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december 22, 2008 (0090US) 
christmas of hope

How lovely our display window in Paris is (Raymond Losserand Street) !

Vitrine Noël 2008 Paris

On the left :

To all of men we whish a Christmas of hope !
To us Arès Pilrims just as to you all
Christmas brings to mind hope
that all of men will some day do only good
— just what we call penitence
in joy and festivity*
which merely consists in:
loving, forgiving,
making peace,
being free from prejudices and thinking everything over —
a world where no one savior,
but billions of saviors, billions of fine souls will come into existence !

On the right :

Father of the Universe,
You are the only Saint.
Let your Sanctity prevails over us
So that we may do your Will,
So that we may get our food,
So that we may forgive
and be forgiven,
So that we can resist temptations
And the devil will be brought down,
So that we may be forever ruled by
Your Sanctity, Your Might and Your Light !**

* The Revelation of Arès 30/11
** The Revelation of Arès 12/4


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