontracted in more and more remote countries, the big bosses are no more than super-agents of public relations capable of negotiating with Czechs, Poles, Romanians, Chinese, Indians, Indonesians, etc. As not everyone is skilled at super-communication, the big bosses demand very high salaries. The Stock Exchange and the big speculators have become so powerful that they sway all exchange rates and, in a few months, the oil barrel price increases from $30 to $150 and then, seemingly defying all logic, decrease from $150 to $50. Nothing has kept any stable value, as a value is no longer the commodity— the honest cost of the exploitation and distribution—but the biggest bundle that can possibly be unscrupulously made from it at one point.
It is indeed possible to live through impoverishment and problems, but they currently inform us of the beginning of a collapse the consequences of which are altogether unpredictable to a human long gone unable to bear the hazards of History philosophically, because he has long gone unaware that he can be stronger than History.
The people think they have nothing to fear from a democratic government, but they fail to realize that the government are forever legislating and whittling away the people's intelligence, which has already dwindled to a flickering candlelight (32/5) on the spiritual side, and liberties, so that they will have to become absolutely free (Rev of Arès 10/10) again some day. How will they do so? That's the question. At the present time, the people feel let down and have made themselves their own daydreams and follie. They will more and more often and to no avail try to get them come true through all sorts of protests staged by political, media-conscious thinking machines which they can't control, at all.
Disappointment can no longer spontaneously inspire in a despiritualized people good and right intentions like penitence, forgiveness, love, spiritual intelligence. Such qualities can't be raised but by awakening man's conscience. Which is our mission's purpose.
Disappointment helplessly leads a disappointed people to have evil temptations, some violent like vengeance (Rev of Arès 27/9) on the alleged culprits, revolution and ideological dictatorship, maybe even war, as well as some individual and peaceful, though no less detrimental, like the temptation to offload one's disappointment onto others—by citicizing and/or deserting them—on those whom one thinks are guilty of a stagnation or a failure, the alleged hopeless immobilists, incompetents, narrow-minded ones, or petty tyrants, a temptation that sometimes occurs in our Arès Pilgrims' assemblies, in our generation of penitent beginners who still show many of the general population's sins; For spiritualization, a key to which inevitably difficult fraternization is, has to start with us.

Man has rejected spiritual life, which he has considered as demythologized by science and advances in all social issues and  proved to be incredible therefore. Now, the incredible is going to turn into the necessary.
I am not delighted at the news of an economic decline. Man could have recover spiritual life and not have been lacking in comfortable materialistic life, because both lives are legitimate.  But man has obviously become unable to develop both of them at the same time, so it makes good sense to prompt him to develop spiritual life—which is plain Life (24/3-5) in The Revelation of Arès— because only it will give him the safest and strongest basis of happiness.

Man no longer believes in the miracle of socialo-communism which vanished along with the "Eastern bloc". Now man no longer believes in the capitalist or free-market miracle. He understands that both these miracles have one and the same predator, the system, that officiates at the top of the financial network, just as he had officiated at the top of the collectivist network. It is the system that has to be replaced, Adam's system (Rév of Arès 2/1-5), but not materialism, because we ourselves are matter. Our organic matter we have to re-spiritualize just as the Creator spiritualized a thinking animal—the man that slept on the shadow (Rev of Arès vii/2)—and so made him Adam in Eden (vii/5), Adam before the fall (Rev of Arès vii/7-11).
We have to spread the mission of spiritualization and make it more and more refined, because religion will never carry it out, since it has never carried it out for centuries. We will not let men stay forever unable to understand that the basis of happiness is not the system and its law, whether leftist or rightist, and not the passive resignated expectation of Mercy (Rev of Arès 16/15) and of a post-mortem paradise.
Making the earthly living be conscious that they are cut our for spiritual life is awfully hard. So remote from it man has become that the very hypothesis of the spiritual cannot cross but a few minds every now and then,  No doubt, the mission of spiritualization is a trial. We ask moles to turn into eagles (Rev of Arès 23/2). To become eagles? A mole cannot even see it as absolute utopia, because thinking of utopia is at least thinking, that's something. A man in the masses does not think of becoming spiritual any more than turning to a vegetable or a gas.
Still, this is the challenge the Maker asks us to take up through The Revelation of Arès.
We all are going to be the creators of a changed world (Rév d'Arès 28/7), if we want to get on. It is easy for religions to contend that it's sheer utopia and that the best a believer can hope for is a happy death and eternity. The Revelation of Arès reminds us that death is just abnormality caused by the cumulative sin. Man was created to be inseparable flesh, mind and soul (Rev of Arès 17/7) on Earth. Man was created for earthly happiness, which only spiritual Life (Rev of Arès 24/3-5), the outcome of penitence, can animate in his living complexity. 
May the world change before the sin of sins (Rev of Arès 38/2), evil prevailing once and for all, arises and the world destroys itself!


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